3108 Commits (disroot_master)

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  Mario 6f93d9848c Disable oembed in directory profile about 7 months ago
  DM42.Net Hubzilla Development 3e133bbfa3 Move auto_save_draft to header from thread comment 8 months ago
  Max Kostikov 63aa3948e5 resolve merge conflict 8 months ago
  Max Kostikov 7899ed6f69 Revert "Add daily cached embedded content cleanup" 8 months ago
  Max Kostikov 5e44239657 Add daily cached embedded content cleanup 8 months ago
  Mario 004861fbb7 merge opengraph fixes from dev 8 months ago
  Mario 05604e4bd2 onepoll: do not update dead feeds 8 months ago
  Mario fd7d497cd1 make inline pdf a security option, move thumbnail security to security options from admin/site 8 months ago
  Mario a974d0d52d AP fixes 8 months ago
  Mario c850a61a89 check if file exists 8 months ago
  Mario 158b8aea38 hopefully fix query for postgres 8 months ago
  Mario 61eef68ff3 Ãremove some old unused javascript libraries 8 months ago
  Mario 7b9a992f83 more fix date header format 8 months ago
  Mario 7532358806 fix date header format 8 months ago
  Zot a6165c00ce svg stuff 9 months ago
  zotlabs a5826fec25 svg stuff 9 months ago
  Max Kostikov 09ad48c12b Prefer use Etag on photo modification validation 9 months ago
  Mario 02fd7e51ff add date and request target headers to make pixelfed happy 9 months ago
  Mario b359b89aa1 port fixes from zap to check for arrays 9 months ago
  Mario 873b20677e fix duplicate attachment and regression with audio file upload 9 months ago
  Mario 9f9122ab8e fix issue #1402 9 months ago
  Max Kostikov 74ef5f38e9 Fix start time to sync queries on photo cache purge 9 months ago
  Max Kostikov 69533ce8f5 Add missed interval in SQL query 9 months ago
  Max Kostikov 9fac43a3a3 Better photo cache expiry processing 9 months ago
  Max Kostikov 6f2a584279 Update Photo.php 9 months ago
  Max Kostikov de717268f7 Better cached photos processing 9 months ago
  Max Kostikov 5df59027ad Fix channel address in follow link 9 months ago
  Max Kostikov 3c762b8809 Fix cache-control syntax for photos 9 months ago
  M. Dent 7d0e576e3b Updates to zcard/profile images and other public images to account for infrastructure caches (CDN) 9 months ago
  Max Kostikov 5edeb0250b Revert "Remove visible channels list from pubstream tags cloud creation procedure" 9 months ago
  Max Kostikov 6a25548097 Update Channel.php 9 months ago
  Max Kostikov db7cbdfc44 Add Opengraph markup for articles 9 months ago
  Max Kostikov 2f26badb84 Move Opengraph functions to common libraries 9 months ago
  Max Kostikov 3bc44ee451 Minor Opengraph improvements 9 months ago
  Max Kostikov 125de855ef Add Opengraph og:type object 9 months ago
  Max Kostikov 3881ebcce0 Better Opengraph markup for channel 9 months ago
  Mario Vavti d6634eb14e fix zap->hubzlla event title compatibility 10 months ago
  Max Kostikov 79b0a6ba9c Allow addons to process forum posts published through mentions 10 months ago
  Zot 562e39c9c5 another timezone fix 10 months ago
  zotlabs baffa969d3 another timezone fix 10 months ago
  zotlabs b9dec84489 fix event timezones for zot6 10 months ago
  Max Kostikov de902d179e Allow processing of forum posts through mentions in addons 10 months ago
  Mario Vavti cdcac86256 fix missing summary in mod article_edit 10 months ago
  Max Kostikov 541146e8ce Add 'Connect' button for not connected at this location channels 10 months ago
  Max Kostikov 407b9c9cd7 Sync private items with clones; avoid sync if no local connection with thread owner 10 months ago
  zotlabs b6590e95b5 issue with bearcap tests 10 months ago
  M. Dent 7c5cfe6697 Notify on custom items - rework hooks 10 months ago
  DM42.Net Zap Dev 3fc218111a Add dependency 10 months ago
  DM42.Net Zap Dev c63fb0fc6b comment policy default for ordered items 10 months ago
  DM42.Net Zap Dev 6fe4ac241d encode/decode comment_policy for Z6 10 months ago