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  1. Hubzilla 4.4.1 (2019-08-16)
  2. - Fix wrong profile photo displayed when previewing and editing profiles
  3. - Fix regression from 4.4 which prevented encrypted signatures from being used for encrypted messages
  4. - Fix typo in queueworker addon which broke filtering of duplicate work
  5. Hubzilla 4.4 (2019-08-13)
  6. - Change primary directory from to (requested by zotadel admin)
  7. - Add Russian context help files
  8. - Replace plink URL with share tag if possible
  9. - Catch and exclude trailing punctuation while URL embedding
  10. - Do not limit channel if service class property value is set to zero
  11. - Streamline keyId and creator/actor
  12. - Add daemon_master_summon hook
  13. - Serve static files directly if not caught by web server
  14. - Update cacert.pem
  15. - Calendar: allow different date/time format inputs
  16. - Calendar: hide timezone select for allday events
  17. ⁻ Add opengraph meta info to channel page
  18. - Begin directory migration to zot6
  19. - Support zot and zot6 in social graph operations
  20. - Lowlevel support for zot6 direct messages
  21. - Consolidate HTTP signatures
  22. - Allow api login by address or url
  23. - Provide auto redirect from zot6 /item permalinks
  24. - Export all items except photos in channel_export_items_date()
  25. - Calendar: clicking a day or week number will now open the day or week view
  26. - Remove cached photo location directory on delete if empty
  27. - Include zot6 hubs in the Grid scope
  28. - Fix os_path replace for thumbnails
  29. - Avoid to process original images using storeThumbnail()
  30. Bugfixes
  31. - Fix URLs on imported item taxonomy
  32. - Fix admin not allowed to delete any item
  33. - Fix webfiunger issue with URLs containing an @
  34. - Fix missing object in emoji reactions
  35. - Fix appschema to include diaspora:guid
  36. - Fix zotfinger in update_directory_entry()
  37. - Fix incorrect media type on links for photo objects
  38. - Fix mid not dbesc'd in item_store()
  39. - Fix calendar encoding issues
  40. Addons
  41. - twitter: various rendering improvements
  42. - cavatar: fix wrong image mimetype
  43. - gravatar: fix wrong image mimetype
  44. - Add license file
  45. - pubcrawl: make repeats render like wall to wall posts
  46. - pubcrawl: fix pubcrawl_import_author() sometimes returning a non activitypub xchan
  47. - pubcrawl: use Lib/Activity for taxonomy en/decoding
  48. - pubcrawl: fix wrong uuid in like activity
  49. - pubcrawl: fix issue with encoding hashtags
  50. - openstreetmap: use https URLs by default
  51. - queueworker: refactor and efficiency improvements
  52. - pubcrawl: use unique IDs for follow and accept activities
  53. - pubcrawl: implement thread completion
  54. - pubcrawl: implement delete activity
  55. - photocache: reduce the size of the photo cache subdirectories tree
  56. - photocache: use html_entity_decode() for cached photo URL
  57. - diaspora: fix possible issue with diaspora relay not initializing
  58. Hubzilla 4.2.1 (2019-06-17)
  59. - Deprecate mod events
  60. - Revisit mod cal
  61. - Fix issues with deletion of linked items and resources
  62. - Fix zot6 delete issue
  63. - Fix attach sync issue
  64. - Remove sizeRangeSuffixes in justified gallery wrapper
  65. - Fix storageconv issue with postgres
  66. - Fix embedphotos image size
  67. - pubcrawl: use URI instead of object for actor url
  68. - diaspora: adjust loglevel
  69. - gallery: remove workaround for margin issue which has been fixed upstream
  70. - cart: warn about unsaved changes
  71. Hubzilla 4.2 (2019-06-04)
  72. - Introduce Calendar app which deprecates Events and CalDAV apps and streamlines the featuresets
  73. - Update mod cal to reflect changes in the calendar app
  74. - Improve timezone detection for CalDAV calendars
  75. - Add mention support to event description in channel calendar
  76. - Update jgrowl library
  77. - Do not try to oembed URLs without embed tags
  78. - Optimise pdf oembed processing
  79. - Add form security token to mod register
  80. - Replace URLs for mod gallery, mod photos and mod photo on cloned channel post sync
  81. - Update justified gallery library
  82. - Update bootstrap libraries
  83. - Use "cache" flag for bbcode() on content destined for zot6
  84. - Improve DB indexing
  85. - Drop deprecated columns from channel the table
  86. - Replace own image URL in clonned channel posts
  87. - Improve DB update handling
  88. - Improve item deletion when a contact was removed
  89. - Zot6 compatibility for emoji reactions
  90. - Add threaded comments support (disabled by default)
  91. - Improve xmlify()/unxmlify() performance
  92. - Update blueimp/jquery-file-uplad library
  93. - Update sabre/vobject library
  94. - Various doco updates
  95. - Implement remove profile photo button (reset to default photo)
  96. - Implement remove cover photo button
  97. - Update the homeinstall script
  98. - Add command line tool for photo thumbnails storage conversion
  99. - Implement option to store photo thumbnails in filesystem instead of DB
  100. Bugfixes
  101. - Fix category widget when using articles
  102. - Fix live update not triggering in mod search
  103. - Fix encoded URLs in code blocks
  104. - Fix wiki headers not escaped
  105. - Fix possible xchan protocol confusion in new_contact()
  106. - Fix xchan_url not displayed if xchan_addr not available
  107. - Fix suggestion ordering in mod directory
  108. - Fix event attachment delivery to zot6
  109. Addons
  110. - pubcrawl: improve friendica compatibility by adding the nonstandard diaspora:guid field
  111. - pubcrawl: initial suport for events
  112. - pubcrawl: improve permalink detection
  113. - flashcards: fix moving learn buttons if viewport sizes changes
  114. - flashcards: Move card details to the bottom of a card
  115. - upgrade_info: provide links to changelog
  116. - photocache: do not save filename for cached photos
  117. - pubcrawl: save local comment activitypub payload in iconfig to be used for relay
  118. - flashcards: UI improvements in box settings
  119. - pubcrawl: implement profile update messages
  120. - pubcrawl: use URI instead of object for actor
  121. - flashcards: fix jumping sync button
  122. - pubcrawl: add threaded comments support
  123. - pubcrawl: ignore target encoding errors
  124. - pubcrawl: format photo items for activitypub
  125. Hubzilla 4.0.3 (2019-04-26)
  126. - Add attachments to zot6 event objects
  127. - Add zot6 to federated transports
  128. - Update import/export to handle zot6 hublocs and xchans
  129. - Update fix_system_urls() to handle zot6 hublocs
  130. - Fix infinite loop using postgres as backend
  131. - Fix magic auth in combination with zot6
  132. - Fix check for required PHP version
  133. - Diaspora: favour diaspora protocol identities over others with same hubloc or xchan address
  134. Hubzilla 4.0.2 (2019-04-08)
  135. - Port cdav calendar to fullcalendar version 4
  136. - Fix perms_pending not evaluated correctly
  137. - Fix return wrong profile photo modification date by plugin
  138. - Fix suggestion widget using feature_enabled still
  139. - Fix check service class limits when syncing files
  140. - Remove xchan_instance_url from notifier query - it is not used anymore
  141. - Implement remove cover photo functionality
  142. - Fix z6_discover() and create a zot6 hubloc on import if applicable
  143. - Add backend support for connections ordering
  144. - Deduplicate items in item_store() by uuid if we got one otherwise by mid
  145. - Add ITEM_TYPE_CUSTOM support to mod display
  146. - Fix mod subthread on sys channel items
  147. - Fix "recipient not found" dreport spaming with own xchan
  148. - Fix wrong variables in dirsearch
  149. - Fix 48 hours timeframe check in mod changeaddr
  150. - Fix wrong variable in Libsync
  151. - Pubcrawl: revert adding additional receivers to comments
  152. - Diaspora: fix intro received when being banned
  153. - Pubcrawl: add diaspora:guid from friendica AP posts for deduplication
  154. - Diaspora: fix friendica plink
  155. - Photocache: fix issue with spaces and quotes in original filenames
  156. Hubzilla 4.0.1 (2019-03-21)
  157. - Fix permissions not getting decrypted on follow
  158. - Add option to add a poster to the video bbcode
  159. - Fix SQL performance issue with queries including thr_parent
  160. - Fix share encoding issue between hz and zap
  161. - Fix edge case in unsupported advisory privacy
  162. - Messagefilter enhancements
  163. - Fix XSS issues
  164. - Clone systems apps to the extent possible
  165. - Auto-configure imagick thumbnail binary during setup if possible
  166. - Fix array not unserialized in util/service_class
  167. - Add phpmd and phpcs to composer require-dev for code linting
  168. - Fix issue with email encoding
  169. - Fix signature issue for zot6 content imported from zotfeeds to hubzilla
  170. - Find unregistered z6 clones on hubzilla sites
  171. - Add zot6 to clonable networks
  172. - Add owner permission checks to AS item fetch
  173. - Perform zot6 discovery in import_author_xchan
  174. - Fix authenticated fetches
  175. - Port zot_record_preferred() from zap
  176. Addons:
  177. - Pubcrawl: deliver comments to abook contacts and thread participants
  178. - Pubcrawl: fix can_comment_on_post()
  179. - Deliverynotice: do not save empty postopts
  180. - Gravatar: fix URL and use z_fetch_url()
  181. - Pubcrawl: improve SQL queries in pubcrawl_item_mod_init()
  182. - Pubcrawl: fix authenticated item fetch
  183. Hubzilla 4.0 (2019-03-08)
  185. - Allow parameters as final path argument in API router
  186. - Remove clones from delivery recipients for top-level posts in favor of clone sync
  187. - Mention php-zip module dependency in administrator guide
  188. - Iron out some kinks with scrollToItem() in combination with collapsed content and images
  189. - Zot API changes to support combined content (items+files) import addon
  190. - Update PHP Version check during setup - min version is now 7.1
  191. - Urlencode links in category widget
  192. - Implement ability for channel visitors to be able to delete their own content
  193. - Support zot location independent urls
  194. - MySQL 8 admin summary compatibility
  195. - Improved gitlab-ci environment
  196. - Deprecate and remove addon settings in favour of per app settings
  197. - Refactor PhotoDriver class and add tests
  198. - Convert affinity tool to app
  199. - Refactor linkify_tags() so it works with xchans across multiple protocols
  200. - Add the actual mid to viewsrc for debuging reasons
  201. - Add filter hooks and the ability to add buttons to the default status editor
  202. - Prevent Hubzilla usage for SEO backlinks
  203. - Implement privacy warning for forum posts via !-tag
  204. - Set document title when title changes on a page update
  205. - Cache embeds in the background on initial storage rather than on first access
  206. - Custom sessionhandler support
  207. - Update nginx and lighttpd sample server configs to explicit disallow access to util
  208. - Introduce command line tool for managing site admins
  209. - Various doxygen improvements
  210. - Add privacygroup_extras_post/drop hooks
  211. - Add collect_public_recipients hook
  212. - Prevent memory exhaustion on zot message pickup with large message queue
  213. - Remove experimental worker queue from core
  214. - Add get_base_apps hook
  215. - Improve handling of notification updates while commenting
  216. - Add warning if upload_filesize < 4MB
  217. - Add ITEM_TYPE_CUSTOM and hooks for processing custom item types
  218. - Set min/maxversion for plugins to STD_VERSION unless otherwise specified
  219. - Add option to make affinity slider 'sticky' across page loads
  220. - Add photo_view_filter hook
  221. - Reset page title if article has no title
  222. - Implement the zot6 protocol
  223. - Add PHOTO_CACHE photo type
  224. - Basic support for HTTP3
  225. - Add native summary support
  226. - Disable image caching if personal or group permissions enabled
  227. Bugfixes
  228. - Fix guest access token xchan record not created on URL login
  229. - Fix regression where mod oep was still using hex2bin/bin2hex instead of album hash
  230. - Fix regression when selecting multiple images in embed images
  231. - Fix broken sync_an_item()
  232. - Fix page jumping on like if comments are expanded (show all x comments)
  233. - Fix regression in mod display where an page update could display items from multiple channels
  234. - Fix starring and filing allowed for other unsupported item types
  235. - Fix wrong variable in z_get_temp_dir()
  236. - Fix page jumping when liking a collapsed/expanded post
  237. - Fix tags detection in URL
  238. - Fix warnings in mod embedphotos
  239. - Fix wrong variable in can_comment_on_post()
  240. - Fix mod new_channel counting removed channels
  241. - Fix regression where not all content variables were sslified
  242. - Fix default values for affinity tool and other information which could be lost when approving a connection
  243. - Fix regression in linkdropper()
  244. - Fix issue with unset auto_save_draft variable which resultet in a javascript error
  245. - Fix home notifications won't expand if there are more than 300 unseen network notifications ahead of them
  246. - Fix total_identities count
  247. - Fix delayed items propagate before publication on cloned channels
  248. Addons
