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Update changelog with 0.6.5, 0.7.0, 0.7.1

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### ZeroNet 0.7.2 (2020-09-?) Rev4206?
### ZeroNet 0.7.1 (2019-07-01) Rev4206
### Added
- Built-in logging console in the web UI to see what's happening in the background. (pull down top-right 0 button to see it)
- Display database rebuild errors [Thanks to Lola]
- New plugin system that allows to install and manage builtin/third party extensions to the ZeroNet client using the web interface.
- Support multiple trackers_file
- Add OpenSSL 1.1 support to CryptMessage plugin based on Bitmessage modifications [Thanks to radfish]
- Display visual error message on startup errors
- Fix max opened files changing on Windows platform
- Display TLS1.3 compatibility on /Stats page
- Add fake SNI and ALPN to peer connections to make it more like standard https connections
- Hide and ignore tracker_proxy setting in Tor: Always mode as it's going to use Tor anyway.
- Deny websocket connections from unknown origins
- Restrict open_browser values to avoid RCE on sandbox escape
- Offer access web interface by IP address in case of unknown host
- Link to site's sidebar with "#ZeroNet:OpenSidebar" hash
### Changed
- Allow .. in file names [Thanks to imachug]
- Change unstable trackers
- More clean errors on sites.json/users.json load error
- Various tweaks for tracker rating on unstable connections
- Use OpenSSL 1.1 dlls from default Python Windows distribution if possible
- Re-factor domain resolving for easier domain plugins
- Disable UDP connections if --proxy is used
- New, decorator-based Websocket API permission system to avoid future typo mistakes
### Fixed
- Fix parsing config lines that have no value
- Fix [Thanks to imachug]
- Allow multiple values of the same key in the config file [Thanks ssdifnskdjfnsdjk for reporting]
- Fix parsing config file lines that has % in the value [Thanks slrslr for reporting]
- Fix bootstrapper plugin hash reloads [Thanks geekless for reporting]
- Fix CryptMessage plugin OpenSSL dll loading on Windows (ZeroMail errors) [Thanks cxgreat2014 for reporting]
- Fix startup error when using OpenSSL 1.1 [Thanks to imachug]
- Fix a bug that did not loaded merged site data for 5 sec after the merged site got added
- Fix typo that allowed to add new plugins in public proxy mode. [Thanks styromaniac for reporting]
- Fix loading non-big files with "|all" postfix [Thanks to krzotr]
- Fix OpenSSL cert generation error crash by change Windows console encoding to utf8
#### Wrapper html injection vulnerability [Reported by ivanq]
In ZeroNet before rev4188 the wrapper template variables was rendered incorrectly.
Result: The opened site was able to gain WebSocket connection with unrestricted ADMIN/NOSANDBOX access, change configuration values and possible RCE on client's machine.
Fix: Fixed the template rendering code, disallowed WebSocket connections from unknown locations, restricted open_browser configuration values to avoid possible RCE in case of sandbox escape.
Note: The fix is also back ported to ZeroNet Py 2.x version (Rev3870)
### ZeroNet 0.7.0 (2019-06-12) Rev4106 (First release targeting Python 3.4+)
### Added
- 5-10x faster signature verification by using libsecp256k1 (Thanks to ZeroMux)
- Generated SSL certificate randomization to avoid protocol filters (Thanks to ValdikSS)
- Offline mode
- P2P source code update using ZeroNet protocol
- ecdsaSign/Verify commands to CryptMessage plugin (Thanks to imachug)
- Efficient file rename: change file names instead of re-downloading the file.
- Make redirect optional on site cloning (Thanks to Lola)
- EccPrivToPub / EccPubToPriv functions (Thanks to imachug)
- Detect and change dark/light theme based on OS setting (Thanks to filips123)
### Changed
- Re-factored code to Python3 runtime (compatible with Python 3.4-3.8)
- More safe database sync mode
- Removed bundled third-party libraries where it's possible
- Use lang=en instead of lang={lang} in urls to avoid url encode problems
- Remove environment details from error page
- Don't push content.json updates larger than 10kb to significantly reduce bw usage for site with many files
### Fixed
- Fix sending files with \0 characters
- Security fix: Escape error detail to avoid XSS (reported by krzotr)
- Fix signature verification using libsecp256k1 for compressed addresses (mostly certificates generated in the browser)
- Fix newsfeed if you have more than 1000 followed topic/post on one site.
- Fix site download as zip file
- Fix displaying sites with utf8 title
- Error message if dbRebuild fails (Thanks to Lola)
- Fix browser reopen if executing again. (Thanks to imachug)
### ZeroNet 0.6.5 (2019-02-16) Rev3851 (Last release targeting Python 2.7.x)
### Added
- IPv6 support in peer exchange, bigfiles, optional file finding, tracker sharing, socket listening and connecting (based on tangdou1 modifications)
- New tracker database format with IPv6 support
- Display notification if there is an unpublished modification for your site
- Listen and shut down normally for SIGTERM (Thanks to blurHY)
- Support tilde `~` in filenames (by d14na)
- Support map for Namecoin subdomain names (Thanks to lola)
- Add log level to config page
- Support `{data}` for data dir variable in trackers_file value
- Quick check content.db on startup and rebuild if necessary
- Don't show meek proxy option if the tor client does not supports it
### Changed
- Refactored port open checking with IPv6 support
- Consider non-local IPs as external even is the open port check fails (for CJDNS and Yggdrasil support)
- Add IPv6 tracker and change unstable tracker
- Don't correct sent local time with the calculated time correction
- Disable CSP for Edge
- Only support CREATE commands in dbschema indexes node and SELECT from storage.query
### Fixed
- Check the length of master seed when executing cryptGetPrivatekey CLI command
- Only reload source code on file modification / creation
- Detection and issue warning for latest no-script plugin
- Fix atomic write of a non-existent file
- Fix sql queries with lots of variables and sites with lots of content.json
- Fix multi-line parsing of zeronet.conf
- Fix site deletion from users.json
- Fix site cloning before site downloaded (Reported by unsystemizer)
- Fix queryJson for non-list nodes (Reported by MingchenZhang)
## ZeroNet 0.6.4 (2018-10-20) Rev3660
### Added
- New plugin: UiConfig. A web interface that allows changing ZeroNet settings.