Use f-strings for formatting

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Piotr F. Mieszkowski 2022-02-06 00:13:15 +01:00
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commit 9e17726e39
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@ -53,19 +53,18 @@ def build_config(config):
cp.set("enc_keymap", "alice@disposlab", "1CD245308F0963D038E88357973CF4D9387C44D7")
cp.set("enc_keymap", "bob@disposlab", "19CF4B47ECC9C47AFA84D4BD96F39FDA0E31BB67")
logging.debug("Created config with keyhome=%s, cert_path=%s and relay at port %s" %
(config["gpg_keyhome"], config["smime_certpath"], config["port"]))
logging.debug(f"Created config with keyhome={config['gpg_keyhome']}, cert_path={config['smime_certpath']} and relay at port {config['port']}")
return cp
def write_test_config(outfile, **config):
logging.debug("Generating configuration with %s" % repr(config))
logging.debug(f"Generating configuration with {config!r}")
out = open(outfile, "w+")
cp = build_config(config)
logging.debug("Wrote configuration to %s" % outfile)
logging.debug(f"Wrote configuration to {outfile}")
def load_file(name):
f = open(name, 'r')
@ -101,14 +100,12 @@ def execute_e2e_test(case_name, config, config_path):
config.get("relay", "script"),
config.get("relay", "port")]
logging.debug("Spawning relay: '%s'" % (relay_cmd))
logging.debug(f"Spawning relay: {relay_cmd}")
relay_proc = subprocess.Popen(relay_cmd,
stdin = None,
stdout = subprocess.PIPE)
logging.debug("Spawning GPG-Lacre: '%s', stdin = %s"
% (gpglacre_cmd,
config.get(case_name, "in")))
logging.debug(f"Spawning GPG-Lacre: {gpglacre_cmd}, stdin = {config.get(case_name, 'in')}")
# pass PATH because otherwise it would be dropped
gpglacre_proc =,
@ -123,7 +120,7 @@ def execute_e2e_test(case_name, config, config_path):
(testout, _) = relay_proc.communicate()
testout = testout.decode('utf-8')
logging.debug("Read %d characters of test output: '%s'" % (len(testout), testout))
logging.debug(f"Read {len(testout)} characters of test output: '{testout}'")
report_result(config.get(case_name, "in"), config.get(case_name, "out"), testout)
@ -153,8 +150,8 @@ write_test_config(config_path,
log_file = config.get("tests", "lacre_log"))
for case_no in range(1, config.getint("tests", "cases")+1):
case_name = "case-%d" % (case_no)"Executing %s: %s", case_name, config.get(case_name, "descr"))
case_name = f"case-{case_no}""Executing {case_name}: {config.get(case_name, 'descr')}")
execute_e2e_test(case_name, config, config_path)