  249. - twitter_api: fedilab needs profile_image_url_https
  250. - New addon: content_import - imports items and files to cloned channels (this obsoletes hzfiles)
  251. - Diaspora: prevent processing of incomplete messages in various places
  252. - hzfiles: fix add missing load/unload functions
  253. - chess: do not look for games if we have no game_id - improves initial pageload performance
  254. - chess: convert to app
  255. - channelreputation: convert to app
  256. - irc: convert to per app
  257. - Provide the addon_common directory for common addon libraries
  258. - fuzzloc: convert to app
  259. - flattrwidget: convert to app
  260. - jappixmini: convert to app
  261. - xmpp: convert to app
  262. - visage: convert to app
  263. - diaspora: reflect linkify_tags() rewrite
  264. - twitter: convert to app
  265. - smileybutton: convert to app
  266. - skeleton: convert to app
  267. - planets: convert to app
  268. - pumpio: convert to app
  269. - pageheader: convert to app
  270. - nsabait: convert to app
  271. - dwpost: convert to app
  272. - diaspora: set the preserve_lf option in various places
  273. - diaspora: fix comments from unknown persons are not accpted
  274. - nofed: convert to app
  275. - ljpost: convert to app
  276. - diaspora: call update_queue_item() if delivery failed
  277. - pubcrawl: call update_queue_item() if delivery failed
  278. - libertree: convert to app
  279. - New addon: queueworker advanced - queue handling (experimental)
  280. - gallery: extended functionality: implements stream image viewer, converts images at the beginning of a post to a gallery
  281. - authchoose: correction to query, add affinity setting
  282. - New addon: photocache - local caching for public photos
  283. - New addon: totp - two factor authentication using time-based one-time passwords
  284. Hubzilla 3.8.9 (2018-02-03)
  285. - Fix typos in mod oep
  286. - Fix page jumping when liking collapsed/expanded post
  287. - Fix failure to import mail in mod import
  288. - Fix wrong channel count in mod new_channel
  289. - Fix diaspora addon regression
  290. - Remove deprecated diaspora addon endpoint
  291. - Fix wrong function call in gallery addon
  292. Hubzilla 3.8.8 (2018-12-22)
  293. - Fix issue with linkinfo
  294. - Fix cURL with HTTP/2
  295. - Remove scale_external_images()
  296. - Style highlight bbcode via css
  297. - Make mod channel deal with b64 encoded mid's
  298. - Fix email retrieval in OAuth2Storage
  299. - Add reinstall option to util/addons
  300. - Remove deprecated caching protection from mod photo
  301. - Add missing check for observer in mod like
  302. - Articles: default to logged in channel if channel name is not passed
  303. - Wiki: fix preview issue with hyperlinks
  304. - Cart: backport fixes from osada
  305. - Gallery: provide file extensions for better compatibility
  306. - Hsse: fix issue when linkinfo data was inserted
  307. - Diaspora: remove deprecated scale_external_images()
  308. Hubzilla 3.8.7 (2018-12-14)
  309. - Fix issue with linkdropper in comment area
  310. - Fix regression wit app ordering
  311. - Fix return if readImnageBlob() throws an exception
  312. - Introduce photo_view_filter hook
  313. - Fix home notifications not expanding in certain situations
  314. - Fix for dark schema
  315. - Fix total identities restriction
  316. - Fix article page title not updating if article has no title
  317. - Gallery: the gallery app will now act as the full-size photo viewer in /photos if installed
  318. Hubzilla 3.8.6 (2018-12-03)
  319. - Prevent incompatible export files (osada/zap) from being imported
  320. - Catch exception if readImageBlob() receives bogus data
  321. - Streamline PDF previews
  322. - Allow notification filtering by name or address
  323. - Fix too restrictive attached photo permissions
  324. - Update ES translation
  325. - Use flex for the default template
  326. - Do not store serialized pconfig value received via to Module/Pconfig.php
  327. - Update jquery-file-upload lib and move to composer
  328. - Update imagesloaded lib and move to composer
  329. - Fix activitypub tag notifications
  330. - Fix call to undefined function in PConfig
  331. - Fix typo which prevented propagation of comments to zot6 (dev)
  332. - Activitypub: add support for pterotype (wordpress plugin)
  333. - Openstreetmap: check validity of lat+lon before rendering a map
  334. Hubzilla 3.8.5 (2018-11-19)
  335. - Fix pconfig for new installs
  336. - Fix delayed publication of posts in combination with channel clones
  337. - Fix issue where photo filesize was not updated in the DB when a photo was edited
  338. - Fix issue where the original photo size was not set correct in the DB
  339. - Fix delivery issue in zot_fetch()
  340. - Fix typo in channel reputation addon
  341. Hubzilla 3.8.4 (2018-11-14)
  342. - Fix xss issue (thanks to Eduardo)
  343. - Implement hook in enotify to be used by superblock
  344. - Various css fixes
  345. - Improve photo cache handling
  346. - Provide a function hz_syslog() to log to syslog
  347. - Fix request_target in z_post_url()
  348. - Fix plural handling for various languages
  349. - Some preparatory work for zot6
  350. - Fix warning in gallery addon
  351. - Fix date issue on xchan photo update in diaspora and pubcrawl addons
  352. - Fix typos in startpage addon
  353. - Improve activitypub addressing
  354. - Fix taxonomy in activitypub direct messages
  355. - Fix syntax error in diaspora addon
  356. - New e-learning addon flashcards
  357. - Remove DNS check for database connection during installation
  358. - Implement timestamps for pconfig
  359. Hubzilla 3.8.3 (2018-11-05)
  360. - Do not count likes in forum notifications if likes notifications are disabled
  361. - Fix typo in spanish translation which broke javascript
  362. - Improve linkinfo charset handling and image detection
  363. - Fix wrong image resize for some external images
  364. - Move blueimp upload lib to composer and update to version 9.25
  365. - Remove primary/clone counts from admin summary until we have a mechanism to update the fixed counts
  366. - Fix html2markdown() and re-enable previously failing tests
  367. - Improve look of oembed content for Hubzilla links
  368. - Fix forum notifications count not correct
  369. - Fix gallery addon which broke mod apps in some situations
  370. - Fix wiki_list widget not working on every page respectively level
  371. Hubzilla 3.8.2 (2018-10-29)
  372. - Merge unmerged changes from dev into master
  373. - Fix issues with forum handling in mod network and ping
  374. - Fix delivery chain linkage messed up if original post was edited
  375. - Fix issues with the experimental queue worker
  376. - Fix call to image source {1} from html template
  377. - Group stream filters by threaded and unthreaded default view
  378. - Show only unseen forum messages when clicking on forum notification
  379. - Improve editor contact autocomplete performance
  380. - Convert non UTF-8 content on link embeding
  381. - Make textcomplete return up to 100 items
  382. - Look for for matches in the entire string when suggesting emojis
  383. - Add [summary] bbcode to autocomplete list
  384. - Update blueimp_upload to version 9.23
  385. - Update spanish strings
  386. Addons
  387. - Cart: don't allow items to be added unless user is logged into the Grid.
  388. - Pubcrawl: simplify asencode_activity() addressing to reflect upcoming changes in mastodon 2.6
  389. - Rendezvous: Update rendezvous_group.tpl to fix broken Bootstrap library reference
  390. Hubzilla 3.8.1 (2018-10-21)
  391. - Fix issue with too long navbar banners
  392. - Fix menu item edit link
  393. - Fix issue with jquery file upload
  394. Hubzilla 3.8 (2018-10-19)
  395. - Re-implement basic build test via gitlab-ci
  396. - Rework wiki encoding/decoding
  397. - Implement improved worker (experimental - off by default)
  398. - Rework hubzilla settings infrastructure
  399. - Port the features to stand-alone apps
  400. - Add app_destroy hook
  401. - Improve mod network search
  402. - Extend app_install() to allow installing by app name
  403. - Remove tech levels
  404. - Hide channel creation form when at or over service_class['limit_identities']
  405. - Rename groups and group_members tables for MySQL 8 compatibility
  406. - Improve checks for image magick and pdo at setup
  407. - Allow a second url in apd files for settings
  408. - Add contact autocomplete to mod photo comments
  409. - Add hook to allow addons to filter the list returned by app_list
  410. - Do not sync channel moved field
  411. - Add attach_delete hook
  412. - Catch errors in template rendering
  413. - Provide a noscript_content switch for mod channel and display
  414. - Install and update bootstrap via composer
  415. - Improve cover-photo handling
  416. - Improve notification handling on small screens
  417. - Detect and automatically repair duplicate plugin hook scenarios
  418. - Add dreport_process hook
  419. - Redirect stdout/stderr on cron command
  420. - Update composer libs and add ramsey/uuid
  421. - Add hook to extend conv_item cog dropdown menu
  422. - Trigger the query options off of the active module rather than passed parameters in first_post_date()
  423. - Tweak archive widget for articles
  424. - Add api_not_found hook
  425. - Ignore deleted hublocs in zot finger
  426. - Don't use "checkjs" with an associated page reload - wrap a static copy of the content in noscript tags instead
  427. - Add possibility to override helpfiles
  428. - Add support for overriding the default template location and individual templates via .htconfig.php
  429. - Add table support to markdown
  430. - Make channel_remove less memory hungry
  431. - Prevent json-ld bombing
  432. - Turn off browser autocomplete on channel sources creation
  433. - Add alter_pdl hook
  434. - Add ability for addons to create .pdl files and load them automatically
  435. - Sanitise vcard fields
  436. - Don't sync system apps
  437. Bugfixes
  438. - Fix issue with timeago plurals
  439. - Fix issue with HTTP signatures
  440. - Fix issues with channel import
  441. - Fix double linebreaks in viewsrc output
  442. - Fix jsonld signature issue (library is using sha1, spec requires sha256)
  443. - Fix bookmarks not syncing between clones
  444. - Fix combined view getting lost when deleting first message in pm thread
  445. - Fix authors unable to comment on posts they authored when owned by others in certain circumstances
  446. - Fix syschannel included in total channels count
  447. - Fix html-to-markdown adds a backslash infront of a hash after each new line
  448. - Fix profile likes dropdown
  449. - Fix tags corruption when editing posts
  450. - Fix duplicate info() messages
  451. - Fix zid leaking to nonzot sites if markdown is enabled
  452. - Fix app delete issue with base installed apps and app photo being reloaded uneccessarily
  453. - Fix app update and ownership issues
  454. Addons
  455. - Upgrade Info: new addon to inform channel owners about system upgrades
  456. - Superblock: fix issue with not removeable channels
  457. - Cart: fix subscription table not created on install
  458. - Hsse: new addon - a WYSIWYG editor for certain modules
  459. - Rainbowtag: convert to app infrastructure
  460. - Superblock: convert to app infrastructure
  461. - Send ZID: convert to app infrastructure
  462. - Adultphotoflag: move setting to mod photos
  463. - GNU-Social: convert to app infrastructure
  464. - Pubcrawl: convert to app infrastructure
  465. - Startpage: convert to app infrastructure
  466. - Wppost: convert to app infrastructure
  467. - Diaspora: convert to app infrastructure
  468. - Mdpost: move setting to editor settings
  469. - Cart: convert to app infrastructure
  470. - Cart: reflect renaming of groups table
  471. - Authchoose: convert to app infrastructure
  472. - Channelreputation: new addon - reputation system for community channels (forums, etc.)
  473. - Diaspora: fix commenting on diaspora reshares
  474. - Gallery: convert to app infrastructure
  475. - Nsfw: convert to app infrastructure
  476. - Diaspora: change top level retraction type from StatusMessage to Post
  477. - Delivery Notice: new addon - display delivery status information at the top of items
  478. - Diaspora: exclude xchan_networks rss, anon and unknown from the query to make the results more reliable
  479. - Diaspora: provide xchan_url if we have no xchan_addr for mentions
  480. - Diaspora: fix x-social-relay tags converted to associative array
  481. - Twitter API: improvements for the twidere client
  482. - Pubcrawl: partial support for inbound AP events
  483. - Pubcrawl: add support for image objects
  484. - Gallery: provide a way to direct link to a photo album gallery
  485. - Pubcrawl: improve can_comment_on_post handler
  486. - Pubcrawl: implement pleroma quirks regarding follow activities
  487. - Cart: add ability to create catalog entries for physical and/or manually fulfilled items
  488. - Cart: add subscriptions submodule
  489. Hubzilla 3.6 (2018-07-25)
  490. - Update jquery.timeago library
  491. - Implement Hookable CSP
  492. - ActivityStreams: accept header changes to support plume
  493. - Streamline inconsistencies in addon naming
  494. - SECURITY: hash the session_id in logs
  495. - Update justified gallery library
  496. - Hide channel in /cloud root if channel is hidden in directory
  497. - Add resend option to channel sources tp discard original author.
