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meaz 3d68c6fa0c add information about the fact that pads can not be deleted by users (#41)
See issue [here](Disroot/Disroot-Project#223)

@avg_joe could you do the German translation?

Co-authored-by: meaz <>
Co-authored-by: avg_joe <>
Reviewed-on: #41
Reviewed-by: antilopa <>
Reviewed-by: Fede.- <>
Reviewed-by: muppeth <>
9 months ago
meaz 7c442f12a8 Remove framadate and ethercalc (#38)
To be merged on the 1st of March

Co-authored-by: meaz <>
Reviewed-on: #38
Reviewed-by: muppeth <>
Reviewed-by: antilopa <>
1 year ago
Rainer Bielefeld a86cf64ba2 German Translation for PP. Additionally I Changed 2 nabe-Tags for "Audio" and "CryptPad", which wrongly were "git". These changes also in .fr and .en (#36)
Seems that there are no objections, so: pull-request!

Co-authored-by: RainerBielefeld <>
Co-authored-by: shadowsword <>
Co-authored-by: meaz <>
Reviewed-on: #36
Reviewed-by: meaz <>
Reviewed-by: Fede.- <>
Reviewed-by: antilopa <>
Co-authored-by: Rainer Bielefeld <>
Co-committed-by: Rainer Bielefeld <>
1 year ago
meaz 2f6dcfae76
add link to changelog 2 years ago
Fede.- 525bbc72cc List Fixed
Fixed wrong list numbers
3 years ago
meaz 821a328def add info about cryptpad and mumble 3 years ago
meaz c0ddc4e115 udpate the last update date 3 years ago
antil0pa 3df7973825 removed title 3 years ago
antil0pa 56a05d3c60 adjusted page naming so it is can be cloned to website 3 years ago