4033 Commits (py3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Nathan Tym 7f129fe2c1 fix for socket error issue 7 years ago
Marcus McCurdy 0601d7bf9e Allows specifying the browser name to launch 7 years ago
Marcus McCurdy d1e2cb1a6d Adds start.py script to start the server and launch a new browser tab #17 7 years ago
HelloZeroNet 6cedaa8e8f utf8 content.json fix, faster node.js coffeescript compiler support 7 years ago
ZeroNet 1468756691 Merge pull request #33 from quasiyoke/master 7 years ago
Pyotr Ermishkin 9332c9dcac Unicode support was added to UiRequest.py 7 years ago
HelloZeroNet 024655cf15 version 0.1.6, dont check own sites integrity, serving newly added sites, only serve .html files with wrapper, pass query string to innerframe, support for background-color in content.json, websocket api sitepublish and filewrite commands, pass hashchange to innerframe, wrapperPrompt notification support, 7 years ago
HelloZeroNet a977feec33 version 0.1.5, install as user to readme, more debug on filerequests, if upnpc fail try without -e, announce interval from 10 to 20 min, detect computer wakeup and acts as startup, delete sites files websocket command support, pause stop all current downloads, wrapper confirmation dialog support 7 years ago
HelloZeroNet 3bec738595 version 0.1.4, WIF compatible new private keys, proper bitcoin address verification, worker killing does not drops hash error, private key saved confirmation on site create 7 years ago
ZeroNet e3c0a02ca0 Merge pull request #26 from shakna-israel/pipRequirements 7 years ago
James Milne 59ceb438c4 Pip Requirements File Added 7 years ago
HelloZeroNet 2000f5b38e fix for fileserver_port arg problem 7 years ago
HelloZeroNet 014a79912f version 0.1.3, tructate sha512 to 256bits, retry peer cmd only 3 times, ping peer before cmd to find stucked sockets, ping with timeout and retry, separate wrapper_key and auth_key, changed sha1 to sha512, backward compatibility to sha1, reduce websocket bw usage on events, removed wrapper hash from wrapper iframe url 7 years ago
HelloZeroNet b37e309eda limitations and irc to readme, version 0.1.2, socket debugging option, Notify exceptions support, better error logging, retry on socket error, dont expose external ip to websocket api, kill workers if no task, log time to console 7 years ago
HelloZeroNet 185424b815 version bump, allow to publihs to specified peer, log sendCmd, add zeronet version to content.js, version to websocket api, force start worker specificed for specificed peer 7 years ago
HelloZeroNet aae1022c79 more logging on update requests, only add peer to already peer locked tasks, no traceback on peer send error, only allow 1 sec timeout when publishing, request 50 peers from tracker, peer limited startworkers, sitePublish to 20 peers 7 years ago
HelloZeroNet bcd0c0025a no need to specify content.json priority, its always downloaded first, peer broken after 3 hash failes, extra priority for css and js files 7 years ago
ZeroNet 776b572c82 Merge pull request #14 from medimatrix/patch-1 7 years ago
Médi-Rémi Hashim 77dd59b245 Fixed typo 7 years ago
ZeroNet e700be6c99 Merge pull request #13 from Nodeswitch/patch-1 7 years ago
Nodeswitch 79f26e293c Update README.md 7 years ago
HelloZeroNet efb1dc3210 file download queue priority by browser request, newer content json log, peer remove key error fix, peer request error also a connection error, new sites created with own flag 7 years ago
HelloZeroNet 3f974e0bc7 count peer connection error, remove offline peers, content sign modification time fix, tracker order fix, reset peer hash_failed on download start, avoid util package name conflict 7 years ago
HelloZeroNet 6424c82887 Readme typo fix, sha512 benchmark, comment fix, better random for ECC 7 years ago
HelloZeroNet 4b02417b61 readme typo fix, donation bitcoin address added, force linux mergemedia path slashes, loading screen anim fix 7 years ago
HelloZeroNet ceb8ce6027 Readme create, update site, clearer site publishing debug message 7 years ago
HelloZeroNet effa267b73 ignore hidden files, ignore data dir, dont close on startup error, create necessary files and dirs on first start, start function to main.py, bad file solved log to info 7 years ago
ZeroNet e141a771ee Update README.md 7 years ago
ZeroNet 75836295d1 Update README.md 7 years ago
ZeroNet 1c93a2f08d Update README.md 7 years ago
ZeroNet 2cb189bd31 Update README.md 7 years ago
HelloZeroNet d28e1cb4a6 First release, remove not used lines from gitignore 7 years ago
ZeroNet c0bfb3b062 Initial commit 7 years ago