  498. - Provide flag to exclude privacy groups for federation plugin use in collect_recipients()
  499. - Upgrading from redmatrix is no longer supported
  500. - Deal with htmlentity encoding during authentication workflow
  501. - Rework mod group
  502. - Make droping posts of removed connections more memory efficient
  503. - Refactor getOutainfo() for DAV storage
  504. - Optionally report total available space when uploading
  505. - SECURITY: provide option to disable the cloud 'root' directory and make the cloud module require a target channel nickname
  506. - Add plink and llink to viewsource
  507. - Add new 'filter by name' feature
  508. - Remove network tabs
  509. - New activity filter widget
  510. - New activity order widget
  511. - Make menus editable by visitors with webpage write permissions
  512. - Move forum notifications to notifications
  513. - Move manage privacy groups to the panel channel menu
  514. - Don't remove items that are starred, filed, or that you replied to when removing a connection
  515. - Don't deliver local items more than once
  516. - Make navbar search use the module search function in /network and /channel
  517. - Paint the locks on private activitypub items red. Their privacy model is "slightly" different from hubzillas
  518. - Improve new channel creation workflow
  519. - Add hook 'get_system_apps'
  520. - Implement reset button for jot
  521. - Adjust accept header to make pleroma happy
  522. - Provide a general purpose GDPR document
  523. - Provide function to fetch photo contents from url
  524. - Make get_default_profile_photo() pluggable
  525. - Refactor tags/mentions
  526. - Refactor autocomplete mechanism
  527. - Display pubsites link in info area if invite only
  528. - Add cancel button to editor
  529. - Implement MessageFilter for pubstream and sourced messages
  530. - Add supported protocols to siteinfo
  531. - Allow pdf embeds
  532. - Allow uninstall of plugins which no longer exists via cmdline tool
  533. - Improve the homeinstall script
  534. - Provide easy access to the autoperms setting for forum and repository channels
  535. - Implement admin delete of files, photos and posts
  536. - Allow a different username to be used when importing a channel
  537. - Provide warnings about profile photo and cover photo permissions
  538. - Set the 'force' flag on attach_mkdir when initiated from a DAV operation
  539. Bugfixes
  540. - Fix double file uploads when dropping files into jot
  541. - Fix jot collapsing when drag and drop to open jot
  542. - Fix wrong album name when moving photos
  543. - Fix wrong timestamp localization before first update in mod mail
  544. - Fix post exiration not propagated to other networks (which support it)
  545. - Fix sys channels visible in dirsearch
  546. - Fix remote_self not working correctly
  547. - Fix photos not syncing properly if destination is a postgres site
  548. - Fix wrong hubloc_url for activitypub hublocs
  549. - Fix z_check_dns() for BSD
  550. - Fix not null violation in oauth1
  551. - Fix DB issues with oauth2 on postgresql
  552. - Fix 'anybody authenticated' not correctly handled in can_comment_on_post()
  553. - Fix postgres issue if register mode is set to yes - with approval
  554. - Fix tag search not finding articles
  555. - Fix issue with mentions when markdown post addon is enabled
  556. - Fix duplicate addressbook entries on repeated channel imports
  557. Addons
  558. - Cart: various display improvements
  559. - Cart: make cart work with postgresql DB backend
  560. - Cart: add new hzservice for service_classes
  561. - Cart: add storewide currency settings
  562. - Cart: provide channel app 'Shop' for cart addon
  563. - Cart: implement order updating
  564. - Cart: use CSP hook for paypals checkout.js
  565. - Cart: provide a cancel mechanism for orders
  566. - Cart: add paypal button
  567. - Gallery: new addon to display photo albums with the photoswipe library
  568. - Ldapauth: optionally auto create channel
  569. - Pubcrawl: new setting to ignore ActivityPub recipients in privacy groups
  570. - Diaspora: fix issue with displaying multiple photos
  571. - Pubcrawl: provide plink
  572. - Pubcrawl: hubloc_url should be baseurl, not actor url
  573. - Pubcrawl: deliver restricted posts from hubzilla as direct messages (there is no other way to address only a subset of followers in mastodon)
  574. - Pubcrawl: address comments to a restricted mastodon post to /followers
  575. Hubzilla 3.4.2 (2018-07-19)
  576. - Compatibility fix for future versions
  577. Hubzilla 3.4.1 (2018-06-08)
  578. - Say bye, bye to GitHub and move sourcecode repositories to #^
  579. - When removing a connection, don't remove items that are starred, filed or replied to
  580. - Do not show archived forums in forum widget
  581. - Fix potential XSS vulnerabilities
  582. - Translation updates
  583. - Fix postresql issue with oauth2
  584. - Improve abconfig queries
  585. - Fix postgresql issue if register mode was set to yes - with approval
  586. Addons
  587. - Diaspora: fix likes of non-contacts not allowed to like allthough diaspora_public_comments is set
  588. - Pubcrawl: fix wrong hubloc url
  589. - Pubcrawl: fix issues with attachments
  590. - Pubcrawl: fetch required item metadata in asfetch_item()
  591. - Cavatar: use cavatar for all default profile photos if enabled
  592. - Pubcrawl: fix peertube video display
  593. - Pubcrawl: fix incoming activitypub comments not getting propagated downstream
  594. - Statistics: fix .well-known/nodeinfo
  595. - Pubsubhubbub: fix postgresql related issues
  596. - Pubcrawl: send the original LD-signature signed activity when distributing comments downstream if we have it
  597. - Cavatar: improve the image creation process
  598. Hubzilla 3.4 (2018-05-04)
  599. - Provide warnings about profile photo and cover photo permissions
  600. - Don't duplicate addressbook entries on repeated channel imports
  601. - Where possible strip zid parameter from links that get pasted into posts so that they will get a correct zid when rendered
  602. - Rename boxy schema to Focus-Boxy
  603. - Rename BS-Default schema to Focus-Light
  604. - Mark simple_* schemas unmaintained and deprecated - they will be removed in next release if nobody steps up to maintain them.
  605. - Implement trending tags for mod pubstream
  606. - Relax restrictions to the design tools menu to allow those with write_pages permission
  607. - Add alt pager to mod moderate
  608. - Show existing cover photo when changing it
  609. - Update to bootstrap lib to version 4.1
  610. - Provide a higher accuracy method for active channels information
  611. - Provide visible star status for starred posts
  612. - Move the thread author menu to the wall item photo
  613. - Accept system_language through either get or post
  614. - Remove recipient name from stored notifications but keep them in emails
  615. - Fix issue of being forced to log back in after leaving a delegated channel
  616. - Implement last commented expiration setting in mod admin
  617. - Create catcloud widget and provide a type option which can include 'cards' or 'articles'
  618. - Modified notifications widget to add the public stream when the current user is allowed to see it only
  619. - Don't provide a connect button for transient identities
  620. - Merge techlevels and features
  621. - Implement auto-save posts and comments in browser using localStorage
  622. - Display directory server in siteinfo.json
  623. - Bring back the dnt policy document
  624. - Implement OAuth2/OpenIDConnect server
  625. - Add basic structure for additional features documentation
  626. - Community tag refactor
  627. - Obscurify chats
  628. - Provide a way to share wiki pages
  629. - Update folder timestamp on uploaded files
  630. - Code optimisations and de-duplication on updating parent commented timestamp
  631. - Turn newmember widget into a feature
  632. - Make list mode work in cards and articles
  633. - Make alt pager work for articles and cards
  634. - Initial support for alternative sort orders on the cloud pages
  635. - Add Ochannel module for testing OStatus bad behaviour
  636. - Add the social - federation permission role
  637. - Update justified gallery lib from 3.6.3 to 3.6.5
  638. Bugfixes
  639. - Fix regression with forum widget unseen count
  640. - Fix issue with imagemagick exif info
  641. - Aonymous comments in StdLimits shouldn't be allowed
  642. - Fix wiki pages not syncing
  643. - Show "Unseen public activity" channel setting when site only public streams are activated
  644. - Fix channel import failing to provide channel_password value
  645. - Fix permalinks to children of articles and cards
  646. - Fix missing year on profile birthday input
  647. - Fix missing login/out buttons for medium screensize
  648. - Preserve existing categories when updating an app from an embed source
  649. - Fix app sellpage not being stored
  650. - Fix tagadelic being overly protective of permissions
  651. - Fix comments not displayed in single card/article view
  652. - Fix anonymous comments bump thread
  653. - Fix pending registrations visible in admin accounts
  654. Addons
  655. Pubcrawl: fix issues with "private" messages
  656. Pubcrawl: fix issues with postgresql
  657. Fuzzloc: new addon to blur your browser location
  658. Pubcrawl: implement follow by webfinger
  659. Cart: new addon which provides online shop functionalities (experimental)
  660. Pubcrawl: implement two-way summary functionality
  661. Wordpress: upgrade incutio xmlrpc library to use hubzilla curl wrapper
  662. Hzfiles: various fixes
  663. Diaspora: support full_name attribute in profile messages
  664. Frphotos: deprecate plugin (keep it for reference)
  665. Webmention: require html5 parser
  666. GNU-Social: provide alternative xchan_url
  667. Diaspora: fix wrong callback function
  668. Diaspora: fix conversion of forum mentions to markdown by providing a !{forum@host} link syntax
  669. Diaspora: fix item title not transferred
  670. Hubzilla 3.2 (2018-03-09)
  671. - Improve rendering of Readme files in plugin settings
  672. - Add pdl file for mod moderate
  673. - Update redbasic theme screenshot
  674. - Restrict mail messages to max_import_size
  675. - Add pdl file for mod thing
  676. - Add federation property to webfinger
  677. - Provide new member widget which sits beneath the notifications for the first 60 days after an account creation
  678. - Rename Addon/Feature settings to Addon Settings
  679. - Move privacy groups to the newly created Access Control and Permissions tab
  680. - Move oauth_client management and guest access tokens to features rather than auto-enabling at various feature levels
  681. - Change undo_post_tagging() to emit quoted tags rather than using underscore replacement if they contain spaces
  682. - Require directory servers to be using some modern form of encryption
  683. - Change icon set from font-awesome to fork-awesome
  684. - Provide opt-out link and text with notification emails
  685. - Alter image selection widget to accept/submit on choose (github issue #979)
  686. - If hide_in_statistics is set, only include the total channels count and no other statistical info in siteinfo.json
  687. - Mark connections where we do not have post_comments permissions with an no entry sign
  688. - Click your own profile photo to change it if loged in
  689. - Remove street address info from the default basic profile fields
  690. - Handle error logging in on cloud page (post method not implemented)
  691. - Cloud 'view-as-tiles' toggle wasn't available for guests and they are the most likely to prefer that view
  692. - Provide DB compatibility for poll and voting implementations across several platforms
  693. - Remove the unused ZotDriver and ProtoDriver classes
  694. - Move dreport from zot to lib
  695. - Move Zotlabs\Zot\Verify to Zotlabs\Lib\Verify as part of the zot6 re-org
  696. - Add event resource_id to iconfig so Diaspora can search on it without looking inside JSON objects
  697. - Trim non-existent/deprecated plugins from siteinfo plugin list
  698. - Add 'Validate' button to new_channel page
  699. - Do not show summary if it is equal to body
  700. - Update code tag styling so bbcode [code] blocks and wiki markdown inline code render nicely
  701. - Crypto improvements (use pkcs1_oaep_padding instead of the older pkcs1_padding)
  702. - Refactor OAuth2Server a bit
  703. - Refactor of the DB update system
  704. - Extend the oauth2 storage driver so that we can use our own channel table
  705. - Provide option to block the public stream unless authenticated
  706. - Refactor shares and urn shares into activities
  707. - Show likes and dislikes in notices if always_show_in_notices is set
  708. - Add hidden config to disallow anonymous comments (github issue #972)
  709. - Add flexibility to prefix/suffix string translations for jquery.timeago
  710. - Make post titles searchable (github issue #975)
  711. - Implement zot6 delivery
  712. - Remove mobile_detect library
  713. - Separate the parsing of author information from the parsing of item/activity information in feedutils
  714. - Provide summaries in feeds under very limited cases
  715. - Redirect to the email_validation page if login was attempted after account creation but prior to successful verification
  716. - Iprove workflow for form based email validation when auto_channel_create is in effect
  717. - Provide a default video image if nothing else is available
  718. - Surface the ability to change the landing page after channel creation
  719. - Create the 'go' module to present several possible things to do after channel creation
  720. - Add unit test for dba_pdo driver class
  721. - Add unit test for \DBA factory
  722. - Usability improvements to registration/verification workflow
  723. - Don't do any bbcode translation within code blocks (except baseurl, observer, and linefeeds)
  724. - Improve browser language detection
  725. - Remove unused prototype importer template and obsolete reflection cms importer
  726. - Update to bootstrap 4 stable
  727. - Implement caching of notifications in browser session storage
  728. - Code cleanup and simplification in mod_like
  729. - Implement new cropper library
  730. - Better notifications for edit post/comments which may have been originally posted long ago
  731. - Ensure filter words are not empty in include/items.php
  732. - Change query in mod search to be compatible with postgres
  733. - Provide channel list function in the zot api
  734. - Remove deprecated 'qcomment' feature
  735. - Simplify webserver logic flow
  736. - Simplify interactions with the get_features hook
  737. - Provide a local pubstream option (content from this site only)
  738. - Simplify dir_tagadelic dramatically
  739. - Surface the article feature
  740. - Add summary bbcode tag
  741. - Move markdown-in-posts/comments feature to plugin
  742. - Support tables in markdown posts/comments
  743. Bugfixes
  744. - Fix javascript error if there are no notifications
  745. - Fix some issues with friend suggestions on standalone sites with no 'suggestme' volunteers
  746. - Fix unable to reset profile fields to defaults in admin/profs by emptying the textarea
  747. ⁻ Fix issues with accordions related to bootstrap upgrade
  748. - Fix empty dob is set to the date of the first profile save
  749. - Fix several email validation issues
  750. - Fix issue if logged in locally and mod_display returns nothing owned by your uid; retry with known public uids rather than issue 'permission denied'
  751. - Fix public stream app permission check to match the recent fixes to the Module
  752. - Fix issues with delivery of edited posts to forums
  753. - Fix autoname test
  754. - Fix issue where self and pending connections were visible in connections when not loged in
  755. - Fix bad query in mod defperms
  756. - Fix issue where gnusocial likes were not recognised as like activity
  757. - Fix manual queue invocation
  758. - Fix unable to delete accounts using tickboxes on admin/accounts
  759. - Fix a PHP7.2 warning when a channel has no cards
  760. - Fix unable to delete permission groups with space in name (github issue #920)
  761. Addons
  762. Statistic: fix reporting of incorrect register policy in nodeinfo
  763. Diaspora: diaspora_init_relay: calls diaspora_import_author with too many arguments
  764. Pubcrawl: provide a system 'allowed' for to match the system setting for other protocols
  765. Diaspora: fix issue with sending diaspora profile change messages over diaspora_v2
  766. Diaspora: provide limited but hopefully adequate support for new Diaspora html5 audio/video
  767. Pubcrawl: send zot context with follow requests
  768. Pubcrawl: add video to the set of message types we process
  769. Pubcrawl: support for activitypub media
  770. Openclipatar: remove extra details for each image
  771. Diaspora: initial work on event participation
  772. Statistic: remove the friendica protocol from nodeinfo until it is fully implemented
  773. Statistic: re-arrange the order of the .host-meta/nodeinfo links
  774. Pubcrawl: add share verb to activitystreams translator
  775. Pubcrawl: post public posts to syschannel
  776. Statistics: fix legacy statistics.json interface
  777. Gnusocial: improve error checking when processing a salmon message
  778. Dirstats: fix sql syntax error
  779. Pubcrawl: possibly reduce constraint violations for xchan_store_lowlevel (duplicate entry)
  780. Diaspora: ensure we process Friendica-over-Diaspora yearless birthdays correctly
  781. Chess: added simple history browsing controls to spectator view
  782. Diaspora: support post/comment edits
  783. Diaspora: don't redirect fetch requests for non-Diaspora wall-to-wall and forum posts unless they can be redirected to a Diaspora protocol site
  784. Chess: added support for publicly visible games
  785. Phpmailer: add quickstart notes
  786. Chess: choose random color if no color is chosen
  787. New Plugin: mdpost - markdown in posts/comments, migrated from core to addon
  788. Diaspora: provide a configuration option to import the diaspora firehose, otherwise only import content matching subscribed tags
  789. NSFW: load images only after click on the button
  790. Twitter: provide configurable tweet length until such time as 280 becomes universal
  791. Hubzilla 3.0 (2018-01-09)
  792. - Updated homeinstall script
  793. - Sort cloud directory by 1. is_dir and 2. name
  794. - Document that imagick calls/execs ffmpeg for mp4 video thumbnails
  795. - Use pipe_stream() instead of file_{get, put}_contents() in attach_store()
  796. - Make homeinstall script ready for Debian 9
  797. - Add url and headings to bbco_autocomplete()
  798. - Remove additional linebreaks after headings
  799. - html2bbcode: use headings bbcode for headings
  800. - Don't zidify all permalinks, only zot permalinks
  801. - Make remote homelink link to the home host and not to the home channel
  802. - Auto promote beginner (techlevel 0) accounts to level 1 after they show signs of active participation.
