Hubzilla core code
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The folder tests/ contains resources for automated testing tools.

Here you will find PHPUnit, Behat, etc. files to test the functionaly of Hubzilla. Right now it only contains some basic tests to see if feasable this can help improve the project.


  • unit/ PHPUnit tests These are unit tests to check the smallest parts, like single functions. It uses the tool PHPUnit

  • acceptance/ functional/acceptance testing These are behavioral or so called functional/acceptance testing. They are used to test business logic. They are written in Gherkin and use the tool Behat

How to use?

You need the dev tools which are defined in the composer.json in the require-dev configuration. Run composer install without --no-dev to install these tools.

To run unit tests run vendor/bin/phpunit tests/unit/

To run acceptance tests run vendor/bin/behat --config tests/acceptance/behat.yml