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Piotr F. Mieszkowski fdadc89c31 Use bytes in GnuPG.confirm_key too 2022-04-19 20:49:49 +02:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski 5a34249090 Fix minor issues
Related to #63: TypeError: memoryview: a bytes-like object is required, not

- Allow GnuPG.add_key accept either 'str' or 'bytes'.
- Import MIMEText from email.mime.text.
2022-04-10 19:03:18 +02:00
muppeth c4e9e3e840 compatibility update for php7/8 (#61)
Co-authored-by: muppeth <>
Reviewed-on: #61
2022-03-23 10:05:11 +00:00
pfm d1de1f0695 Merge pull request 'Remove support for decrypting emails' (#60) from remove-decryption into master
Reviewed-on: #60
2022-03-10 19:03:41 +00:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski 59b932abaa Remove support for decrypting emails 2022-03-08 22:42:13 +01:00
pfm 968677f1ec Merge pull request 'Migrate to Python 3.x' (#58) from py3-migration into master
Reviewed-on: #58
Reviewed-by: muppeth <>
2022-03-08 20:47:25 +00:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski c4927d2722 Avoid unnecessary list creation 2022-02-06 00:29:35 +01:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski 9e17726e39 Use f-strings for formatting 2022-02-06 00:27:20 +01:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski 67a938c049 GnuPG.add_key: Use build_command 2022-01-25 20:32:17 +01:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski 03fc3d138e Update testing documentation
- Explain how to specify Python binary path used during tests.

- Mention test logs.
2022-01-19 22:16:27 +01:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski a201265f87 Rework how E2E tests are executed
Tests kept breaking (not failing) randomly with "Broken pipe" errors.  Rework
how processes are spawned to make sure that it doesn't break them again.
2022-01-19 21:57:46 +01:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski c81c6e6e0d Remove hardcoded python3.8 path
- Let the user overwrite Python binary name while calling make.

- Use environment variable set by make to instruct which binary it
should call to execute Python code.
2022-01-10 20:22:17 +01:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski 5a8d2c0108 Add E2E cases: signed cleartext and multipart/encrypted 2022-01-10 19:48:44 +01:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski 435528de43 Add an E2E test case with an already encrypted message 2022-01-10 19:32:46 +01:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski 24f0c86d4f Tidy up tests
- Makefile: add 'unittest' to .PHONY targets.
- Remove unnecessary #! line from
- Extract Python path to test/e2e.ini file.
2022-01-10 18:39:29 +01:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski 1e7d33c1df Handle bytes properly
Fix bytes sequences handling after auto-migration.
2022-01-10 18:21:53 +01:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski b2a01c15b0 Fix auto-migrated code
- Use b'' (byte strings) where appropriate.

- Fix indentation.

- Replace python2.x references with python3.x.
2022-01-10 18:21:40 +01:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski 5f02223ec7 Perform automatic migration to Python 3.x
Use lib2to3 automatic migration tool provided by Python 2.x to convert
codebase to new idioms.

Command line:

find . -type f -name '*.py' \
    -exec python2.7 -m lib2to3 \
    -f all -f idioms -f buffer -f set_literal -f ws_comma -w \
    '{}' '+'
2022-01-10 18:21:20 +01:00
pfm ee0d65f6bb Merge pull request 'Add tests for Python code' (#51) from 39-add-tests into master
Reviewed-on: #51
Reviewed-by: muppeth <>
2022-01-10 17:10:00 +00:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski 3b9f714cdb Ignore random_seed
Do not keep test/keyhome/random_seed in repository.
2022-01-10 17:47:23 +01:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski 1002da78fa Clean up test messages
Remove unused msgout files, fix addresses in msgin files.
2022-01-09 22:00:06 +01:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski 2cf60dec40 Add unit tests for GnuPG command-line generator
Extract a function to calculate GPG commands to be executed and cover it with
unit tests.
2022-01-09 21:37:14 +01:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski fc2779ef7d Improve test code structure
- Move things to configuration file where appropriate (logging format, etc.).

- Rework execute_e2e_test signature to simplify it and get rid of keyword

- Simplify output.

