Update testing documentation

- Explain how to specify Python binary path used during tests.

- Mention test logs.
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@ -11,6 +11,10 @@ To run tests, use command `make test` or `make unittest`.
Tests produce some helpful logs, so inspect contents of `test/logs` directory
if something goes wrong.
If your system's Python binary isn't found in your `$PATH` or you want to use
a specific binary, use make's macro overriding: `make test
## Key building blocks
- *Test Script* (`test/e2e_test.py`) that orchestrates the other components.
@ -29,3 +33,8 @@ Currently tests only check if the message has been encrypted, without
verifying that the correct key has been used. That's because we don't know
(yet) how to have a reproducible encrypted message. Option
`--faked-system-time` wasn't enough to produce identical output.
## Troubleshooting
When things go wrong, be sure to study `test/logs/e2e.log` and
`test/logs/gpg-mailgate.log` files -- they contain some useful information.