Content type not passed to encrypted submime causing bug where is only html is sent for example, the email client will not decode the html before displaying the email.
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TheGreatGooo 2017-09-09 11:53:00 -04:00 committed by GitHub
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commit 29f902b27c
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@ -437,7 +437,10 @@ def encrypt_all_payloads_mime( message, gpg_to_cmdline ):
# it's skipping an imaginary blank line someplace. (ie skipping a header)
# Workaround it here by prepending a blank line.
# This happens only on text only messages.
submsg2.set_payload("\n" + message.get_payload(decode=True))
if message.has_key('Content-Type') and not message['Content-Type'].startswith('multipart'):
additionalSubHeader="Content-Type: "+message['Content-Type']+"\n"
submsg2.set_payload(additionalSubHeader+"\n" +message.get_payload(decode=True))
check_nested = True
processed_payloads = generate_message_from_payloads(message)