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avg_joe 7982603358 community page: change from taiga to git (#220) 1 week ago
Fede.- e1bf333553 Merge pull request 'italian translation of blog- disnews5' (#376) from it-disnews5 into master 2 weeks ago
l3o aae5b3e3da
italian translation of blog- disnews5 2 weeks ago
Fede.- f71056e754 Merge pull request 'Disnews #5' (#374) from disnews-5 into master 2 weeks ago
Fede.- 4bb46531cf Added paragraph about donations page 2 weeks ago
Fede.- 52b3683264 Disnews #5 2 weeks ago
antilopa 9a8761e888 Merge pull request 'added FOSS donations from 2021 to the graph' (#373) from foss_graph_update into master 2 weeks ago
antilopa d64967dda0 added FOSS donations from 2021 to the graph 2 weeks ago
Fede.- ee4d635597 Merge pull request 'translated pages "new prices" into italian' (#370) from it-new-prices into master 2 weeks ago
l3o 5b01c6b7f2
it translation extra storage form 2 weeks ago
l3o d9cf436e32
Merge branch 'master' into it-new-prices 2 weeks ago
antilopa a2ea13bdf5 Merge pull request 'uodate overview for may 2022' (#369) from overview_may_2022 into master 2 weeks ago
meaz 9a7dcd7a55 get prices ready for all languages but italian, and translate in french (#371) 3 weeks ago
AlanLeoni b2c24f482f
added untranslated line 3 weeks ago
antilopa 7cf721fa54 correction of innitial funds from 2017 3 weeks ago
AlanLeoni ee7a662b06
translated pages new prices into italian 3 weeks ago
antilopa 126c710a99 uodate overview for may 2022 3 weeks ago
meaz d07348c6da new prices (#351) 4 weeks ago
antilopa e4f6c89591 Merge pull request 'update to monthly overview' (#367) from overview_apr_22 into master 1 month ago
antilopa c45d95d7c2 update to monthly overview 1 month ago
meaz 6c9171db99 fix k9mail link on clients page (#366) 2 months ago
l3o ee774b2b0c it-blog-snappymail (#364) 2 months ago
muppeth e0e44b847a blog post 2022-04-snappymail (#363) 2 months ago
l3o af9bf88503 it - updated page with the indications for transaltion (#362) 2 months ago
antilopa b76593fe6d Merge pull request 'monthly overview update' (#360) from overview_march_2022 into master 2 months ago
meaz af0ef01403 add translation team (#359) 3 months ago
antilopa 0638f3af24 monthly overview update 3 months ago
meaz 5141fdfe32 Add a banner about translation on page (#280) 3 months ago
antilopa 5671c4d0d6 Merge pull request 'monthly overview update feb 2022' (#358) from overview_janFeb2022 into master 3 months ago
antilopa ec5be80171 monthly overview update feb 2022 3 months ago
antilopa 9cc801f9b0 Merge pull request 'correction volunteer fees in 2021' (#357) from correction_overviewsum_2021 into master 3 months ago
antilopa 97e342fa4f correction volunteer fees in 2021 3 months ago
antilopa 6d613f7e72 monthly overview dec 2021 (#346) 3 months ago
Fede.- 9069fa50f4 Merge pull request 'Update Spanish translations of About and Goals pages' (#355) from website.SP.trans.update into master 4 months ago
Fede.- f93a18a90e Merge branch 'master' into website.SP.trans.update 4 months ago
l3o dc9eee63da it updated core team page (#356) 4 months ago
Fede.- bd45d300b4 Update Spanish translations of About and Goals pages 4 months ago
Fede.- 73039553ec Merge pull request 'Website Gitea service page dead link fixed (all languages)' (#354) from website.serv.gitea.fix into master 4 months ago
Fede.- 820a9a4779 Merge branch 'master' into website.serv.gitea.fix 4 months ago
Fede.- f445ee0c1c Core team section update (#350) 4 months ago
Fede.- 4baac5674b
Website Gitea service page dead link fixed (all languages) 4 months ago
meaz 5b86105708 Remove Framadate and ethercalc from website (#349) 4 months ago
meaz 74f6261b0a add 5th volunteer goal and update to 2022 150€ possibility (#352) 5 months ago
Fede.- 1c37e7ddeb Merge pull request 'outage_post_fixes' (#345) from outage_post_fixes into master 5 months ago
antilopa 1c6ab97a20 oof 5 months ago
antilopa e98417c4b5 revert 5 months ago
antilopa 62a493dcfe oops I have overwritten some fixes 5 months ago
antilopa 867ccb2814 correction 5 months ago
antilopa e8811005be corrected year and image dimensions 5 months ago
Fede.- 1fc0d083ed Merge pull request 'german translation of january outage blog post' (#344) from de_jan31blog_shadowsword into master 5 months ago