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Tim Gates 3ad7bc87e5
docs: fix simple typo, positibe -> positive
1 year ago
Connection Stop checkconnections with connectionserver 2 years ago
Content Rev4471, Allow files start with dot 2 years ago
Crypt Fix OpenSSL dll/so location find patcher 1 year ago
Db Skip commit if already commiting 2 years ago
Debug Rev4553, Debug messages formatting Windows fix 1 year ago
File Rev4551, Keep uiserver running if fileserver bind failed 1 year ago
Peer New port checker:, PortChecker minor rearranging 1 year ago
Plugin Always load plugins abc sorted 3 years ago
Site Don't non-existent files as bad 1 year ago
Test Make Debug message test cases independent from line numbers, Windows support 1 year ago
Tor Workaround for Tor utf8 cookie file path encoding bug on Windows 2 years ago
Translate Japanese Translation 1 year ago
Ui Don't show tracker tor bridge warning if more that 3 trackers finished 1 year ago
User Display more clean error on users.json/sites.json load error 3 years ago
Worker Only try to get more peers for timeout task if site is recently added 1 year ago
lib Avoid iterating in uninitialized result 2 years ago
util docs: fix simple typo, positibe -> positive 1 year ago Rev4555 1 year ago First release, remove not used lines from gitignore 7 years ago Better cli test output 1 year ago