Fixing bug: If at least one S/MIME recipient was found, every recipient received a S/MIME encrypted mail. Furthermore, the header data is now preserved in S/MIME

fkrone 2015-02-01 19:09:20 +01:00
parent 746aad0216
commit 8561c01e99
1 changed files with 13 additions and 7 deletions

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@ -130,35 +130,41 @@ def to_smime_handler( raw_message, recipients = None ):
sk = X509.X509_Stack()
normalized_recipient = []
un_smime = recipients
for addr in recipients:
addr_addr = email.utils.parseaddr(addr)[1].lower()
cert_and_email = get_cert_for_email(addr_addr)
if cert_and_email:
(to_cert, normal_email) = cert_and_email
log("Found cert "+to_cert+" for "+addr+": "+normal_email)
normalized_recipient.append((email.utils.parseaddr(addr)[0], normal_email))
x509 = X509.load_cert(to_cert, format=X509.FORMAT_PEM)
if len(normalized_recipient):
to_smime = [email.utils.formataddr(x) for x in normalized_recipient]
p7 = s.encrypt( BIO.MemoryBuffer(raw_message.as_string()) )
# Output p7 in mail-friendly format.
out = BIO.MemoryBuffer()
out.write('From: '+from_addr+'\n')
to_list = ",".join([email.utils.formataddr(x) for x in normalized_recipient])
out.write('To: '+to_list+'\n')
out.write('To: ' + raw_message['To'] + '\n')
if raw_message['Cc']:
out.write('Cc: ' + raw_message['Cc'] + '\n')
if raw_message['Bcc']:
out.write('Bcc: ' + raw_message['Bcc'] + '\n')
if raw_message['Subject']:
out.write('Subject: '+raw_message['Subject']+'\n')
if cfg['default'].has_key('add_header') and cfg['default']['add_header'] == 'yes':
out.write('X-GPG-Mailgate: Encrypted by GPG Mailgate\n')
s.write(out, p7)
log("Sending message from "+from_addr+" to "+str(recipients))
log("Sending message from "+from_addr+" to "+str(to_smime))
raw_msg =
send_msg(raw_msg, recipients)
log("Unable to find valid S/MIME recipient")
send_msg(raw_message.as_string(), recipients)
send_msg(raw_msg, to_smime)
if len(un_smime):
log("Unable to find valid S/MIME certificates for " + str(un_smime))
send_msg(raw_message.as_string(), un_smime)
return None