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a custom linux kernel designed for raw performance.


moonlight is very heavily optimized. a lot of stability/security sacrifices have been made with the intention of making moonlight the fastest custom kernel in existence with no additional configuration. however, if you at any point wish to bring your system back from the stability of a nuclear reactor (/hyp) to something reasonable, you may always disable/change any of the following optimizations in the PKGBUILD.

current optimizations (this list is outdated and im too lazy to fix it):

  • uses PDS, or BMQ cpu schedulers, which have proven time and time again to be the best performing CPU schedulers for gaming, and general system responsiveness.
  • compiled with Clang LTO by default, which provides better performance over standard GCC non-lto compilation.
  • mitigations and watchdog are disabled by default, which provides great performance gains on older hardware.
  • the timer frequency is set to 750 by default, which provides a nice balance between latency and throughput.
  • a more aggressive version of ondemand is used as the default CPU governer, providing good battery usage at idle, and greater performance under load.
  • compiled with the -O3 by default, providing better optimization compared to the more commonly used -O2.
  • uses Cake qdisc and BBR TCP congestion control used by default, providing better network throughput and latency.
  • clear linux kernel parameters, and patches are used, providing better performance on both Intel, and AMD CPUs (AMD kernel parameters are slightly different).
  • futex2/fsync patches are used, providing better performance in games using WINE.

recommendations before installing

to ensure the best compile time when recompiling moonlight again in the future, it is recommended that you install ccache.

you may also wish to install modprobed-db to reduce the number of modules being compiled, resulting in lower compile time.


first, download this repo by entering these commands into the terminal of your choice.

git clone
cd linux-moonlight

after making any edits (if needed) to the configuration within the PKGBUILD, run this command.

makepkg -si

it's as simple as that.

afterwards, you may need to update grub or change your refind configuration to use moonlight.

after you have finished making any changes (if needed), simply reboot.