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a shell script to search for youtube videos, users and playlists to ease download and consumption


this script will NOT work on systems with BSD tools, get GNU grep

dependencies and needs

  • bash, obviously
  • tput --> ncurses
  • GNU grep with PCRE support


  • colorful debug output
  • easy customization and editing due to shell script nature
  • outputs URLs, simply use command expansion with head and you are good to go
  • supports multiple search terms
  • relatively fast because it doesn't use youtube-dl
  • slower than it needs to be because I am a lazy fuck and cannot be fucked to update the process substitutions and extensive usage of grep and its PCRE mode
  • an absolutely obnoxious coding style with strict quoting and extensive parameter expansion use
  • generally very scuffed


./ytgrabber <0 1 2, video playlist channel respectively> <search1> [search2, ...]