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Add GnuPG encryption support for addresses with delimiters

If a user registers their key for address but receives a
message sent to, this message should be encrypted
as well.

- Implement delimiter support for GnuPG encryption.

- Add E2E test case for a clear text message delivered to an address with

- Fix minor bug: wrong configuration parameter was retrieved when logging
information about enc_domain_keymap being active.
Piotr F. Mieszkowski 3 weeks ago
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@ -59,9 +59,15 @@ def gpg_encrypt( raw_message, recipients ):
for fingerprint in keys:
keys[fingerprint] = sanitize_case_sense(keys[fingerprint])
# This list will be filled with pairs (M, N), where M is the destination
# address we're going to deliver the message to and N is the identity we're
# going to encrypt it for.
gpg_to = list()
ungpg_to = list()
enc_keymap_only = conf.config_item_equals('default', 'enc_keymap_only', 'yes')
for to in recipients:
# Check if recipient is in keymap
@ -75,16 +81,23 @@ def gpg_encrypt( raw_message, recipients ):"Key '%s' in encrypt keymap not found in keyring for email address '%s'." % (conf.get_item('enc_keymap', to), to))
# Check if key in keychain is present
if to in keys.values() and not conf.config_item_equals('default', 'enc_keymap_only', 'yes'):
gpg_to.append( (to, to) )
if not enc_keymap_only:
if to in keys.values():
gpg_to.append( (to, to) )
# If this is an address with a delimiter (i.e. ""),
# then strip whatever is found after the delimiter and try this address.
(newto, topic) = text.parse_delimiter(to)
if newto in keys.values():
gpg_to.append((to, newto))
# Check if there is a default key for the domain
splitted_to = to.split('@')
if len(splitted_to) > 1:
domain = splitted_to[1]
if conf.config_item_set('enc_domain_keymap', domain):"Encrypt domain keymap has key '%s'" % conf.get_item('enc_dec_keymap', domain) )"Encrypt domain keymap has key '%s'" % conf.get_item('enc_domain_keymap', domain) )
# Check we've got a matching key!
if conf.get_item('enc_domain_keymap', domain) in keys:"Using default domain key for recipient '%s'" % to)


@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ certs: test/certs
# Number of "test-*" sections in this file, describing test cases.
cases: 7
cases: 8
e2e_log: test/logs/e2e.log
e2e_log_format: %(asctime)s %(pathname)s:%(lineno)d %(levelname)s [%(funcName)s] %(message)s
e2e_log_datefmt: %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S
@ -78,3 +78,9 @@ descr: Clear text message to a user with an RSA key and PGP/MIME enabled in conf
to: evan@disposlab
in: test/msgin/clear2rsa2.msg
out: -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----
descr: Clear text message to address with delimiter and a user with an Ed25519 key.
to: bob@disposlab
in: test/msgin/clear2ed-delim.msg
out: -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----


@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
From: Dave <dave@localhost>
To: Bob <bob+foobar@localhost>
Subject: Test
Body of the message.