  803. - Go back to including the photo thumbnail data in the export file.
  804. - Improvements to file import/export
  805. - Default value for xlink_rating_text
  806. - Implement IMoveTarget and recursive file/directory move/rename - github issue #680
  807. - Synchronise an attach_move operation to clones
  808. - Provide a themed page with an error notification on errors instead of an obtuse XML error structure in mod cloud
  809. - Disallow backslashes in wiki and wiki-page names
  810. - We only require one update module. The rest are superfluous.
  811. - Render installable elements as buttons instead of links
  812. - Implement chunked uploads for photos page
  813. - Remove warning for large files on cloud upload
  814. - Add a filter for notification to show new posts only
  815. - Implement chunked uploads for cloud
  816. - Use httpsig auth for getfile
  817. - Load the profile images in the custom acl selector only if we actually need them
  818. - Rework liveUpdate() and notificationsUpdate() (aka ping) to first do the liveUpdate and when this is done only do the ping once.
  819. - Don't include invisible "update activities" in category widget
  820. - Default profile assign
  821. - Provide system config option for minimum registration age.
  822. - Remove deprecated $a argument from advanced_profile()
  823. - Change to bbcode calling parameters
  824. - Extra checking of server headers in upload functions
  825. - Provide a handler for chunked uploads in mod file_upload
  826. - Optional divider between item header and body
  827. - Allow toggle to SMBC scaling mode.
  828. - Add thumbnail hook
  829. - Implement SVG thumbnails and expose security setting
  830. - Implement video thumbnail generator
  831. - Implement pdf thumbnails
  832. - Implement thumbnail generator for epubs
  833. - Make browser history buttons work with ajax calls in mod display and hq
  834. - Implement tile view for mod cloud (read only)
  835. - Add mp3 audio thumbnail generator
  836. - Set display_path for photo_upload from the DAV File interface
  837. - Provide a generalised interface for thumbnail generators to support various content types
  838. - Add ID3Parser library.
  839. - Text thumbnails in cloud tile mode
  840. - Revisit media breakpoints - do not switch to mobile view to early.
  841. - Add French to help pages language dropdown selector
  842. - Inroduce the HQ module - an alternative landing page for hubzilla
  843. - Strip author name from notify messages in notifications - github issue #911
  844. - Remove column item.diaspora_meta
  845. - Provide ability to pin apps to navbar from mod apps
  846. - Add private forums to forum widget
  847. - Move notifications style to widgets.css
  848. - Sort out a few more large image upload issues
  849. - Move notifications full-screen handling to notifications widget
  850. - Move mailhost settings from plugin to core
  851. - Sort combined private mail conversations by latest updated conversation instead of created parent
  852. - Filter atokens on acl search
  853. - Allow a site to block (public) the directory separately from other resources.
  854. - Improve removed_channel final cleanup - github issue #386
  855. - Cleanup of upload_to_comments(
  856. - Dedicate the first click to slideup the cover again but make sure the nav buttons remain functional
  857. - Set os_syspath in DAV file put operation so that photos will scale correctly.
  858. - Unit tests for Zotlabs\Access classes
  859. - Bring back tabindex to submit comments
  860. - attach.php minor cleanup and doc
  861. - Allow cloud filenames to include ampersands without messing up auth tokens (zid, owt, and zat, and the constant placeholder 'f=')
  862. - Provide short localised summary for likes that will end up in displayed notifications
  863. - Improving Doxygen documentation.
  864. - Update item_normal() to not include ACTIVITY_OBJ_FILE obj_type
  865. - Sort out issues with pubstream item interactions
  866. - Don't perform zot_refresh on dead sites unless $force is set
  867. - Do not send message_list responses to dead sites (this delivery method bypassed the notifier)
  868. - Support for netselect query
  869. - Add another delivery control parameter (queue threshold)
  870. - Add some documentation about shareable widgets
  871. - Allow plugin class widgets
  872. - Some more work on unit tests
  873. - Encrypt the owa token
  874. - Bring back the markdown post feature
  875. - We call Theme:url() statically, make it also static.
  876. - Table structure for pseudo or proxy channels (pchan)
  877. Bugfixes
  878. - Fix sync non-default profile photo changes to clones - github issue #113
  879. - Fix prev/next buttons on connedit can show deleted connections - github issue #673
  880. - Fix affinity widget settings
  881. - Fix dupe bug in content hooks - github issue #943
  882. - Fix directory keywords returned from dir_tagadelic() in standalone mode
  883. - Fix argument warning when arguments are correct in util/dcp
  884. - Fix issue with long filenames in mod cloud
  885. - Fix misc. issues with new 'insert photo from photo album' github issue #475
  886. - Fix regression in channel sources delivery
  887. - Fix loading of theme-specific widgets
  888. - Fix unable to add wiki pages with spaces
  889. - Fix mod display and others that require a non-zero profile_uid for updates
  890. - Fix various PHP 7.2 issues
  891. - Fix typo in HTTPSig
  892. - Fix pagetitle lost importing a pdl element from conversation
  893. - Fix js warning - getelementbyid (id doesn't exist)
  894. - Fix some pubstream on/off weirdness
  895. - Fix default addressbook has no name - github issue #921
  896. - Fix double html ids in caldav widget if more than one sharee
  897. - Fix regression in cdav calendar widget
  898. - Fix sync packet not generated when deleting a file using the web browser interface
  899. - Fix album cover thumb generator
  900. - Fix like-button for images - github issue #826
  901. - Fix typo - github issue #910
  902. - Fix issue with group_rmv()
  903. - Fix php warnings on photo delete
  904. - Fix some conflicts between private tags and forum tags
  905. - Fix some schema issues
  906. - Fix wiki pages not updating after creating new page
  907. - Fix a PHP warning in Permissions::FilledPerms()
  908. - Fix unicode characters in urls tripping up url regexes - github issue #901
  909. - Fix second half of github issue #893
  910. - Fix common connections on suggestion page showing wildly different results than remote profile, and is consistently off by one
  911. - Fix cloud redirects with owt tokens
  912. - Fix issues with diaspora xchans
  913. - Fix memory overflow trying to delete a connection with a very high noise to signal ratio
  914. - Fix sql error in page module
  915. - Fix unstar
  916. Plugins/Addon
  917. Diaspora: fix 'view full size' photo link - core github issue #947
  918. Diaspora: implement recent changes in diaspora account_migration spec
  919. GNU-Social: fix uploading a photo to a post results in double post - github issue 75
  920. GNU-Social: fix gnusoc plugin not respecting delayed delivery - github issue 74
  921. Pubcrawl: fix PHP warning
  922. Diaspora: remove garbage from magic envelope
  923. Diaspora: fix permalinks for zot reshares
  924. New addon: hzfiles - sync files across hubzilla servers
  925. Fix various PHP 7.2 issues
  926. Remove Firefox social plugin - it was deprecated and removed in firefox version 57
  927. Diaspora: unset id and parent for local comments
  928. Pubsubhubbub: set interactive flag to avoid delivery killing if block_public is enabled
  929. Mailhost addon moved to core
  930. Remove js_upload addon
  931. Hubzilla 2.8.1 (2017-11-11)
  932. - Rename channel app events to calendar and add nav_set_selected() to /cal
  933. - Load notifications links to /display via ajax if we are already in /display
  934. - Add location info to the navbar for remote visitors
  935. - Bring back tabindex to submit comments
  936. - Add spanish translations for context help
  937. - Added mode to portfolio widget
  938. Bugfixes
  939. - Fix os_syspath in DAV file put operation so that photos will scale correctly
  940. - Fix unicode characters in urls tripping up url regexes - github issue #901
  941. - Fix wiki pages not updating after creating new page
  942. - Fix notifications covered by cover photo on medium size screens - github issue #906
  943. - Fix unable to change permissions on wiki with space in name
  944. - Fix only show nav app link if we have a selected app
  945. - Fix unable to mark all messages read
  946. - Fix imagedata not set correctly if large photo and imagick is not installed
  947. - Fix issues with diaspora xchans
  948. - Fix profile photo issue triggered by a previous bug
  949. Plugins/Addon
  950. N-S-F-W: improve the undocumented n-s-f-w author::word feature
  951. Diaspora: update the import_diaspora tool for the version 2.0 account export files
  952. Diaspora: fix comments are partly containing "diaspora_handle" instead of "author" - github issue #69
  953. Pubcrawl: provide feature setting for downgrade_media option
  954. Pubcrawl: fix issue where replies to replies did not find its parent
  955. Diaspora: fix friendica likes on comments
  956. Diaspora: fix private mail
  957. Diaspora: fix third party deletes/retractions not propagating
  958. Diaspora: likes not working - github issue #895 in core
  959. Diaspora: fix comments from unknown persons not accepted if allow public comments is enabled - github issue #68
  960. XMPP: fix php warning
  961. Hubzilla 2.8 (2017-10-25)
  962. - Redirect to be moderated items to /moderate
  963. - Update notifications if notifications area remains open
  964. - Create an actual logout module instead of relying on internal variables
  965. - Add local_channel as a comanche condition variable
  966. - Implement possibility to pin app-tray apps in the navbar via app category navbar_default
  967. - Introduce custom navbars
  968. - Re-implement single delivery
  969. - Pdledit usability improvements
  970. - Implement next generation notifications in right aside
  971. - Implement single post view for /pubstream
  972. - Make anonymous comments work in mod display
  973. - Introduce notifications for unseen public stream posts (off by default)
  974. - Preperatory work on Zot VI
  975. - Add app for site admin
  976. - Introduce experimental alternate channel_menu navigation (off by default)
  977. - Introduce notifications for shared files
  978. - Bring back notifications for account approvals
  979. - Urlencode hashes from mod_acl
  980. - Don't use chanlink_url() for feed mentions
  981. - Design common friends widget to fit better in the app and move it to left aside
  982. - Allow navbar to be used when cover photo is displayed in mod channel
  983. - Implement admin setting to use imagick converter for large photos
  984. - Process activity deletes from OStatus which for whatever reason do not use the industry standard tombstone mechanism
  985. - Implement new css based spinner
  986. - Move the link header initialisation from Router to Webserver
  987. ⁻ Extend activity_match() to work with arrays
  988. - Updated the trusted CA cert database
  989. - Ostatus - support likes of comments
  990. - Provide ability to mention a forum by using !forumname as well as the traditional red style (@forumname+)
  991. - Encrypt delivery reports (not backward compatible)
  992. - Provide a space between link header params (draft-cavage-http-signatures-08)
  993. - Turn common_friends into a widget
  994. - Update to jquery-3.2.1
  995. - Wiki pages sorted by name
  996. - Create new hooks for permissions_accept and permissions_reject
  997. - Provide rel=alternate link if no reshare content in post
  998. - Add remote login button to login page
  999. - DB update to add index to item.resource_id
  1000. - Implement wiki editing (name and acl)
  1001. - Provide a hook for importing a channel photo at channel creation time
  1002. - Implement wiki mimetype lock
  1003. - Bring back wiki downloads
  1004. - Add text/plain mimetype to wiki
  1005. - Implement per page mimetype selection for wikis
  1006. - Added english context help for apps and appman
  1007. - Implement owa (open web auth)
  1008. - Ignore diaspora_meta column on item import
  1009. - Check code permissions on cloud files
  1010. - Remove period from characters allowed in username
  1011. - Make comment highlighting more reliable
  1012. - Sign zot-info packets with httpsignatures
  1013. - Implement server to server magic auth
  1014. - Provide support for json-ld signatures
  1015. - Rewrite comment form open/close handling to be more reliable
  1016. - Radically reduce code duplication in updateConvItems()
  1017. - Remove discover tab in favour of the public stream app
  1018. - Apply autotime to all autotime classed elements when static loading a page
  1019. - Implement cards feature
  1020. - Extended support for help page translations including table of contents files at the top level
  1021. - Introduce util/dmkdir - a mkdir tool for DAV
  1022. - Various doco improvements
  1023. - Introduce util/dcp (DAV-copy) - copy file or directory from local system to Hubzilla
  1024. - Provide support for HTTPsig
  1025. - Implement mechanism for selective network following in protocol connectors (diaspora, ostatus, activitypub, zot, rss)
