A Disroot Android application to help you install companion apps or use services that do not provide mobile native app.
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Disroot app

Disroot provides a number of online services, most of which are linked to the user account and can be used through a native mobile client (e.g., you can access and use email from several email apps). But there are also some services that do not require login or do not yet have a specifically designed application.

DisApp works as a kind of digital Swiss army knife: all services are accessible from it, offering to install additional software (in case there is none already installed or configured) and providing a better experience for those which do not have a specific app through the Android WebView (the component that allows accessing web content within an application).

It also can be used to access all the Disroot services that do not require an account:

  • Etherpad
  • Cryptpad
  • Calls
  • Private bin
  • Upload
  • Searx

Supported languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Serbian

The app may requires to install additional apps. We highly recommend to install them from F-Droid, a free and open source app store. It can be downloaded from here.


License GPLv3-only

Device Requirements

Android 4.1 or + 6 MB free on Smartphone

Privacy & Permissions

This app requires access to the Internet and to external storage to be able to upload and download files.


The project is always open for contributions and accepts pull requests.

  • Massimiliano
  • Muppeth
  • Antilopa
  • Fede
  • Maryjane
  • Meaz
  • Userdebug