4033 Commits (py3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Tamas Kocsis 6c1abf4004 Don't switch to libev for newer versions of gevent 2 years ago
Tamas Kocsis 0907edb6b1 Remove obsolate auth_key generation 2 years ago
Tamas Kocsis 6ff14d1bbd Fix plugin config error when running update.py 2 years ago
Tamas Kocsis 4ad5c065f1 Don't display gui error when running from cli on Windows 2 years ago
ZeroNet c17b8d53d3
Update changelog with 0.6.5, 0.7.0, 0.7.1 2 years ago
ZeroNet 9022a1098a
Merge pull request #2485 from geekless/sidebar-no-content-json 2 years ago
ZeroNet 6e758ff363
Merge pull request #2596 from shyam-sam/Dockerfile-arm64v8 2 years ago
SuperMan 29c3523353 arm64 arch docker image request #2568 2 years ago
shortcutme 47ff6c6801
Rev4496 2 years ago
shortcutme 6bd49e8aff
Fix killing greenlets gevent exception 2 years ago
shortcutme ddbd5c7b19
Fix reset file server port with config web interface 2 years ago
shortcutme 635c3b27cd
Fix loading invalid site block list 2 years ago
shortcutme 6776dabdb3
Fix piecemap downlad error when invalid piecemap got downloaded 2 years ago
shortcutme 14cbaf47c8
Rev4493 2 years ago
shortcutme 4eb50377c3
Warning about deleting private key for owned sites 2 years ago
shortcutme ea6016d004
Fix latest gevent compatibility 2 years ago
shortcutme 79d26060b3
Add site address hash to site info websocket response 2 years ago
shortcutme 97ad084c21
Ignore ipv6 tests if not supported by os 2 years ago
shortcutme 179e5cb651
Fix portchecker.co 2 years ago
ZeroNet 367745b5ea
Move Android Play store link next to download options 2 years ago
ZeroNet 5c38a78b79
Merge pull request #2573 from canewsin/patch-2 2 years ago
canewsin a02ed56c69
Added Android Play Store Link to Read Me 2 years ago
ZeroNet f868fed51d
Merge pull request #2558 from gqgs/ws-iterable 2 years ago
Guilherme e4f42b8ce3 Avoid iterating in uninitialized result 2 years ago
ZeroNet eeb48fc72e
Merge pull request #2556 from gqgs/debug 2 years ago
Guilherme 85733abade Remove unnecessary debugger 2 years ago
shortcutme 8db4344171
Rev4486, Fix UiPassword cleanup error 2 years ago
ZeroNet 0a9391d28b
Merge pull request #2547 from anoadragon453/anoa/pluralize 2 years ago
Andrew Morgan cfef7ab071 Fix pluralize translation function 2 years ago
shortcutme 38c1727b94
Rev4485 2 years ago
shortcutme 36d96d484e
Workaround for UiPassword cookie issues with sandboxed iframes 2 years ago
shortcutme 439f8fc476
Fix UiPassword logout and session list url encoding 2 years ago
shortcutme 07faa3d6d3
Move wrapper necessary check to separate function 2 years ago
ZeroNet 3c7022ea9d
Merge pull request #2546 from anoadragon453/anoa/bigfile_seekable 2 years ago
Andrew Morgan a657afcd47 Add missing seekable() class method to BigFile plugin 2 years ago
ZeroNet f3a839f422
Require final gevent 1.5.0 for Python 3.8 2 years ago
shortcutme ad3920b26a
Rev4478, Skip slow updated files checking with large content.json 2 years ago
ZeroNet 8ffd8d7a3e
Merge pull request #2510 from filips123/patch-1 2 years ago
Filip Š 71001491df
Use Gevent prerelease for Python 3.8 2 years ago
ZeroNet 701765b53b
Merge pull request #2496 from canewsin/patch-2 2 years ago
ZeroNet fa880d99f1
Merge pull request #2503 from imachug/compressed-keys 2 years ago
Ivanq 0a9a9b5a57 Support compressed keys 2 years ago
shortcutme 56acac8cd3
Rev4473, Fix Merger site skipping content load to db for some seconds after new site added 2 years ago
ZeroNet 995d3bf717
Merge pull request #2495 from pataquets/patch-1 2 years ago
canewsin 1de7485858
Update LICENSE 2 years ago
Alfonso Montero e1c0fd6984
Readme: Add Docker image info and docker pulls badge 2 years ago
ZeroNet 108a3de433
Update Dockerfile 2 years ago
ZeroNet 740fe65355
Update Dockerfile 2 years ago
ZeroNet abde3d4cf7
Update Dockerfile 2 years ago
ZeroNet c90c887f8f
Merge pull request #2491 from imachug/import-sslcrypto 2 years ago