  1026. Bugfixes
  1027. - Fix w2w posts not removed in contact_remove() - github issue #837
  1028. - Fix guests not having a unique (non-existent) url
  1029. - Fix mod register re-using the password
  1030. - Fix write_storage permission not checked in /display
  1031. - Fix discovery of moderated items in enotify
  1032. - Fix profile thing image not deleted when thing deleted - github issue #868
  1033. - Fix deletions to comments not synced on wall posts
  1034. - Fix community tags not preserved on post edit - github issue #865
  1035. - Fix profile photo propagation issue if the local xchan_photo_[l|m|s] fields were changed from the /photo/profile/l/n form to photo/[hash] form by a clone operation
  1036. - Fix lockstate and current permissions not handed over to editor in mod card_edit
  1037. - Fix profile edit dropdown for multiple profiles
  1038. - Fix affinity slider spinner
  1039. - Fix mod pubsites broken
  1040. - Fix directory server admin selection includes known dead sites
  1041. - Fix sticky-kit issue where the bottom of left aside was not visible when section content was short
  1042. - Fix possibility to set bogus my_address
  1043. - Fix deleting of wiki pages
  1044. - Fix selected theme not appearing selected after change - github issue #855
  1045. - Fix an issue where some encoded mids were not found in /display
  1046. - Fix issue with mentions and xchans with @ or /
  1047. - Fix webfinger returns invalid XML - github issue #851
  1048. - Fix last remaining task in tasklist was not removed from view when completed
  1049. Plugins/Addon
  1050. Hubwall: Remove errant $1 string in sender name
  1051. Map federation protocols for zotinfo
  1052. Gnusoc: force ostatus profile photos to get refreshed monthly
  1053. Gnusoc: fix ostatus mention notifications
  1054. Gnusoc: unsubscribe to gnusoc feeds if connector is disabled
  1055. Phpmailer: not using load/unload
  1056. Gnusoc: don't provide some information if gnusoc is disabled by the channel
  1057. Diaspora: add a predelivery interval
  1058. Diaspora: support for likes on comments
  1059. Introduce the pubcrawl plugin - an unapologetically non-compliant ActivityPub Protocol implemention
  1060. Introduce gravatar plugin
  1061. Pubsubhubbub: produce much more compact PuSH feeds
  1062. Diaspora: support text comments on reshare posts
  1063. Diaspora: changes to delivery scenarios for the special handling of profile messages
  1064. Diaspora: put diaspora seed_location in json webfinger
  1065. Gnusoc: fix mis-attributed comments from mastodon
  1066. Gnusoc: allow discovery by url (not just reddress) and permit upgrade from 'unknown' network to gnusoc
  1067. Implement mechanism for selective network following in protocol connectors
  1068. Hubzilla 2.6.3 (2017-09-18)
  1069. - Fix anonymous comments/likes on photos - this is not yet implemented
  1070. - Fix favicon not displayed on certain pages
  1071. - Fix hubzilla logo icon for favicon and email notifications
  1072. - Fix an issue with displaying selected theme in settings/display
  1073. - [SECURITY] Restrict the input characters we accept in token verification strings to hex digits
  1074. - Remove from fallback directory servers
  1075. Hubzilla 2.6.2 (2017-08-31)
  1076. - Fix webfinger returns invalid XML (github issue #851)
  1077. Hubzilla 2.6.1 (2017-08-18)
  1078. - Fix a regression with dav clients
  1079. - Raise install requirements
  1080. Plugins/Addon
  1081. - Diaspora: fix PHP warning
  1082. - GNU-Social: fix PHP warning
  1083. Hubzilla 2.6 (2017-08-16)
  1084. - Upgrade to bootstrap-4 beta
  1085. - Consolidate disable_discover_tab config
  1086. - Fix some bbcode to markdown conversion issues
  1087. - Improved finding of recursive attachment permissions
  1088. - Smaller line-height for notification badges
  1089. - Bluegrid schema removed - will be added again if someone is willing to maintain it
  1090. - Improved file_activity()
  1091. - DB - add index for item.obj_type
  1092. - Add options flag to bb_to_markdown() so we can distinguish between diaspora use and other use and therefore filter and adjust content selectively
  1093. - Close the apps-menu if the notifications-menu is open and vice versa
  1094. - Remove redundant call to jquery ready function in photo albums view
  1095. - Remove borders from navbar toggler in mobile view
  1096. - Improve the formatting of shares when converting from bbcode to markdown
  1097. - Suppress fopen errors from dav
  1098. - Make local channel (not our own) nav menus appear similar to what we are used from remote channels
  1099. - Indicate the selected channel in the dropdown menu if the feature is enabled
  1100. - Provide a mechanism to mark apps active in the app tray
  1101. - Allow wildcard tag and category searches
  1102. - Improved installer
  1103. - Update some addon docs and ensure we only generate statistics once a day
  1104. - Turn url requests where argv[0] is into module='something' and $_REQUEST['module_format'] = 'xyz'; But leave modules beginning with . (like .well_known) alone (convert the initial . to _ and then strip it)
  1105. - Turn platform name and std_version into config variables
  1106. - Implement chunked uploads on the wall
  1107. - Prevent expiration of conversations you are involved with
  1108. - Update htmlpurifier to version 4.9.3
  1109. - Update sabre/http to version 4.2.3
  1110. - Add optimize-autoloader to composer config
  1111. - Missing abook_{my,their}_perms in pg schema and missing keys in mysql schema
  1112. - Provide a gender icon on the profile sidebar within reason
  1113. - Provide more comprehensible information on the admin summary page
  1114. - Upgrade blueimp from 9.8 to 9.18
  1115. - Chanview - if already connected, bypass the chanview intermediary page and go straight to the remote profile.
  1116. - Allow poke by xchan_hash
  1117. - guess_image_type() - ignore scheme when checking for urls
  1118. - Remove unused page_widgets.php include and provide a general function for loading sql from file
  1119. - Migrate cdav from addons to core
  1120. - Address several mail issues
  1121. - Add files and photos to featured apps by default
  1122. - import_author_zot() fixes
  1123. - Remove deprecated app parameter from conversation()
  1124. - Implement anonymous comments (like wordpress)
  1125. - Add rel=noopener to all external target _blank links
  1126. - Add 'can_comment_on_post' hook so we can better deal with the complications of Diaspora policy
  1127. - Added Portfolio widget (requires foundation)
  1128. - Convert schema_mysql engine to InnoDB and charset utf8mb4
  1129. - Put unreachable federated connections in the archived tab of the connections list page
  1130. - Indicate on connections page if a federated connection from another network is unavailable from the current location
  1131. - Make authenticated oembeds optional, default to false.
  1132. - Remove text_highlight css load from core
  1133. - Numerous ostatus feed improvements (mastodon, gnu-social)
  1134. - Provide hook when deleting a connection - we need this to clean up dangling PuSH subscriptions
  1135. - Move code syntax highlighting to plugin
  1136. - Oembed: ensure that width and height are returned as type int and not float
  1137. - Rewrite wiki pages widget - no need for ajax on pageload, show the pages to not authenticated people.
  1138. - Convert randprof to use chanlink_hash() instead of chanlink_url() and filter sys channels by xchan.xchan_system instead of xchan_addr != sys@%
  1139. - Update Sabre libraries
  1140. - Only provide "connected apps" on the settings menu if techlevel > 0.
  1141. - Provide ability to search webpage
  1142. - Move disapora xrd stuff to plugin
  1143. - Deprecate server_role
  1144. - Introduce automatic language selection for help, webpages, and wiki content
  1145. - Provide ability to order apps in app-tray
  1146. - Replace Markdownify library with html-to-markdown library
  1147. Bugfixes
  1148. - Fix channel manager and nav channel select visible if in a delegate session
  1149. - Fix wrong wiki pages in the sidebar github issue #841
  1150. - Fix a bug where if multiple channels uploaded the same file to the same folder, the uploaded file would end up with an incremental number added to the filename for each upload even if the file did not exist yet in the channels folder
  1151. - Fix privacy groups not syncing across clones properly (github issue #832)
  1152. - Fix an issue where the ability to use a portion of the message-id to display a message wasn't honoured in all cases
  1153. - Fix minor issues in the bs-default schema
  1154. - Fix backward compatibility for album links generated in earlier times before the ambiguity of photo album names was solved (github issue #827)
  1155. - Fix photo item comments not ported to bs4
  1156. - Fix incorrect album link
  1157. - Fix incorrect follow url in webfinger
  1158. - Fix regression - allow position attributes in oembedable zcards
  1159. - Fix affinitiy slider settings were being updated on any submit of of settings/featured
  1160. - Fix minor weirdness in zot finger results after deleting a clone from a channel that was on a site which was previously migrated from http to https and still had the old hubloc
  1161. - Fix cloud headers already sent issue
  1162. - Partial fix for failure to sync photos - appears to be memory exhaustion and dependent on filesize although an unrelated issue was found with directory creation during file sync (we didn't check ownership when looking for duplicates)
  1163. - Fix github issue #810
  1164. - Don't allow negative age in directory listings
  1165. - Fix allow setting a default schema for the hub (github issue #797) and allow selecting of focus (hubzilla default) schema if a default is set
  1166. - Fix update_r1189() for mysql and postgres
  1167. Plugins/Addon
  1168. Diaspora: Rewrite the addon to implemented Diaspora Version 2 federation protocol
  1169. GNU-Social: GNU-Social and Mastodon compatibility was greatly increased and a "fetch conversations" feature added to try and locate missing contextual references and maintain conversations in posts from those networks
  1170. Rename statistics_json to statistics and implement nodeinfo v2
  1171. New authchoose addon to restrict what sites you authenticate to by default
  1172. Cdav addon moved to core
  1173. head_add_css() needs a preceding '/' to find files in the addons dir
  1174. New addon code syntax highlighting (moved from core to addon)
  1175. Pubsubhubbub: specify a minimum number of records - otherwise it defaults to zero
  1176. Hubzilla 2.4 (2017-05-31)
  1177. - Silence php warning during install
  1178. - Implemented switch statement logic in Comanche layout parser
  1179. - Don't allow html in plugin comment blocks
  1180. - Handle Mastodon urls in markdown/bbcode conversion
  1181. - Get rid of edit activities
  1182. - Collapse sysapps if viewing a remote channel
  1183. - Various Doxygen fixes
  1184. - Update SimplePie library to version 1.5
  1185. - Add check for PHP zip extension during install
  1186. - Add unit tests for AccessList class
  1187. - Authenticate onepoll so we can receive private posts/comments in zotfeed
  1188. - Various postgres fixes
  1189. - Some work on preparing clientside e2ee
  1190. - Allow to set a default channel for the rare case where a default channel is not selected but channels actually exist
  1191. - Support reverse magic-auth in oembed requests
  1192. - Improved handling of Mastodon feeds
  1193. - When template "none" is used in a webpage layout, then the contents of the page should be the sole output, with no other code before or after the page element content
  1194. - If there is no site record, site_dead won't be 0, in a left join it will in fact be null. As long as it isn't 1, we should attempt delivery
  1195. - Order wiki pages by creation date
  1196. - Backend infrastructure for channel protection password; which will be used to optionally encrypt export files and resolve channel/identity ownership/hijacking disputes
  1197. - Don't allow any null fields in notify creation
  1198. - Webfinger cleanup
  1199. - Envelope privacy
  1200. - We do not parse the body in discover_by_url(), so no need to preserve iframes in SimplePie
  1201. - Correct the mastodon "boost" (aka 'share') author attribution by checking for share activities and pulling the original author info from the activity:object
  1202. - Only log zot_refresh content if json decode was successful
  1203. - Revisit the import_author_zot algorithm yet again. There was one bug that we weren't returning necessary information in the first SQL query - and performance/loading problem if one tries to refresh a dead site
  1204. - Import_author_xchan - since we rarely refresh zot-info for non-connections, force a cache reload once a week to catch things like profile photo updates and location changes
  1205. - Create site_store_lowlevel() to initialise data structures for the site table
  1206. - Change hook for perm_is_allowed while retaining backwards compatibility
  1207. - import_author_zot() - check for both hubloc and xchan entries. This should catch and repair entries which were subject to transient storage failures
  1208. - Import authors from any unrecognised network as network 'unknown'
  1209. - Crypto update - default is now aes-256-ctr
