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gpg-mailgate is a content filter for Postfix that automatically encrypts unencrypted incoming email using PGP for select recipients.
* added HKP keyserver key submit function to the gpg-mailgate-web script
* added S/MIME support (borrowed from drspringfield's https://bitbucket.org/drspringfield/emailencrypt.net/)
For installation instructions, please refer to the included INSTALL file.
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- Encrypts both matching incoming and outgoing mail (this means gpg-mailgate can be used to encrypt outgoing mail for software that doesn't support PGP)
- Easy installation
- gpg-mailgate-web extension is a web interface allowing any user to upload PGP keys so that emails sent to them from your mail server will be encrypted (see gpg-mailgate-web directory for details)
- people can submit their public key like to any keyserver to gpg-mailgate
- people can send an S/MIME signed email to register@yourdomain.tld to register their public key
This is forked from the original project at http://code.google.com/p/gpg-mailgate/
@ -25,3 +28,13 @@ This is a combined work of many developers:
* Colin Moller <colin@unixarmy.com> - [GitHub](https://github.com/LeftyBC/gpg-mailgate)
* Taylor Hornby <havoc@defuse.ca> - [GitHub](https://github.com/defuse/gpg-mailgate)
* Martin (uragit) <uragit@telemage.com> - [GitHub](https://github.com/uragit/gpg-mailgate)
* Dr. Springfield - [BitBucket](https://bitbucket.org/drspringfield/emailencrypt.net/)
* Secryption.com
* Kiritan Flux
# To Do
* clean up code
* add optional email registration with attached public key to register@domain.tld
* outsource templates for emails and mailgate-web
* rename from gpg-mailgate to openpgp-s-mime-mailgate or something.....