4033 Commits (py3)

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Ivanq a4d91f7081 Import sslcrypto from lib 2 years ago
shortcutme 31d4304915
Rev4471, Allow files start with dot 2 years ago
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Rev4469 2 years ago
shortcutme 70de3213d6
Fix peer save dictionary changed error 2 years ago
shortcutme f41d022038
Log BrokenPipeError as warning 2 years ago
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Rev4467 2 years ago
shortcutme ca94703fc3
Fix tray icon destroy overflow exception 2 years ago
shortcutme a5971adbe6
Add data_dir to example UiConfig tracker list 2 years ago
ZeroNet dfeebbabe8
Merge pull request #2487 from imachug/gevent-ws-fix2 2 years ago
Ivanq 66194ce435 Update gevent-ws to v2.0.7 to fix werkzeug 2 years ago
Vadim Ushakov 2de3c9a544 Allow opening the sidebar while content.json is not loaded 2 years ago
shortcutme 5fb342a825
Change to GPLv3 license 2 years ago
ZeroNet 3156d2f94b
Merge pull request #2483 from imachug/gevent-ws-fix 2 years ago
Ivanq ba156bbdec Potential fix of BrokenPipeError 2 years ago
ZeroNet 6beb76eac8
Merge pull request #2482 from imachug/gevent-ws-insensitive 2 years ago
Ivanq d3d18234df Upgrade gevent-ws to v2.0.5 2 years ago
ZeroNet faa24a8b41
Merge pull request #2478 from imachug/sslcrypto-weird 2 years ago
ZeroNet f749228a2c
Merge pull request #2475 from imachug/gevent-ws-fix2 2 years ago
Ivanq 7e17a4e967 Switch to sslcrypto v4.0 to support OpenSSL without builtin curves 2 years ago
Ivanq 19f003141b Disable process_result on websocket requests 2 years ago
ZeroNet 53a6063576
Merge pull request #2471 from imachug/patch-1 2 years ago
Ivanq 33af83b2cd
Search for any OpenSSL version in LD_LIBRARY_PATH 2 years ago
ZeroNet 3426d5fe63
Merge pull request #2466 from imachug/websocket 2 years ago
ZeroNet f2934c10b4
Merge pull request #2463 from canewsin/patch-1 2 years ago
Ivanq a2457b2488 Forgot that Upgrade is case-insensitive 2 years ago
canewsin 193632c3f9
Added Github Action Test Badge to ReadMe 2 years ago
ZeroNet a1c176bb3f
Merge pull request #2459 from imachug/github-actions 2 years ago
Ivanq 02fd1dc4d0 Add GitHub Actions workflow 2 years ago
ZeroNet 296e4aab57
Fix sslcrypto thread safety (#2454) 2 years ago
ZeroNet 7ba2c9344d
Merge pull request #2457 from imachug/segfault 2 years ago
Ivanq 09e65e1d95 Make ThreadPool a context manager to prevent memory leaks 2 years ago
shortcutme c4f65a5d7b
Rev4462, Experimental fix for segfault on shutdown 2 years ago
ZeroNet 37a401fdef
Merge pull request #2449 from krzotr/polish-translation 2 years ago
ZeroNet e7d1e1f097
Merge pull request #2455 from zyw271828/py3 2 years ago
zyw271828 6df3036f11
Improve README-zh-cn.md according to latest README.md 2 years ago
zyw271828 e2a582d892
Update "How can I create a ZeroNet site" section of README-zh-cn.md 2 years ago
zyw271828 aaabcb6b1a
Update "How to join" section of README-zh-cn.md 2 years ago
ZeroNet 7bf790003e
Merge pull request #2453 from krzotr/patch-7 2 years ago
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Rev4461 2 years ago
shortcutme 27761c5045
Fix merger site updating 2 years ago
shortcutme e0bf4dc9ec
Skip announcing to trackers with unsupported address 2 years ago
shortcutme 1fc67a3d71
Rev4460, Fix mergersite update on slow storage 2 years ago
krzotr 5baacf963d
Fixed `Cache-Control` for .js and .css files 2 years ago
Krzysztof Otręba b790bcac9b Polish translation 2 years ago
Ivanq 219b90668f
Switch from gevent-websocket to gevent-ws (#2439) 2 years ago
krzotr 2862587c15
Fixed "LookupError: 'hex' is not a text encoding" on /StatsBootstrapper page (#2442) 2 years ago
shortcutme 6218a92895
Rev4458 2 years ago
shortcutme 58f03e21ef
Change unreliable trackers 2 years ago
shortcutme b85477787d
Workaround for Tor utf8 cookie file path encoding bug on Windows 2 years ago
shortcutme 6a1235bd45
Remove old Gevent RLock support 2 years ago