  1210. - Get rid of get_app()
  1211. - Add 'author_is_pmable()' function with plugin hooks to control whether or not to display a 'send mail' link in the thread author menu
  1212. - Provide platform specific install script
  1213. - Allow for project specific DB updates
  1214. - Get rid of davguest
  1215. - Move db_upgrade to zlib
  1216. - Add CSRF protection for import and import_items
  1217. - Add some documentation for import functions
  1218. - Do not allow creating two wikis with the same name
  1219. - Update textcomplete library to version 1.8.0
  1220. - Create channel_store_lowlevel()
  1221. - Allow setting the system email name/address/reply
  1222. - Use the same host macro for sender address as for reply_to address
  1223. - Use the relevant attach directory/path for photo albums instead of an album basename which may not be unique. Created an 'ellipsify()' function to shorten long names and keep the beginning and end intact
  1224. - Simplify the message signing spaghetti
  1225. - Class MarkdownSoap to safely store markdown by purifying and preserving (escaped) what may be unsafe code in codeblocks. The stored item needs to be unescaped just prior to calling the markdown-to-html processor
  1226. - Remove the unimplemented upload limit site settings from UI
  1227. - Cleanup code_allowed
  1228. - Move widgets to standalone classes
  1229. - Upgrade redbasic to bootstrap 4
  1230. - Updated HTML Purifier from 4.6.0 to 4.9.2 with better PHP7 compatibility
  1231. - Remove redundant and non-functional/broken check for successfully cloned channel record which was left over from an earlier method of creating the table; which was deprecated a few months back
  1232. - Update bshaffer/oauth2-server-php library
  1233. - Add unit test for purify_html()
  1234. Bugfixes
  1235. - Fix website export tool creating invalid zip file - issue #790
  1236. - Fix files not synced correctly - issue #769
  1237. - Fix empty ACL should not result in no ACL when uploading a file
  1238. - Fix cover photo was unintentionally disabled when block_public in effect
  1239. - Fix markdown autolinks - issue 752
  1240. - Fix connectDefaultShare generated js function, though it isn't obvious if we still use it
  1241. - Fix a couple more instances where we were still calling mail() directly for site critical messages
  1242. - Fix when clicking a notification to view a private mail message, actually view that message instead of the most recent
  1243. - Fix group by item query
  1244. Plugins/Addon
  1245. - smileybutton: do not load emojis
  1246. - pubsubhubbub: fixes associated with recent compatibility feed mods
  1247. - gnusoc: mastodon follow_activity compatibility issues
  1248. - gnusoc: add profile photo to feed meta
  1249. - gnusoc: add salmon link information to the public feed when GNU-Social is enabled
  1250. - chess: fix bugs when deleting games
  1251. Hubzilla 2.2 (2017-03-08)
  1252. - Provide version compatibility check for themes (minversion, maxversion)
  1253. - Use chanlink_hash() instead of chanlink_url() where appropriate
  1254. - Use head_add_link() for feed discovery
  1255. - Provide HTTP header parser which honours continuation lines
  1256. - Numerous doco improvements
  1257. - Implement virtual privacy groups from restricted profile access list
  1258. - Implement permission roles
  1259. - Implement app-tray
  1260. - Default to manual conversation updates
  1261. - Implement channel move for all server roles
  1262. - Implement nav login modal
  1263. - Rename bb2diaspora.php to markdown.php
  1264. - Remove obsolete module 'match'
  1265. - Move firefox social api configuration to plugin
  1266. - Move rsd service to twitter_api plugin
  1267. - Add build_pagehead hook
  1268. - Move opensearch to plugins
  1269. - Move dreamhost hack to plugin
  1270. - Add wiki permissions
  1271. - Introduce hubloc_store_lowlevel() and xchan_store_lowlevel()
  1272. - Move diaspora account import to the diaspora plugin
  1273. - Allow export of single data sets instead of always exporting everything we know about in channel export
  1274. - Queue optimisations for sites that have lingered in the queue for more than a couple of days
  1275. - Add affinity slider tool settings for min and max defaults in settings/featured
  1276. - Provide lowlevel xchan storage function to ensure that all non-null rows are initialised
  1277. - Implement native wiki
  1278. - Block well-known from oembed
  1279. - Implement observer.language bbcode and observer.language comanche conditional
  1280. - Implement daemon_addon hook to let plugins create custom background processes
  1281. - Implement profile vcards
  1282. - Implement connection vcards
  1283. - Implement 'click to call' in address book
  1284. - Default cover photo
  1285. - Remove fullscreen functionality in photo album view
  1286. - Update fontawesome lib to version 4.7.0
  1287. - Implement a menu to select a section to be open by default in connedit
  1288. - Improve comanche conditionals
  1289. - Add enclosures and categories to atom feed parsing
  1290. - Allow the atom_entry hook to change the results
  1291. - Set 'adjust for viewer timezone' as the default for new events
  1292. - Allow event creation in other timezones than your own
  1293. - Update fullcalendar lib to version 3.1
  1294. - Move api version call back to core
  1295. - Create first webpage as 'home' if none exist
  1296. - Show webpages link to visitors if a 'home' page exists
  1297. Bugfixes
  1298. - Fix schema not saved if session theme != selected theme and schema select display issue
  1299. - Fix no acl not detected in post_activity_item()
  1300. - Fix find_folder_hash_by_path() was not safe against multiple attach structures with the same filename but in different directories
  1301. - Fix don't search on empty filename - we shouldn't find it. The reason why this change is being made is because we actually did find it due to a development glitch
  1302. - Fix several places where head_add_(css|js) functions have been used incorrectly.
  1303. - Fix webpage import tool
  1304. - Fix numerous bugs with the addon repo management GUI
  1305. - Fix attach_delete() to remove photo resources even if the attach table row wasn't found
  1306. - Fix choking if photo_factory() returns null
  1307. - Fix embedimage if an albumname contains quotes
  1308. - Fix chat member list when one or more members are connected via access tokens
  1309. - Fix issue #636 - some localised (e.g. Italian) strings have single quotes which throw JS errors when used in single quoted template constructs
  1310. - Fix issues #629 and #635 - edited post arriving from downstream source was not being rejected
  1311. - Fix peoplefind widget not honouring directory option settings
  1312. - Fix issue with HTML in code blocks in markdown in wiki
  1313. - Fix issue with post signatures if posted from api and logged in locally with a different identity
  1314. Plugins/Addon
  1315. - Add experimental webmention plugin
  1316. - NSFW: Use button instead of text link
  1317. - Diaspora: gracefully handle multiple photos per post
  1318. - Diaspora: change profile photo permission call
  1319. - Logrotate: don't throw an error if another server process renamed the logfile before we got to it
  1320. - Chess: the channel owner must be one of the players, so only require selecting one connection for an opponent
  1321. - Move firefox social api configuration to plugin from core
  1322. - Move rsd service to twitter_api plugin from core
  1323. - Move opensearch to plugins from core
  1324. - Move dreamhost hack to plugin from
  1325. - Move diaspora account import to addon from core
  1326. - Reflect hubloc store changes in plugins
  1327. - Reflect xchan store changes in plugins
  1328. - Rendezvous: Fixed marker creation bug
  1329. - Rendezvous: Center on marker if specified in URL, and update browser address bar with shareable link when selecting markers on the map
  1330. - Rendezvous: Set default value of 0 for priximity alert when making new markers
  1331. - Move gitwiki to plugins from core which has been replaced by native wiki
  1332. - Openclipatar: reflect changes to files and photos which were unified in core some time ago
  1333. - Reintroduce gnusocial plugin after security/functionality review
  1334. - Twitter_api: hubzilla core issue 638 - unsupported message-id field not available in all twitter api functions
  1335. - Superblock: update to reflect core changes
  1336. - Rendezvous: implement static marker proximity alert
  1337. - Phpmailer: security update
  1338. Hubzilla 2.0 (2016-12-23)
  1339. - Deprecate bb_iframe
  1340. - Note widget: resize the textarea to reveal full content
  1341. - Implement fixed left aside
  1342. - Implement lockview for wikilist
  1343. - Simplify wikilist widget
  1344. - Router error reporting
  1345. - Setup changes to check for shell_exec and exec functions
  1346. - Extensible permissions upgrade handling for channels with custom permission roles
  1347. - Allow plugins to cancel item_store() and item_store_update()
  1348. - ZOT version 1.2 provides negotiation of cryptographic algorithms
  1349. - Provide a fresh new look and cleaner layout and more relevant information to siteinfo
  1350. - Introduce highlight bbcode [hl]
  1351. - Implement wiki mimetypes markdown or bbcode
  1352. - Doc pages refactoring
  1353. - Update webpages and wiki context help
  1354. - Make a git commit when a new wiki page is created
  1355. - Prev-next navigation for mod_connedit to ease bulk connection edits
  1356. - Move the remote user homebutton to the user menu
  1357. - Do not render maps/locations for Diaspora destinations
  1358. - Provide 'per-page' caching for is_matrix_url() results to reduce duplicate queries
  1359. - Don't send notification for posts/comments on old conversations that were refetched after having expired
  1360. - Numerous wiki UI improvements
  1361. - Move twitter api to addon
  1362. - Cleanup and re-organise the voting and attendance buttons
  1363. - Reorganise emoticons
  1364. - Collapse navbar-collapse-1 if avatar menu is clicked.
  1365. - New display setting: static page update as opposed to live update
  1366. - Command line administrative channel connect utility
  1367. - Modernise chanview
  1368. - Implement edit activities to share post/comment edits with protocols which do not support them (e.g. Diaspora)
  1369. - Wiki export
  1370. - Numerous postgres compatibility fixes
  1371. - Remove requirement that imported profile photos be in the profile photos album
  1372. - Change event behaviour - share by default.
  1373. - Use PDO database driver exclusively (deprecate drivers that are separately maintained)
  1374. - Zot API re-write and extended
  1375. Bugfixes
  1376. - Fix z_fetch_url() incorrect variable
  1377. - Fix SQL error with app categories
  1378. - Fix do not show revert buttons if we do not have write perms
  1379. - Fix dropdown positions
  1380. - Fix do not increase opacity to more than 1
  1381. - Fix clone sync missing for some item delete operations
  1382. - Fix embed-image for fullscreen mode
  1383. - Fix attach_list_files()
  1384. - Fix full screen for embedded videos
  1385. - Fix the forum widget for forums with custom perms
  1386. - Fix issue #607 parens not recognised inside urls
  1387. - Fix pubsites: don't list dead sites
  1388. - Fix issue #596 silence headers already sent warning
  1389. - Fix missing plugins in zot-info
  1390. - Fix notification issue
  1391. - Fix issue #594 like of thing appears as profile owner like
  1392. - Fix export issue
  1393. - Fix checklist bbcode - only turn [] and [x] into checkboxes if it is found inside a checklist
  1394. - Fix wiki permissions issues
  1395. - Fix public calendar leaks connection information (birthdays) when view_contacts is not allowed
  1396. - Fix attach_rename: flaw in duplicate filename detection resulted in filename(1)(1)(1).ext
  1397. - Fix a fatal error with incorrect DB object access
  1398. - Provide /locs link on settings page if there is more than one hubloc for this channnel *that isn't deleted*.
  1399. - Fix issue #577 if connecting to a channel that is already pending, undo the pending and set connect permissions accordingly
  1400. - Fix issue #575, when 'nofinish' is set on an event, invalid date was generated/stored
  1401. - Fix bbcode event formatting issue
  1402. - Fix zot_finger from navbar people search looping
  1403. - Fix fromStandalonePermission()
  1404. Plugins
  1405. - GNU Social: removed from addons for security reasons - it might be re-implemented once it is properly reviewed
  1406. - Diaspora: missing item author when diaspora public comment received from relay
  1407. - Superblock: refactoring
  1408. - New addon: tripleaes for pro
  1409. - Cdav: "if not exists" only supported starting with postgresql v. 9.5 debian stable has 9.4
  1410. - Rendezvous: added markers and members export tool at /rendezvous/[group_id]/export/{markers,members}
  1411. - Twitter: move twitter api to addon
  1412. - New addon: b2tbtn (back to top button)
  1413. - Diaspora: import public diaspora messages to sys if applicable
  1414. - Diaspora: try and handle singletons better and simplify the associated notifier decisions
  1415. - Rendezvous: add proximity alert feature to members to issue notification when member is within a specified distance.
