A mailgate for Postfix to encrypt incoming and outgoing email with S/MIME and/or OpenPGP and decrypting OpenPGP encrypted emails https://lacre.io
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Taylor Hornby ffaee4c577 Correctly encode 'keyhome' into a gpg command. 10 years ago
GnuPG Correctly encode 'keyhome' into a gpg command. 10 years ago
.gitignore Added .gitignore for python 10 years ago
INSTALL Greatly improve recipient selection mechanism. 10 years ago
README.md Added attachments support (payload encryption) 10 years ago
gpg-mailgate.conf.sample Fixed config example 10 years ago
gpg-mailgate.py Fix bug causing messages to have extra characters or failing to encode properly. 10 years ago



I'm not the author of this tool, only bugfixer. Original code can be found on project google code page.


  • attachments support
  • multipart messages support
  • testing