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Mario 61eef68ff3 Ãremove some old unused javascript libraries 10 months ago
HTML5 Merge branch 'master' of 8 years ago
ace Trying to fix wiki branch starting fresh from dev 4 years ago
bootbox move bootbox out of bootstrap 5 years ago
bootstrap-colorpicker Well, if you want to add a color picker it is indeed a good idea 6 years ago
bootstrap-tagsinput Add bootstrap-tagsinput library 5 years ago
certs minor oauth2 updates - renamed zot webbie to 'webfinger' and zothash to 'portable_id', fixed/simplified cgi auth mode 2 years ago
colorbox bring some styling back to the colorbox and improve the event preview ability 5 years ago
composer New plugin repo is cloned to /store/pluginrepos/REPONAME for analysis 4 years ago
cropperjs undo and redo adding new cropper library as it had a .git config from the original project 2 years ago
cryptojs Wankers. 6 years ago
datetimepicker update datetimepicker and fix it for finish date 4 years ago
epub-meta thumbnail generator for epubs 2 years ago
fork-awesome update to fork-awesome 1.1 and fix an old font-awesome reference 2 years ago
foundation patch foundation-6.2.3 to work with jquery-3.1 4 years ago
fullcalendar upgrade cdav calendar to version 4 1 year ago
jRange make jRange behave again 5 years ago
jgrowl upgrade jgrowl 1 year ago
jquery.AreYouSure Warn about unsaved settings using jquery.areyousure 5 years ago
jsonld jsonld signature issue (library is using sha1, spec requires sha256) 2 years ago
justifiedGallery update justified gallery lib 1 year ago
kzykhys/git New plugin repo is cloned to /store/pluginrepos/REPONAME for analysis 4 years ago
oauth change platform name to redmatrix (lowercase, one word) for use in meta tags and stuff, move yet another oauth1 library to library instead of having it in plugins where we'll end up with a white screen if we re-use it in another plugin; which I plan to do. 6 years ago
oauth2-php Merge branch 'master' of 8 years ago
openid first cut openid server. Mostly just getting it architecturally prepared - as there may be a few twists and turns ahead. 5 years ago
readmore.js another fix to readmore.js and update patch file 4 years ago
sprintf.js Add sprintf.js v1.0.2. 5 years ago
sticky-kit fix some issues with sticky-kit 3 years ago
symfony Increased PHPGit timeout to 120 seconds for large repos. Retrieve and render on plugins page. 4 years ago
tableofcontents Changed bb code [toc] to make it more flexible 5 years ago
textcomplete upgrade to textcomplete (jquery.textcomplete is discontinued), enable built-in cache and unify to start lookup after 3 characters 2 years ago
tiptip Merge branch 'master' of 8 years ago
urlify Added urlify to try and create webbie auto-suggestions out of whatever unicode stuff gets thrown in as a name. Currently this will only work for latin/european/cyrillic/russian, but possible to extend to ideographic forms. 8 years ago
ASNValue.class.php cleanup 9 years ago
IXR_Library.php upgrade incutio xmlrpc library to use hubzilla curl wrapper 2 years ago
OAuth1.php remove the unqualified "OAuth" namespace from the project. We need to reference either OAuth1 or OAuth2. 4 years ago
PHPGit.autoload.php New plugin repo is cloned to /store/pluginrepos/REPONAME for analysis 4 years ago
asn1.php issue #466, sql typo 4 years ago
cacert.pem update certs 1 year ago
class.Diff.php Wiki page revision comparison tool with diff displayed in modal dialog. Leverages Diff class from with license CC0 1.0 universal 4 years ago
jquery.timeago.js update jquery.timeago lib 2 years ago
oauth.php some tools we'll require going forward 10 years ago
slinky.php modified: library/slinky.php Set up tabs in code correctly. 8 years ago
twitteroauth.php remove the unqualified "OAuth" namespace from the project. We need to reference either OAuth1 or OAuth2. 4 years ago