  1416. - New addon: diaspora_reconnect to refriend diaspora/friendica connections from a clone or channel move
  1417. - Diaspora: change the logic for deciding between upstream and downstream message flow for notifier plugins
  1418. - Rendezvous: prompt member to share their location by activating the GPS control using a tooltip and pulsing visibility
  1419. - statistics_json: fix nodeinfo
  1420. - Rendezvous: restored the lost gps-icon.png and corrected the OpenStreetMap tile server URL to avoid insecure content warnings
  1421. - Rendezvous: use observer name if available
  1422. - std_embeds: missing backslash
  1423. - Diaspora: postgres fixes issue #31
  1424. - Rendezvous: added marker list with centering buttons and popup open.
  1425. - Rendezvous: added control to see list of members sharing their location, with buttons to pan the map to center them
  1426. - Diaspora: system level diaspora toggle
  1427. - Rendezvous: added control that displays members.
  1428. - Diaspora: rename diaspora2bb() to markdown_to_bb() in core
  1429. - Hubwall: remove illegal unescaped angle chars
  1430. - Rendezvous: Add control to delete member if not updated in over 14 minutes
  1431. Hubzilla 1.14 (2016-10-13)
  1432. - New hook bbcode_filter
  1433. - Unify the various mail sending instance to enotify::send() and z_mail()
  1434. - Provide ability for admin to change account password
  1435. - Replace deprecated Sabre functions
  1436. - Add plugin hook for 'get_profile_photo'
  1437. - Convert NULL_DATE to a legal date for compatibility with MySQL strict mode
  1438. - Allow a site to over-ride the help table-of-contents files
  1439. - Autoscroll to target post/comment when in single-thread mode
  1440. - Indicator for own response verb activity
  1441. - Add server role documentation
  1442. - Pro: remove 'Additional Features' link for techlevel 0
  1443. - Upgrade fullcalendar library to version 3
  1444. - Whitelist button tag in htmlpurifier
  1445. - Upgrade justifiedGallery library to version 3.6.3
  1446. - Pubsites improvements
  1447. - Upgrade foundation library to version 6.2.3
  1448. - Ability to move photos to another album
  1449. - Submodules for settings page
  1450. - Submodules for admin page
  1451. - Remove chatroom suggestions
  1452. - Revamped and improved theme select backend
  1453. - Theme preview
  1454. - Implement techlevels for pro server role
  1455. - BBcode checklist
  1456. - Improve save to folder modal dialog
  1457. - Case insensitive sort apps
  1458. - Add authors to post distribution
  1459. - Redirect to plugin page after enabling to show configuration settings if applicable
  1460. - Move allowed email domains to admin->security page
  1461. - Display text around the searched query in documentation search
  1462. - Comanche observer conditionals
  1463. - Remove ratings
  1464. - Context help for /connedit
  1465. - Provide configurable sidebar table-of-contents indexes for different levels of the help hierarchy
  1466. - Comanche conditionals
  1467. - Cover photo enhancements (does not disappear after initial scrolldown)
  1468. - Website import/export
  1469. - Server roles (basic, standard and pro)
  1470. Bugfixes
  1471. - Fix connected time not shown on ajax loaded connections
  1472. - API issues
  1473. - Fix readmore.js collapsing on scrolldirection change in some mobile browsers
  1474. - Personalize Server Emails
  1475. - Audio player doesn't automatically show for m4a files
  1476. - Fix ajax page update with /channel?f=&mid=hash
  1477. - Angle bracket characters in DB password not recognised
  1478. - Regression: files/photos were not synchronising to channel clones properly
  1479. - Missing categories in preview mode
  1480. - attach_store() sql issue
  1481. - Rename id share_container to distr_container - share_container seem to be blacklisted in various security browser plugins
  1482. - Add 'map' extension to files served natively by nginx without using the project controller
  1483. - Zot discovery wasn't returning in all cases (after discovering zot)
  1484. - Do not show hidden channels in /randprof
  1485. - Numerous postgres fixes
  1486. - Illegal offset errors in include/conversation:status_editor() when no permissions array is passed
  1487. - Patch foundation-6.2.3 to work with jquery-3.1
  1488. - Custom/expert permissions bug
  1489. - Mail: return array instead of object
  1490. - Don't send purge_all notification to self
  1491. - Saved search: tags and connection searches weren't being saved
  1492. - Do not allow PERMS_PUBLIC as a choice for writable permission limits
  1493. - Force cover photos as well as profile photos to be public. As a side effect 'thing' photos will also be considered public
  1494. - Make lock switching actually work with multiple acl forms
  1495. - Create smarty dir before any templates can be initialised
  1496. - Fix aconfig
  1497. - Broken doc search
  1498. - Public forum check with custom/expert permissions
  1499. Plugins
  1500. - Standard Embed: update to convert old corporate bbcodes
  1501. - Cdav security: fix rw permission check
  1502. - Cdav: add partial support for recurring events in the browser client (editing/creating is not implemented)
  1503. - New plugin phpmailer: use phpmailer class instead of php's built-in mail() function
  1504. - Diaspora: third party on other network comment issue
  1505. - Diaspora: comment fix (hubzilla originated comment with plugin activated by comment author not making it to Diaspora)
  1506. - Cdav: provide calendar list view
  1507. - Diaspora: allow comments on public diaspora posts which were imported by subscribing to public tags.
  1508. - Wppost: add blog_id parameter for WordPress MU sites such as
  1509. - Wppost: don't log the password in normal mode
  1510. - Hubwall: provide choice of sender addresses, the real admin email, postmaster, or noreply.
  1511. - Chord: General cleanup of chord app
  1512. - Chord: Update chord binary for modern linux systems
  1513. - Start grouping addons by server_role
  1514. Hubzilla 1.12
  1515. - extensible permissions so you can create a new permission rule such as "can write to my wiki" or "can see me naked".
  1516. - guest access tokens can do anything you let them, including create posts and administer your channel
  1517. - ACLs can be set on files and directories prior to creation.
  1518. - ACL tool can now be used in multiple forms within a page
  1519. - a myriad of new drag/drop features (drop files or photos into /cloud or a post, or drop link into a post or comment, etc.)
  1520. - multiple file uploads
  1521. - improvements to website import
  1522. - UNO replaced with extensible server roles
  1523. - select bbcode elements (such as baseurl) supported in wiki pages
  1524. - addons:
  1525. Diaspora Protocol - additional updates to maintain compatibility with and stop showing likes as wall-to-wall comments (except when the liker does not have any Diaspora protocol ability)
  1526. Cdav - continued improvements to the web UI
  1527. Pong - the classic pong game
  1528. Dfedfix - removed, no longer needed
  1529. Openid - moved from core to addon
  1530. - bugfixes
  1531. unable to delete privacy groups
  1532. weird display interaction with code blocks and escaped base64 content containing 8 - O
  1533. workaround WordPress oembeds which are almost completely javascript and therefore filtered
  1534. restrict oembed cache url to 254 chars to avoid spurious failures caching google map urls
  1535. "Page not found" appeared twice
  1536. birthdays weren't being automatically added to event calendar
  1537. some iCal entries had malformed descriptions
  1538. Hubzilla 1.10
  1539. Wiki:
  1540. Lots of enhanced functionality, usability improvements, and bugfixes from v1.8
  1541. Turned into an optional feature (default on) but disabled in UNO
  1542. Sync:
  1543. Items are now relocated (links patched) when syncing to clones
  1544. Access Tokens:
  1545. New feature - allows members to create access controlled guest logins and create/share 'dropbox' style links to protected resources.
  1546. UI:
  1547. Use icons instead of iconic text constructs
  1548. Only request geolocation permission when creating a post, not on page load
  1549. provide 'redeliver' option on Delivery Report page for when things really stuff up
  1550. CalDAV/CardDAV management pages with heaps of functionality
  1551. Lib:
  1552. z_fetch_url() updated to accept different request methods and request bodies
  1553. item_store(), item_store_update() now return the stored items
  1554. vcard microformat changes to remain spec compliant
  1555. microformat meta tags added to post/comments
  1556. AbConfig API changed to use channel_id rather than channel_hash, which was overly complicated to use
  1557. SuperCurl class added to provide a framework for re-use of obscure CURL options
  1558. Allow absolute links to CSS/JS files on CDN
  1559. Add Let'sEncrypt intermediate cert to lib in case you forget to install it on the server
  1560. Update fullcalendar and jquery (3.1) libs
  1561. Update sabre/dav to 3.2.0
  1562. Change content export from a month/year system to begin/end
  1563. Use streaming I/O for delivering large photos
  1564. Allow multiple App description files in a single plugin directory
  1565. optimise a couple of troublesome/inefficient SQL queries
  1566. avoid sending clone sync packets to dead sites
  1567. Resolved Issues:
  1568. channel home page not providing content to clients with javascript disabled
  1569. Replace '@' obfuscation with html entity rather than the unicode look-alike
  1570. xchan_query() failing to detect duplicates, resulting in inefficient queries
  1571. issues with 'use existing photo' for profile photo
  1572. layout editor "list all layouts" returned empty
  1573. oembed - better detect video file URLs so they aren't loaded into memory.
  1574. handcrafted bbcode tables could end up with way too much whitespace due to CRLF translation
  1575. refresh permissions whitescreen in 1.8
  1576. force immediate profile photo update on local site
  1577. regression: 'save bookmarks' post action missing
  1578. Hubzilla 1.8
  1579. Administration:
  1580. Cleanup and resolve some edge cases with addon repository manager
  1581. Provide sort field and direction on all fields of account and channel administration tables
  1582. Rename 'user' administration to account administration to reflect its true purpose
  1583. 'safemode' tool to quickly disable and re-enable addons during a hypothetical upgrade crisis
  1584. Security:
  1585. Edited comments to private posts could lose their privacy settings under some circumstances
  1586. Provide zot-finger signatures to prevent a possible but rare exploit involving DNS spoofing and phishing
  1587. ACL selections:
  1588. Various improvements to the ACL editor to further simplify the concepts and make it more intuitive
  1589. Chat:
  1590. Notifications of chatroom activity using standard browser notification interfaces.
  1591. Themes:
  1592. Allow a theme:schema string to represent a valid theme name. This fixes issues with setting schemas on site themes.
  1593. Pubsites:
  1594. Show server role (identify UNO or basic sites as opposed to hubzilla pro) and link to statistics
  1595. Documentation:
  1596. Clarify privacy rights of commenters w/r/t conversation owners, as this policy is network dependent.
  1597. Wiki (Git backed):
  1598. Brand new feature. We'll call it experimental until it has undergone a bit more testing.
  1599. Account Cloning:
  1600. Regression on clone channel creation created a new channel name each time.
  1601. New issue (fixed) with directory creation on cloned file content
  1602. Content Rendering:
  1603. Add inline code (in addition to the existing code blocks) to BBcode
  1604. Add emoji reactions
  1605. Add emojis as extended smilies with auto-complete support
  1606. Emoji added as feature so it can be enabled/disabled and locked
  1607. Ability to configure the standard reactions available on a site basis
  1608. Disable 'convenience' ajax autoload on pgdn key, as it could lead to premature memory exhaustion
  1609. Photos:
  1610. Change album sort ordering, allow widgets and plugins to define other orderings
  1611. Apps:
  1612. Synchronise app list with changes to system apps
  1613. Preserve existing app categories on app updates/edits
  1614. Regression: fixed translated system app names
  1615. Architecture:
  1616. Provide autoloaded class files and libraries for plugins.
  1617. Further refactoring of session driver to sort out some cookie anomolies
  1618. Experimental PDO database driver
  1619. Creation of Daemon Master class and port all daemon (background task) interfaces to use it
  1620. Create separate class for each of 'Cron', 'Cron daily', and 'Cron weekly'.
  1621. Always run a Cron maintenance task if not run in the last four hours
  1622. Refactor the template classes
  1623. Refactor the ConversationItem mess into ThreadItem and ThreadStream
  1624. Refactor Apps, Enotify, and Chat library code
  1625. Refactor the various Config libraries (Config, PConfig, XConfig, AConfig, AbConfig, and IConfig)
  1626. Created WebServer class for top level
  1627. Remove mcrypt dependencies (deprecated in PHP 7.1)
  1628. Remove all reserved (including merely 'not recommended') words as DB table column names
  1629. Provide mutex lock on DB logging to prevent recursion under rare failure modes.
  1630. Bugfixes:
  1631. Remove db_close function on page end - not needed and will not work with persistent DB connections.
  1632. Undefined ref_session_write
  1633. Some session functions needed to be static to work with CalDAV/CardDAV
  1634. CLI interface: argc and argv were reversed
  1635. HTML entities double encoded in edited titles
  1636. Prevent delivering to empty recipients
  1637. Sabre library setting some security headers for SAML after we've emitted HTML content
  1638. Always initialise miniApp (caused obscure warning message if not set)
  1639. Block 'sys' channels from being 'random profile' candidates
  1640. DB update failed email could be sent in the wrong language under rare circumstances
  1641. Openid remote authentication used incorrect namespace
  1642. URL attached to profile "things" was not linked, always showing the "thing" manage page
  1643. New connection wasn't added to default privacy group when "auto-accept" was enabled
  1644. Regression: iconfig sharing wasn't working properly
  1645. Plugins:
  1646. CalDAV/CardDAV plugin provided
  1647. Issue sending Diaspora 'like' activities from sources that did not propagate the DCV
  1648. Allow 'superblock' to work across API calls from third party clients
  1649. statistics.json: use 'zot' as protocol
  1650. Issues fixed during testing of ability to follow Diaspora tags
  1651. Parse issue with Diaspora reshare content
  1652. Chess: moved to main repo, ported to 1.8
  1653. Hubzilla 1.6
  1654. Cleanup and standardise the interfaces to the "jot" editor
  1655. Router re-written to support calling class object methods as controllers
  1656. All existing modules (160+) re-written as object classes
  1657. Plugin hook interface adapted to call static class methods
  1658. Context help improved dramatically with content for the most accessed pages.
  1659. Reverted a compatibility change to support GNU-social events. We copied their feed format and their feed format is wrong (XML namespace collisions).
