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muppeth 1dd23b29d0 cryptpad - commented out by default datastore location (#10) 2 weeks ago
meaz b314f0ce02 Merge pull request '[Mumble] Fix issue and match with vars from role' (#1) from mumble_web into master 2 weeks ago
meaz 2291f9488b Merge branch 'master' into mumble_web 2 weeks ago
meaz 33ce89f065 Merge pull request 'Delete 'README.md'' (#8) from meaz-patch-1 into master 2 weeks ago
meaz ca3368fcec Merge branch 'master' into meaz-patch-1 2 weeks ago
meaz 5ac71a99a1 Merge pull request 'update cryptpad 4.4.0' (#9) from cryptpad4.4.0 into master 3 weeks ago
meaz 90236a4823 Merge branch 'master' into mumble_web 3 weeks ago
meaz 296f970756 Delete 'README.md' 3 weeks ago
meaz 26315a88f4
update cryptpad 3 weeks ago
meaz ac73da2014 Merge pull request 'add Permissions-Policy' (#7) from Permissions_policy into master 4 weeks ago
meaz ee1b806873
block per default 4 weeks ago
meaz 08ec367e61
add Permissions-Policy 4 weeks ago
muppeth d225515917 Small adjustments to header section in core template (#4) 4 weeks ago
meaz 58dcfd7c96 Merge branch 'master' into mumble_web 1 month ago
muppeth a9ebf9f942 Selfsigned cert task - initial work (#5) 1 month ago
meaz e7b0fd2b9c
Fix issue and match with vars from role 1 month ago
muppeth 2841af5dae
Migration commit; fresh start 2 months ago
muppeth d18af111e5 Initial commit 2 months ago