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fkrone 24cfe01d95 Fixing stupid bug with non existing variable. Copy & paste fail. Finding a default key for recipient in domain keymap crashed mailgate. 7 years ago
fkrone 0de0d6a1b1 Critical bugfix: Under some circumstances a mail which should be encrypted with PGP/MIME was not encrypted if at least one attachment ot the body itself contained the PGP-tags. 7 years ago
fkrone 4b7a187ac3 Forgot to change this value from a debug one to the real value 7 years ago
fkrone 11f70fb241 Added possibility to define a regex for finding recipients to decrypt for and also adding possibility to use default keys for domain ranges 7 years ago
fkrone 5fdbabc3b3 Disable PGP/INLINE decryption by default. It does work, however, it has some drawbacks (e.g. content type for files getting lost). 7 years ago
fkrone 2c0e342e5e Support for decrypting PGP encrypted mails. However, it has some drawbacks and might cause some security issues. So before using it please read carefully through the installation instructions. 7 years ago
fkrone 6a7dda969b Bugfix: The mailgate crashes with certain settings when mail is delivered locally 7 years ago
fkrone 4283c7ef4d Prefere keys in keymap over keys in keyring. Could be useful if you have a recipient with two keys. 8 years ago
fkrone d3bbb82072 Make the SMTP relay used by cron configurable via config. Use the same as the gateway does. 8 years ago
fkrone efe2187bb5 Logging for cron job does now work to syslog if defined so in the config file (previously it thought it should write to a file called 'syslog' instead of the real syslog) 8 years ago
fkrone dbb65bbf7f Bugfix: Missed return code for failed PGP encryption in log message 8 years ago
fkrone 49e0068f04 Bugfix: Typo in config file 8 years ago
fkrone 581973cdf9 Hopefully last push to fix installation instructions 8 years ago
fkrone 9152d17533 Try to fix it again. Sorry, I'm not good at markdown. 8 years ago
fkrone 71c189ba52 Try to fix installation instructions 8 years ago
fkrone 600b57e6ef Bugfix: Handle multipart messages and especially nested multipart messages correct and not mess up them 8 years ago
fkrone 8f2b256dab Updated installation instructions to make sure they are easier to follow 8 years ago
fkrone 46730ba8e6 Bugfix: Avoid nested encryptions of any kind 8 years ago
fkrone a766a9bd4a Refactored code (and also optimizing code). 8 years ago
fkrone 60356f3a22 Fix: It does work for S/MIME. Forgot to remove this line. 8 years ago
fkrone 7934dc00db Little bugfix for PGP/INLINE: Make it working again by stop calling non existing method 8 years ago
fkrone c022a2fe9d Added option to overwrite default PGP style (inline or PGP/MIME) for defined recipients (useful if you have some recipients which can't handle one style). 8 years ago
fkrone 92d66a35a5 Bugfix: S/MIME worked only for one recipient because Python handles assignments of lists as call by object references. So the for-loop broke after first iteration. 8 years ago
fkrone ccbe8de7e5 Making S/MIME also compatible with RFC 2821 changes. So both RFC 2821 compatibility and ignoring the case sensitivity of mail addresses are supported my S/MIME. 8 years ago
fkrone 228d43e936 Making GPG-Mailgate compatible with RFC 2821 (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). The previous reverted commits made the gateway incompatible with the RFC. However, compatibility has to be activated in the settings. Most mail servers ignore the case sensitivity of the mail addresses, so this should not be a big issue. 8 years ago
fkrone 3cefd27163 Revert "Bugfix for commit before:" 8 years ago
fkrone f6ed024e36 Revert "Fixing S/MIME certs were saved case sensitive. This caused that the mailgate might not find the certificate for a recipient even if it was available." 8 years ago
fkrone 2ff0b7e123 Revert 0b503fa: Fixing critical bug: looking up email addresses for PGP encryption in keychain was done case sensitive 8 years ago
fkrone c059cfe63b Merged change: 8 years ago
fkrone 99a1108338 Bugfix for commit before: 8 years ago
fkrone e2ef883ec2 Merged change: 8 years ago
fkrone 63435c72c5 Merged change: 8 years ago
fkrone f8ae458d88 Updating installation instructions based on experiences made during installation and reflecting recent changes 8 years ago
fkrone 9c1375fdb2 Renaming some variables to make names consistent 8 years ago
fkrone 93b505d00a We don't need to do S/MIME encryption on an already PGP encrypted mail 8 years ago
fkrone 8561c01e99 Fixing bug: If at least one S/MIME recipient was found, every recipient received a S/MIME encrypted mail. Furthermore, the header data is now preserved in S/MIME 8 years ago
fkrone 746aad0216 Fixing S/MIME certs were saved case sensitive. This caused that the mailgate might not find the certificate for a recipient even if it was available. 8 years ago
fkrone 0b503fa616 Fixing critical bug: looking up email addresses for PGP encryption in keychain was done case sensitive 8 years ago
fkrone f7e3b16069 Changes to cron, register-handler, settings and templates: 8 years ago
fkrone f5976060c8 Now GPG keys are not only determined by attachment MIME type. Even inline GPG keys work now. 8 years ago
fkrone fd1b7517db Informing user about key submitting status. Needs some rework. 8 years ago
fkrone 8eebbbb3fd Now GPG keys could be verified by cron job without problems (did not for me without this fix) 8 years ago
fkrone 64db1a6bc0 Adding a key on a non-English system does not fail any longer 8 years ago
kflux 463b5dbe7a Update 8 years ago
kflux 5c61d28fa3 Update 9 years ago
kflux 3f33b889e5 Update 9 years ago
kflux b63cdc9235 added PGP email registration 9 years ago
kflux 9b8028a030 Update 9 years ago
kflux 7eaf03def4 Update index.php 9 years ago
kflux 9ce5878e78 Update gpg-mailgate.conf.sample 9 years ago