A command-line program to search images with DuckDuckGo.
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ddg-img-src README

ddg-img-src is a program that allows you to search images with DuckDuckGo directly from the command line.

Written in Python 3, ddg-img-src has an interactive interface that does not depend on any libraries and only relies on ANSI escape sequences. Because of this, it is lightweight, but imperfect. The program depends on the command xdg-open to open images in the user's preferred application. On Debian, Arch Linux and other GNU/Linux distributions, this command is included in the package xdg-utils. Even without it, the rest of the program should work properly.


Download the file ddg_img_src.py and place it in whatever folder you like. Run it with python3 ddg_img_src.py.

If you are on Debian and do not have the command xdg-open, you can install the missing package with this command:

# apt install xdg-utils

To do

  • add option to download images
  • add option to toggle Safe search


ddg-img-src is released under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 or later, which means that the users' freedom is respected. You can find a copy of the AGPL v3 in the COPYING.txt file.