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Hubzilla 4.6 (2019-11-??)
- Improve opengraph support for channels
- Add opengraph support for articles
- Update abook_connected for RSS feeds only if handle_feed() returned success
- Do not embed PDF files by default but allow to enabled this feature in security options
- Check if file exists before we include it in the router
- Update jquery to version 3.4.1
- Update composer libraries
- Remove old and unused javascript libraries
- Improved BBcode to Markdown conversion
- Introduce inline SVG support via BBcode
- Sanitize title on Atom/RSS feed import
- Improved HTTP headers cache support for photos
- Add date headers to signed headers
- Add check if item['tag'] is an array
- Add hook comments_are_now_closed for addons to override date based comment closure
- Change mysql schema for item.llink and item.plink for new installs from char(191) to text
- Improved photo cache expiration
- Improved plural function processing on translation strings creation from .po file with util/po2php utlility
- Improved support for CDN/Infrastructure caching (especially profile images)
- New japanese translation
- Add connect button for non-zot networks not connected in current location
- Allow to send forum channels wall2wall or sent by mentions post to external sites via addons
- Allow addons to process forum posts published through mentions
- Improved internal routing for ActivityPub messages
- Improved admin documentation
- Add ITEM_TYPE_CUSTOM and hooks to permit addons to create and distribute custom item types
- Support "comment policy" in Zot6 communications
- Add selected text as quote on reply if comment button is used
- Add more nofollow tags to links to discourage backlink farmers
- Improved conversion of emoji reactions from zot to zot6
- Add CardDAV/CalDAV autodiscovery
- Label source project of zotfeed since it is not completely compatible across projects
- Update homeinstall script
- Fix wildcard tag issue
- Fix duplicate attachment in jot fileupload
- Fix regression with audio file upload
- Fix can not edit menu name or title (#1402)
- Fix pagination encoding issue for some server setups
- Fix Zap->Hubzilla event title compatibility
- Fix event timezones for Zot6
- Fix missing summary in mod article_edit
- Fix PHP warning failed to write session data using user defined save handler
- Fix possible thumbnails distortion on rebuild with util/thumbrepair utility
- Fix issues with image import to zot6
- Fix attachment permissions on clonned channels sync
- Fix entries without sitekey returned from DB in queue_deliver() and Lib/Queue
- Livejournal: add link to original post option
- Flashcards: update to version 2.06
- Pubcrawl: compatibility changes to support pixelfed
- Cart: update paypal button to API v2
- Photocache: rework for speed and lower memory consumption
- Photocache: etag support for cached photos
- Photocache: purge cache on addon uninstall
- Openstreetmap: fix regression if no default values set
- Livejournal: allow send posts from non channel owner
- Pubcrawl: fix event timezones
- Pubcrawl: better ActivityPub channel URL detection
- Pubcrawl: fix comments delivery for other channels on the same hub
- New addon "workflow" with initial basic "issue tracker" capability
Hubzilla 4.4.1 (2019-08-16)
- Fix wrong profile photo displayed when previewing and editing profiles
- Fix regression from 4.4 which prevented encrypted signatures from being used for encrypted messages