Hubzilla core code
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Mario 004861fbb7 merge opengraph fixes from dev 1 year ago
dba port db_indexes() from zap 1 year ago
photo Refactor photo_driver to use namespaces. 1 year ago
account.php Update account.php 1 year ago
acl_selectors.php Cleanup and fixes 1 year ago
activities.php add item.uuid to relevant places 2 years ago
api.php add api_not_found hook 2 years ago
api_auth.php allow api login by address or url (url will use zot6 hubloc records, address can use either zot or zot6 hubloc records) 1 year ago
api_zot.php Make export_page API endpoint match ZAP 1 year ago
attach.php more work on linked item/resource deletion for photos and events, deprecate the force flag in drop_item() and comment out goaway() in drop_item(). 1 year ago
auth.php ensure all password checking goes through the authenticate plugin hook (for instance in mod_removeme) 2 years ago
bbcode.php exempt svg from tag completion 1 year ago
bookmarks.php bookmarks fail to sync 2 years ago
channel.php Updates to zcard/profile images and other public images to account for infrastructure caches (CDN) 1 year ago
cli_startup.php consolidate all the sys_boot functionality that is common between the web server and the cli daemon manager. Get rid of yet another global variable ($default_timezone) whilst doing so. 4 years ago
config.php Add timestamp and associated logic to pconfig 2 years ago
connections.php Clarify private mail deletion policy. Related to issue #1391. 1 year ago
contact_widgets.php Extend documentation. 1 year ago
conversation.php Add filter hooks and the ability to add buttons to the default status editor 1 year ago
crypto.php crypto fix 2 years ago
datetime.php adjust birthday handling according to community decision and slightly change display of allday event items 1 year ago
dir_fns.php zot_finger() and Zotlabs\Zot\Finger::run() have different output. Adjusted accordingly. 1 year ago
environment.php remove include/probe.php which has never completed development and has never been used 3 years ago
event.php fix bbcode event reshare timezone issue 1 year ago
features.php update feature set 1 year ago
feedutils.php onepoll: do not update dead feeds 1 year ago
follow.php fix query with protocol prefix not always picking the right xchan 1 year ago
group.php Update group.php 2 years ago
help.php Correct and extend Doxygen comments. 1 year ago
html2bbcode.php Fix a really disturbing comment 1 year ago
html2plain.php html2plain warnings 4 years ago
hubloc.php another fix for z6_discover() and create a zot6 hubloc if applicable 1 year ago
import.php Sync private items with clones; avoid sync if no local connection with thread owner 1 year ago
items.php Add hook to comments_are_now_closed() 1 year ago
js_strings.php Add arrows to scroll between related comments 1 year ago
language.php Merge branch 'patch-16' into 'dev' 2 years ago
markdown.php Better BBcode to Markdown conversion 1 year ago
menu.php hubzilla core issue #1218 2 years ago
message.php Add signatures processing for private messages 1 year ago
msglib.php Update msglib.php 2 years ago
nav.php Updates to zcard/profile images and other public images to account for infrastructure caches (CDN) 1 year ago
network.php webfinger: better handling of URLs that contain a @ 1 year ago
oauth.php not null violation oauth1 2 years ago
oauth2.php disable oauth2 until I can get back to it - it's throwing typos 3 years ago
oembed.php make inline pdf a security option, move thumbnail security to security options from admin/site 1 year ago
opengraph.php merge opengraph fixes from dev 1 year ago
perm_upgrade.php provide default photo mimetype 3 years ago
permissions.php permissions cleanup 1 year ago
photos.php photo objects: incorrect media type on links 1 year ago
plugin.php Correct and extend Doxygen comments. 1 year ago
poller.php daemon conversion continued... 4 years ago
queue_fn.php possible for DB to return hublocs with no sitekey 1 year ago
security.php typos 1 year ago
selectors.php move profile assign selector to profile settings and personal menu selector to channel_home settings and get rid of misc channel settings section. 2 years ago
sharedwithme.php the rest of the schema updates - WARNING: some third party plugins may fail; e.g. embedphotos and chess. $item['object'] is now $item['obj'] and $photo['type'] is $photo['mimetype'], $photo['scale'] is $photo['imgscale'] and $photo['data'] is now $photo['content']. There are a number of other changes, but these are the ones noted to cause issues with third-party plugins. The project plugins have been updated. Please note any new issues as this effort touched a lot of code in a lot of files. 4 years ago
socgraph.php support zot and zot6 in social graph operations (suggestions, common friends) 1 year ago
statistics_fns.php missing year on profile birthday input, some optimisations to stats 2 years ago
system_unavailable.php Use http_status() instead of homegrowing it. Adapt http_status to handle replies with data. 5 years ago
taxonomy.php Cleanup and fixes 1 year ago
text.php wildcard tag issue 1 year ago
xchan.php http signature consolidation 1 year ago
zid.php Remove condition 1 year ago
zot.php Allow addons to process forum posts published through mentions 1 year ago