  1660. Provide a querystring attribute to CSS/JS resources to avoid caching issues when our code changes (which is often).
  1661. Fix javascript detection and allow either positive or negative detection.
  1662. Refactor the plugin hook registration procedure, provide 'unregister all' ability.
  1663. Fix RSD (Real Simple Discovery) which has been broken for some time.
  1664. Update smarty library to 3.1.29
  1665. Update jquery.textcomplete to 1.3.4
  1666. Update font-awesome to 4.6.1
  1667. Update SabreDAV to 3.0 (PHP version requirements prevent us from pushing it further at this time)
  1668. Help text added to cmdline utilities config and pconfig
  1669. Reworking of the database logging facility to avoid the rare but troublesome recursion when the log facility needed to query the DB internally to obtain config parameters.
  1670. Implement singleton delivery (emulate nomadic identity to singleton networks and services)
  1671. Fix empty album name in photo activities when photo is stored in top level folder.
  1672. Allow engineering units to be used in service class data size restrictions (400M, 1G, etc.)
  1673. Lots of work on bbcode auto-completion
  1674. Admin interface provided to manage external resource repositories
  1675. Oembed security reworked. Now all sources are filtered by default unless blocked.
  1676. Remove the date-string version and use only STD_VERSION
  1677. Add categories and categorisation filtering and the ability to edit all apps (including system apps) for a given channel
  1678. Ensure the ability to translate names of all system apps (except those provided in addons)
  1679. Provide ability to add categories to content from channel sources
  1680. Lots of work on the presentation of the ACL widget to enhance usability and intuitiveness
  1681. Allow somebody to follow a channel from a pasted redress containing a Unicode lookalike of the @ sign.
  1682. Add conditional syntax to Comanche (if/then/else)
  1683. Convert Comanche to an object class
  1684. Removed IE6 compatibility code
  1685. Explicitly close DB on shutdown/exit instead of allowing it to close naturally
  1686. Allowed delayed publish of webpages
  1687. Show current repository versions of master and dev on admin page and warn if your installation has fallen behind master
  1688. Provide some extra security checks to import data and files to prevent mischief
  1689. Block CalDAV/CardDAV namespace reserved words from being used as a channel nickname/redress since Sabre is somewhat inflexible in this regard
  1690. Plugins:
  1691. Diaspora
  1692. markdown translator work needed to eradicate the Diaspora Comment Virus.
  1693. upgrade all inbound paths with the most recent protocol changes (several of these)
  1694. convert 'diaspora_meta' (Diaspora Comment Virus) to iconfig and eradicate from sites with Diaspora disabled
  1695. implement social relay and allow following tags
  1696. upgrade statistics.json to NodeInfo. Currently hubzilla sites are tagged as 'redmatrix' because the NodeInfo schema lacks extensibility and project names are used to designate protocol compatibility rather than protocol names.
  1697. Std-embeds
  1698. New addon to allow a handful of corporate providers to run unfiltered embed code (youtube, vimeo, soundcloud)
  1699. Various:
  1700. upgrade font-awesome icons and adapt a few addons to Objects and the new hook interface and new controller interface
  1701. Hubzilla 1.4
  1702. [This list may appear brief, but encompasses a huge amount of re-writing and re-factoring
  1703. of the internal code structure to gain long-term performance and stability and provide a standard
  1704. interface to alternate protocol federation plugins which were made possible by the UNO configuration.
  1705. UNO is a configuration of hubzilla introduced in 1.3 with reduced complexity and which provides
  1706. improved protocol federation potential to other networks by virtue of removing nomadic identity
  1707. (which is not possible to model or work around using other network protocols).]
  1708. Implement channel move operation for UNO configuration
  1709. Remove bookmark references in UNO (which has no bookmarks by default)
  1710. UI cleanup profiles/chat/manage
  1711. Refactor webfinger probes and salmon backend for GNU-social federation
  1712. SECURITY: DAV authentication exploit
  1713. Context help added
  1714. More help pages
  1715. Provide 'posts only' feed
  1716. Refactor App to remove globals
  1717. Refactor Session to remove globals
  1718. provide a fullscreen mode for selected modules and functions
  1719. Regression: some addon routes broken
  1720. fix "remember me"
  1721. Autocomplete tool extended to bbcode/comanche
  1722. Clone sync of file/photo updates
  1723. system rename (e.g. http to https or DNS name change) missing some connection photos
  1724. calendar module not blocked to public whhen block_public enabled
  1725. Use timeago.js in reshare content so that timestamps will be correct on federated reshares
  1726. Rework detection of JavaScript to avoid reload penalty under normal operation
  1727. Changed primary directory server to a hubzilla server
  1728. Plugins:
  1729. Diaspora - switch to alternate XML parser to avoid storing compound objects
  1730. GNU-Social - Huge amounts of work, federation somewhat working now, several issues remain
  1731. Friendica - Initial federation work (not yet published)
  1732. Hubzilla 1.3
  1733. Admin Security configuration page created which consolidates several previously hidden settings:
  1734. Communication white/black lists
  1735. Channel white/black lists
  1736. OEmbed white/black lists
  1737. Admin Profile Fields page created which manages the availability and order of standard profile fields and allows new fields to be created/managed
  1738. "Poke" module reworked - page UI updated and "poke basic" setting introduced which limits the available poke "verbs".
  1739. "Mood" module UI reworked
  1740. "profile_photo" module UI reworked
  1741. "cover_photo" module UI reworked
  1742. "new_channel" module UI reworked
  1743. "register" module UI reworked
  1744. "pubsites" module UI reworked
  1745. item-meta ("iconfig") created which implements arbitrary storage for item metadata for plugins
  1746. abook-meta ("abconfig") created which implements arbitrary storage for connection metadata for plugins
  1747. "Strict transport security header" made optional as it conflicts with some existing Apache/nginx configurations
  1748. "Hubzilla UNO" (Hubzilla with radically simplified and locked site settings) implemented as an install configuration.
  1749. .well-known directory conflict worked out to support LetsEncrypt cert ownership checks without disrupting webfinger and other internal uses of .well-known
  1750. Lots of work on 'zcards' which are self-contained HTML representations of a channel including cover photos, profile photos, and some text information
  1751. Long standing bug uncovered which failed to properly restrict the lower time limit for public feed requests
  1752. A number of fixes to "readmore" to fix page jumping
  1753. Bugfix: persons other than the channel owner who have permission to upload photos to a channel could not do so if the js_upload plugin/addon was enabled
  1754. Siteinfo incorrectly identifying secondary directory servers
  1755. Allow admin to set and lock features when UNO is configured
  1756. Atom feeds: alter how events are formatted to be compatible with GNU-social
  1757. Allow guest/visitor access to view personal calendar
  1758. Moved several more classes to "composer format" and provided an autoloader.
  1759. Bugfix: require existing password to change password
  1760. Bugfix: allow relative_date() to be translated to Polish which has more than two plural forms.
  1761. Plugin API: add "requires" keyword to module header to indicate dependent addons
  1762. ActivityStreams improvements and cleanup: photo and file activities
  1763. UI cleanup for editing profile when multiple profiles enabled
  1764. Removed the "markdown" feature as there are numerous issues and no maintainer.
  1765. Provide "footer" bbcode to ease theming of post footer content
  1766. Bugfix: install issues caused by composer code refactor and typo in postgres load file
  1767. Plugins:
  1768. keepout - "block public on steroids"
  1769. pubsubhubbub - provides PuSH support to Atom feeds, required for GNU-social federation
  1770. GNUsocial protocol - under development
  1771. Diaspora protocol - some work to ease migration to the new signing format
  1772. Diaspost - disabled; numerous issues and no maintainer
  1773. smileybutton - theme work and fixed compatibility with other jot-tools plugins
  1774. Hubzilla 1.2
  1775. Provide extra HTTP security headers (several of them).
  1776. Allow a site to disable delivery reports if disk space is limited
  1777. Regression: Wrong theme when viewing single post as non-member
  1778. Some Diaspora profile photos use relative URLs - force absolute
  1779. Add locked features to siteinfo report to aid remote debugging
  1780. Provide version compatibility checking to plugins (minversion, maxversion, and minphpversion)
  1781. Account config storage
  1782. Provide optional integrated registration and channel create form
  1783. cli utility for managing addons
  1784. issue with sharing photo "items"
  1785. cover photo manager: upload, crop, and store
  1786. cover photo widget created
  1787. rework the connections list page and provide a few management features there
  1788. fixed issue with Comanche layout definitions loaded by plugins
  1789. provide ability to separate delivery functions from item_store() and item_store_update() - some forum messages were being redelivered when cloned.
  1790. call build_sync_packet() on pdledit changes
  1791. Abstract the project name and version so these can be customised or removed
  1792. Allow hiding the ratings links on a per-site basis
  1793. db_type not present in international setup templates - was unable to choose postgres.
  1794. item_photo_menu logically divided into a) actions on the post, b) actions related to the author
  1795. bug: default channel not reset to 0 when last channel removed
  1796. create widget containing only the contact block
  1797. regression: public forums granted send stream permissions to connections
  1798. workaround Firefox's refusal to honour disabling autocomplete of passwords
  1799. regression: photo's uploaded to a channel by a guest (with file write permissions) not saved correctly.
  1800. provide mechanisms for custom .well-known handlers (needed for LetsEncrypt ownership verification)
  1801. proc_run modified to use exec() instead of proc_open() - causing issues on some PHP installations
  1802. remote delegation failure under a specific set of circumstances which we were finally able to duplicate
  1803. Delegation section of Channel Manager was missing names and contained useless notification icons.
  1804. Change "expire" channel setting to show system limit if there is one.
  1805. Regression: provide a one-click ignore of pending connection
  1806. Config to control directory keyword generation on client and server.
  1807. "Collections" renamed to "Privacy Groups", documentation improved
  1808. widget_item - allow use of page title instead of message id
  1809. Add site black/white list checking to all .well-known services
  1810. reduce incidents of screen jumping when "showmore" is activated
  1811. add oembed provider for photos
  1812. Addons:
  1813. CSS theming of pageheader plugin
  1814. xmpp addon ported from Friendica
  1815. Diaspora private mail issues after the third reply
  1816. Occasional issue with Diaspora connection requests
  1817. Add notification email to Diaspora PMs
  1818. Allow anonymising platform and version for statistics
  1819. msgfooter addon created
  1820. removed embedly plugin
  1821. sync clones after superblock addition
  1822. "keepout" plugin created
  1823. Hubzilla 1.1
  1824. Rewrote and simplified the Queue manager and delivery system
  1825. Rewrote and simplified the outer layers of the Zot protocol
  1826. Use a standard version numbering scheme in addition to the snapshot tags
  1827. Provide a channel blacklist for blocking channels with abusive or illegal content at the hub level
  1828. Make the black/white lists pluggable
  1829. Update template library
  1830. Support for letsencrypt certs in various places
  1831. Cleanup of login and register pages
  1832. Better error responses for permission denied on channel file repositories
  1833. Disabled the public stream by default for new installs (can be enabled if desired)
  1834. Cleanup of API authentication and rework the old OAuth1 stuff
  1835. Add API "status with media" support compatible with Twitter and conflicting method for GNU-social
  1836. Rework photo ActivityStreams objects to align better with ActivityStreams producers/consumers
  1837. Several minor API fixes to work better with AndStatus client
  1838. Invitation only site - experimental support added, needs more work
  1839. Fix delivery loop condition due to corrupted data which resulted in recursive upstream delivery
  1840. Provide more support for external (git) widget collections.
  1841. Extend the Queue API to 3rd-party network addons which have experienced downtime recently.
  1842. Regression: Inherited permissions were not explicitly set
  1843. Regression: "Xyz posted on your wall" notification sent when creating webpages at another channel
  1844. Regression: Custom permissions not pre-populated on channel creation with named role.
  1845. Provide "Public" string when a post can be made public, instead of "visible to default audience"
  1846. Allow hub admin to specify a default role type for the first channel created, reducing complexity
  1847. Ability for a hub admin to set feature defaults and lock them, reducing complexity
  1848. Change default expiration of delivery reports to 10 days to accomodate sites with reduced resources
  1849. Addons/Plugins:
  1850. Pageheader addon ported from Friendica
  1851. Hubwall (allow admin to send email to all accounts on this hub) created
  1852. GNU-social - queueing added
  1853. Diaspora - fixes for various failures to update profile photos, updates to queue API
  1854. Cross Domain Authenticated Chess (Andrew Manning's repository)
  1855. And... the normal "lots of bugs fixed, translations updated, and documentation improved"