Pleroma + 🐳
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Pleroma + 🐳

Docker template and configuration for Pleroma powering This is a shorter version compared to @sn0w's one, which means you have to do all the maintenance (updating, running mix tasks) by hands and it doesn't have any safe checks.


  • Deploy: run and docker-compose up --remove-orphan -d
  • Update: docker-compose pull (update postgres image) and rebuild
  • Exec into the container: docker-compose exec web sh -c 'cd /pleroma && /bin/ash'

Postgres upgrades

Postgres upgrades are a slow process in docker (even more than usual) because we can't utilize pg_upgrade in any sensible way.
If you ever wish to upgrade postgres to a new major release for some reason, here's a list of things you'll need to do.

  • Inform your users about the impending downtime
  • Seriously this can take anywhere from a couple hours to a week depending on your instance
  • Make sure you have enough free disk space or some network drive to dump to, we can't do in-place upgrades
  • Stop pleroma (docker-compose stop server)
  • Dump the current database into an SQL file (docker-compose exec db pg_dumpall -U pleroma > /my/sql/location/pleroma.sql)
  • Remove the old containers (docker-compose down)
  • Modify the postgres version in docker-compose.yml to your desired release
  • Delete data/db or move it into some different place (might be handy if you want to abort/revert the migration)
  • Start the new postgres container (docker-compose up -d db)
  • Start the import (docker-compose exec -T db psql -U pleroma < /my/sql/location/pleroma.sql)
  • Wait for a possibly ridculously long time
  • Boot pleroma again (docker-compose up -d)
  • Wait for service to stabilize while federation catches up
  • Done!