- Include a header comment in configuration file.
2022-01-08 13:42:23 +01:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski 98c4580775 Document E2E tests 2022-01-07 12:10:30 +01:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski e90a29c9ff Ignore temporary test directory 2022-01-07 12:04:14 +01:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski 01377f4dd2 Keep test/certs directory 2022-01-07 12:03:38 +01:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski ff3f6aa793 Add a test overview, extract constants
To let the user know that tests produce logs, include a message at the end of
the test output informing about locations of E2E and Mailgate logs.

Also, extract some constants.
2022-01-07 12:00:50 +01:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski f1a799d864 Adjust E2E tests to work with all scenarios
Since it's not so easy to encrypt a message exactly the same way twice, we
only verify if the message has been encrypted or not.

Introduce minor changes to the library itself, because it doesn't work very
well with modern GnuPG.

Also, include GnuPG directory (pointed at by --homedir option).
2022-01-06 16:34:47 +01:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski f41adc0d53 Configure git to ignore temporary files and Emacs files 2022-01-06 16:34:47 +01:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski 27d7481078 Set up ground for E2E tests
- Use an environment variable to point at the configuration file while

- Unify paths: store temporary config, logs and anything else under 'test'

- Configure more tests (RSA, Ed25519).

- Add test descriptions to be shown before they're started.
2022-01-06 16:33:21 +01:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski 7a063a91b8 Polish E2E testing script and make it configurable 2021-11-09 21:25:41 +01:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski f3f56a47bc Implement an E2E testing script 2021-11-08 22:52:22 +01:00
Piotr F. Mieszkowski a9506805fb Write a test mail relay
Provide a simple Python script that would linsten on a given port and print to
standard output any message received via SMTP on that port.

This script will then be used to automatically test gpg-mailgate with different
scenarios (unknown recipient key, RSA key, elliptic curve key).
2021-11-04 22:39:02 +01:00
Fede.- 0fb623c75a Merge pull request 'README file: Few typos fixed.' (#33) from fix_01 into master
Reviewed-on: #33
2021-04-21 06:54:11 +00:00
Fede.- 8095f1507e Few typos fixed. 2021-04-20 17:43:01 -03:00
muppeth 59566d1b27
Update readme to include info on new name and nlnet funding 2021-04-19 13:15:46 +02:00
TheGreatGooo ff0871b311
Merge pull request #1 from svenseeberg/feature/automatic-key-download
Install: automatic public key retrieval
2019-05-27 10:32:17 -04:00
TheGreatGooo e1c610cee5
Merge pull request #3 from mukesh610/master
Added starttls support for SMTP
2019-05-27 10:32:02 -04:00
Mukesh Sai Kumar 0b92307b23
Added starttls support for SMTP 2019-05-24 23:20:34 +05:30
Sven Seeberg 6406d90dcb
Install: automatic pub key retrieval
* Add information about enabling automatic
  public key download via gpg.conf
2019-03-10 17:06:04 +01:00
TheGreatGooo 29f902b27c Fix bug
Content type not passed to encrypted submime causing bug where is only html is sent for example, the email client will not decode the html before displaying the email.
2017-09-09 11:53:00 -04:00
TheGreatGooo ba0953a372 Update
decode payload before encryption
2016-04-21 10:29:22 -04:00
TheGreatGooo bb4d267785 Update
fixed issue with Content-Transfer-Encoding during encryption
2016-04-20 20:44:56 -04:00
fkrone 9c1f1db870 Some final clean up and adding necessary information to the installation instructions 2015-06-07 13:42:58 +02:00
fkrone aa24cc2b4b Inform the user if registration failed because GPG-Mailgate-Web could not be reached. 2015-06-04 21:52:39 +02:00
fkrone bbab1b1070 Making it possible to configure mailserver for register-handler and use the encryption port for sending messages. 2015-06-04 20:14:00 +02:00
fkrone 9cfbd24bdc All mails from cron script are now passed through the GPG-Mailgate so they are encrypted if possible. 2015-06-04 20:13:04 +02:00
fkrone 24cfe01d95 Fixing stupid bug with non existing variable. Copy & paste fail. Finding a default key for recipient in domain keymap crashed mailgate. 2015-06-04 19:04:27 +02:00
fkrone 0de0d6a1b1 Critical bugfix: Under some circumstances a mail which should be encrypted with PGP/MIME was not encrypted if at least one attachment ot the body itself contained the PGP-tags. 2015-06-04 16:45:22 +02:00
fkrone 4b7a187ac3 Forgot to change this value from a debug one to the real value 2015-05-29 23:15:05 +02:00