An Intel A80486DX2-66 virtualizer in D
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Status: 🔧 Alpha stage (see project)


An Intel A80486DX2-66 virtualizer, written in D from scratch, which serves as a backend emulator and works as a terminal program controlled via command line interface. The primary objective is to provide a rapid and self-contained retro computing environment with full support for CPU instructions (ALU and FPU) without relying on traditional IBM PC architecture — no memory mapping, no BIOS, and et cetera. This project is made for self-study, thorough knowledge of Intel 80386 / 80486 processors architecture and their derivatives.


Requirements for building:

  • Bash or a shell that can process Bash-like scripts
  • make program to build Makefiles. It's possible to use to build the program and to conduct tests (experimental).

Additional requirements:

  • Netwide Assembly (nasm) for conducting tests