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meaz d07348c6da new prices (#351) 2 months ago
meaz 407f5e1864 Update vagrant again! (#285) 7 months ago
meaz 31dd9e1a7a Update vagrant again! (#285) 7 months ago
Fede.- e71589e89d Fixed few typos on English post + Spanish translation 8 months ago
meaz f80aea0c11 Update vagrant to php8 and grav to 1.7.24 (#268) 8 months ago
meaz bab54463af French translation of Perks page (#258) 9 months ago
meaz b329cb08ed
Add a script to deploy Website easily on Debian. 1 year ago
meaz 29d3dc0046
fix more errors + update on vagrant and virtualbox 1 year ago
meaz 494235686c
Fix some errors with vagrant 1 year ago
meaz 43fc0bdb9e
add info about changelog repo in readme file 1 year ago
meaz a5eb8de102
set grav version back to 1.6.18 1 year ago
meaz de114b0d1b
fix a bit links to forms so that it works better in vagrant 1 year ago
antilopa 07839ffbe7 Fixed order of tasks so changelog is created before it is renamed 1 year ago
meaz 142377cb8b
change mv to cp 1 year ago
meaz e259ae21ad
fix changelog name 1 year ago
meaz 2e28825d29
fix path for changelog file name change 1 year ago
meaz 6837d29332
change changelog file name 1 year ago
meaz ccf2ad726e
change path to match theme repo + change file name to match template 1 year ago
antilopa b6cd258e8e Moved Change Log item menu to footer, added new picture 1 year ago
meaz 5b9124c0f3
fix problem with gpm + PP and add changelog 1 year ago
meaz a0566b9e01
add changelog repo 1 year ago
meaz e1cd829666 Add if to avoid errors + fix few other errors + fix erros with PP 2 years ago
meaz ecc4d0704b fix error with grub when using vagrant 2 years ago
meaz 0b630c479d Choose what Grav version to install + minors improvments / if statement 2 years ago
meaz face1b7435 add tagcloud plugin to vagrant + info about language-selector 2 years ago
meaz 3633b8957b bump vagrant to 2.10 version 2 years ago
meaz 7fbf918cf0 add disroot blog link 2 years ago
meaz 7cb17c76d5 Add themer annd fix wwwuser var 2 years ago
meaz d8e6507550 add missing / 2 years ago
meaz 46aef7ea7e add blog repo to vagrant 2 years ago
meaz c3dda6dd6c update vagrant with privacy statement repo 2 years ago
meaz f3ced696d1 Fix problem in vagrant file with postfix configuration screen 3 years ago
antil0pa b6b3335aaf Update to debian10 3 years ago
meaz 78a111fea9 update links in vagrant readme 3 years ago
meaz c0c9ea93cd update website repo address 3 years ago
meaz e0ba98b8fc some minors fixes on vagrant files 3 years ago
massimiliano c2b4d4a1b5 notes,sync and talk. + corrected vagrant readme 3 years ago
meaz 6827c96e72 add autodetection of languages 3 years ago
meaz d961a492cb Change folder name to make more sense 3 years ago
meaz 06e94c4f8c small improvment 3 years ago
meaz 609a43691c Update vargrant readme + languag plugin installation from our repo 3 years ago
meaz e65176c88f Fix some issues when doing "vagrant provision" + some other errors 3 years ago
meaz 303d240ffb add default options for Grav in Vagrant 3 years ago
meaz 662f84d572 Change the vagrant readme to explain that it can be used, even imperfect 3 years ago
meaz 3e98656ba0 Update to php7.4 and composer 1.9.1, fix some typos 3 years ago
meaz c8c6546813 Vagrant (#37) 3 years ago
muppeth e59b3b57e2 changed to nginx and php7.3 and other small fixes. (#2) 3 years ago
antil0pa c8638cb1af - removed info about email alias - issue #2163 3 years ago
antil0pa 0e1650c033 - removed info about email alias - issue #2163 3 years ago
antil0pa 026ccaf514 Mission statement 3 years ago