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@ -212,14 +212,14 @@ We store all data in **our own servers**, located in a data center in the **Neth
<a name="git"></a>
## 4.12 - **Disroot Audio** (
## 4.13 - **Disroot Audio** (
- This service requires to connect with an username, but it is not mandatory to register it on the server.
- **No log data** (IP address, session cookie, etc.) is stored on the server, only the username and its associated certificate are saved, if the user decided to register.
<a name="git"></a>
## 4.12 - **Disroot Cryptpad** (
## 4.14 - **Disroot CryptPad** (
- This service does not require login or providing any personal data. However, an account can be created in order to save files.
- **No log data** (Ip address, session cookie, etc) is stored on the server.