ZeroNet - Decentralized websites using Bitcoin crypto and BitTorrent network
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"ZeroNet Twitter": "ZeroNet Twitter",
"ZeroNet Reddit": "ZeroNet Reddit",
"ZeroNet Github": "ZeroNet Github",
"Report bug/request feature": "バグ報告/要望",
"!Open ZeroNet": "!ZeroNetをブラウザで開く",
"Quit": "閉じる",
"(active)": "(アクティブ)",
"(passive)": "(パッシブ)",
"Connections: %s": "接続数: %s",
"Received: %.2f MB | Sent: %.2f MB": "受信: %.2f MB | 送信: %.2f MB",
"Show console window": "コンソールを表示",
"Start ZeroNet when Windows starts": "Windows起動時にZeroNetも起動する"