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massi d51efa8b89 Correction of informative state messages 7 months ago
massi 310f84dbcd Corrected Changelog typo
Updated to v2.0.6
7 months ago
massi c45bc87e7c Updated to v2.0.5
Corrected need more help link for notes
7 months ago
massi 250173e35f Updated to v2.0.5
Corrected need more help link for notes
7 months ago
massi f8c86d66f7 Solved installed apps check for Android 11 and higher 7 months ago
massi 6587ec084d Corrected need more help link for notes 7 months ago
massi caa9cb34c0 updated cryptpad icon 7 months ago
massi 4a91810cd9 Removed all Polls strings and translations 7 months ago
massi c4e8167efc Added Cryptpad
Removed Calc
Removed Polls
Improved ui state
7 months ago
massi f01c6cb893 Correct new version changelog typo 7 months ago
massi a516d2d699 Migration to
Update Gradle + SDK
7 months ago
massimiliano ef5591324e Correction gradle checksum 2 years ago
massimiliano b05718e69a gitignore update 2 years ago
massimiliano 3519210e3c Updated gradle + corrected typo 2 years ago
massimiliano 7c40608bff Update version 2.0.3 2 years ago
massimiliano 0ace9ac13d change repo from fosscommunity to disroot git 2 years ago
massimiliano cec579e43e made summary shorter then 80 char ass requested from Fdroid 2 years ago
Fede.- 3035066d13 Merge pull request 'Fixed text (added/removed lines) and links.' (#1) from ReadmeUpdate into master
Reviewed-on: #1
2 years ago
Fede.- a2e658ce97 Fixed text (adde/removed lines) and links. 2 years ago
Massimiliano eb88f7e49d Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
ptbr translation

See merge request disroot/disapp!40
2 years ago
mezysinc da0b343f50 Delete .gitkeep 2 years ago
mezysinc 145f901b4f missed word 2 years ago
mezysinc defad9a1c9 translated strings - ptbr 2 years ago
mezysinc 33f793cd6d strings in ptbr 2 years ago
massimiliano 259f9748e0 ready for V2.0.2 3 years ago
massimiliano 4cfde48b9a ready for version update 3 years ago
massimiliano a5f38e8bd2 Filtered scheduled_at to be shown only on planned issue 3 years ago
Massimiliano 36b7932d9d Merge branch 'DISAPP_description_ger' into 'master'
german translation

See merge request disroot/disapp!38
3 years ago
shadowsword 47729917a7 german translation 3 years ago
massimiliano b639624a9f Corrected string and updated gradle for v2.0.0 3 years ago
Massimiliano d6d57967fd Merge branch 'disapp-pt' into 'master'
Portuguese translation

See merge request disroot/disapp!37
3 years ago
maryjane c153a1b4e4 typo fixing 3 years ago
maryjane 3bfc41d45d added translation 3 years ago
Massimiliano 78f52d9075 Merge branch 'DISAPP_description_ger' into 'master'
Updated German translation

See merge request disroot/disapp!36
3 years ago
shadowsword d25b4d33e8 Updated German translation 3 years ago
Massimiliano 6e454728c7 Merge branch 'Spanish_DisApp_Translation' into 'master'
Spanish dis app translation

See merge request disroot/disapp!35
3 years ago
Fede.- 41a5133f30 Spanish dis app translation 3 years ago
Massimiliano 48b46e7ffd Merge branch 'disapp-sr' into 'master'
new lines in full description

See merge request disroot/disapp!34
3 years ago
userdebug 1f6de00c78 new lines in full description 3 years ago
Massimiliano f3d5e96cc4 Merge branch 'disapp-sr' into 'master'
updated strings, January 2020

See merge request disroot/disapp!33
3 years ago
Massimiliano 2af0c58a3a Merge branch 'Spanish-Disapp' into 'master'
Spanish string updated

See merge request disroot/disapp!32
3 years ago
Fede.- 3429ec40db Spanish string updated 3 years ago
userdebug c0207308e6 updated strings, January 2020 3 years ago
massimiliano ffcc13a2c7 Screenshots with new layout for metadata 3 years ago
massimiliano 7352b105b2 Updated settings string in french 3 years ago
massimiliano bfec24fce0 Updated metadata pics 3 years ago
massimiliano e241717f2a Corrected strings 3 years ago
massimiliano 3ea0cc8634 Updated Metadata description and added update comment on translations 3 years ago
Massimiliano d8a736c821 Merge branch 'french' into 'master'
French update

See merge request disroot/disapp!31
3 years ago
meaz 6e44592ea0 French update 3 years ago