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Mario 6f93d9848c Disable oembed in directory profile about hace 7 meses
Access merge Zotlabs/Access/PermissionLimits.php from dev hace 1 año
Daemon resolve merge conflict hace 8 meses
Extend functions to support module and widget registration by plugins. These have identical construction to core modules and widgets and are registered just like hooks during addon load. Also additional Apps functions addon_app_installed() and system_app_installed() which will eventually replace feature_installed() for features which are converted to apps. The convention being used is that the module associated with the app calls the appropriate *_app_installed() function and if not present emits descriptive text about the app and exits. This allows one to click on an 'available' app and learn about it. Once installed, the app module behaves normally and may offer functionality or what once were addon settings on the settings/featured page. Refer to zap-addons in the zap repository for examples of how this is being used to eliminate the 'additional features' and 'addon settings' pages. hace 2 años
Identity Update OAuth2Storage.php - fix email retrieval in getUser hace 1 año
Lib Move auto_save_draft to header from thread comment hace 8 meses
Module Disable oembed in directory profile about hace 7 meses
Photo Avoid to process original images using storeThumbnail hace 1 año
Render don't do oembed processing on naked links and smarty lib cleanup. ported from zap. hace 1 año
Storage fix bitrot in util/zotsh hace 11 meses
Text isolate all the tagadelic core code into a class and reuse it hace 4 años
Thumbs imagick converter: -thumbnail doesn't preserve exif, -resize does hace 2 años
Update remove the caldav and event app and make calendar the default app hace 1 año
Web check if file exists hace 8 meses
Widget fix category widget when using articles hace 1 año
Zot http signature consolidation hace 1 año
Zot6 missing class import hace 1 año