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Disroot's How-tos & Translations

路 Get involved and contribute 路

This repository contains the Disroot's Howto Project files and the information to create, modify and translate those files.

The main objective of the Disroot's Howto Project is the creation, maintenance and accessibility of user guides, tutorials and configurations of the different services and software that the Disroot platform provides. And also provide the tools, instructions and procedures for anyone who wants to contribute by creating, modifying and translating these guides.

1. Prerequisites

  • a. Software required
  • b. Forgejo account
  • c. Request access to our repository
  • d. Setting your username and email

In order to get a copy of the project on your local machine and start to work, you should follow these instructions.

a. Software required:

First of all, you need to have installed the following software.

  • git

A version control system for tracking the changes that are implemented to the howtos and translations as they're being written.
What is git?
Download & installation instructions

  • A text editor with markdown format files support

Suggested software:
VSCodium, a community-driven, freely-licensed binary distribution of Microsofts editor VS Code. [Download & installation instructions]
Neovim, a hyperextensible Vim-based text editor. [Download & installation instructions]
Kate Editor, a feature packed text editor. [Download & installation instructions]

b. A Forgejo account

To be able to send changes you make to the howtos, whether translating, editing, or writing them, you need to have an account in a Forgejo instance.

To register an account at the instance where our repository is, go here.

c. Request access to our repository

In order to be able to commit changes to Disroot's git repository, you'll need to request access. This is done via our git project page.

d. Setting your username and email

This is necessary to be able to send your work from your machine to the remote repository. To setup the git username and email

  • open a terminal and start git
    git init

  • type and complete with your information the following commands:
    git config --global user.email "user@email"
    git config --global user.name "User Name"

2. Creating / Translating Howto's

The process of creating or translating howtos is not difficult and requires only a bit of practice to learn.

The procedure is pretty simple:

  1. You get a copy of the files you are going to work on;
  2. you work locally in your computer on the files,
  3. and once you have finished, you submit them.

The first thing to do is cloning the repository, this means making a local copy of the remote files. All the work will be done on this copy.

a. Cloning the repository

A git repository is a project folder containing the files created or to be translated and the detailed track history of those changes.

To clone the repository, open a terminal in the directory you would like to clone the repository to. Once there you'll use the git clone command, an instruction to clone a repository by typing its address. In our case it would be:

git clone https://git.disroot.org/Disroot/howto

Once the repository has been copied to your hard drive you'll see a howto directory containing all the files of the project. It can be later moved to any place on your computer.

b. Creating / Translating instructions

Once you have copied the repository to your machine, you can start creating, editing and/or translating by following the steps described in these guides:

3. License

The Disroot's Howto documentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License