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Markus Heiser ec453e0239 [fix] docker 'Error compiling' and 'SyntaxError' messages
The make docker target spits out some SyntaxError.  With this .dockerignore
there is no more error. Explanation:

- the python files are compiled while building the docker image
- a node modules contains some python files
- the python files inside the node module doesn't compile

It raises the fact that node_modules were included in the docker image which
should not happen.  Same the local directory was included.  Dockerfile builds
searx in its own way (without virtualenv)

Thanks @dalf:


Signed-off-by: Markus Heiser <>
2020-03-29 11:06:22 +02:00
Dalf fbe40001d3 Update Docker image
See #1561 , use uwsgi and Alpine Linux

/var/log/uwsgi contains error log for 2 days (file uwsgi.log)
/etc/searx contains the settings.yml and uwsgi.ini files.
The docker image creates them if they don't exist.
The two files can be modified after the first run. See below.

Environement variables:
MORTY_URL : external URL of Morty
MORTY_KEY : base64 encoded key
BASE_URL : external URL of Searx
BIND_ADDRESS : internal HTTP port to listen to

Labels : org.label-schema.schema.*

-h : display this help
-d : will update the settings and quit immediately (settings.yml and uwsgi.ini)
-f : always update the settings (previous version saved with suffix .old).
     without this parameter, the new settings are copied with suffix .new

When the Docker image contains newer settings:
- without -f parameter: the new versions are copied to /etc/searx/ and /etc/searx/
- with -f parameter:  the old versions are renamed with .old suffix. The new version replaces /etc/searx/settings.yml and /etc/searx/uwsgi.ini

Build using "./ docker_build", add "push" as parameter also push the Docker image.
The script requires a git repository to work (it makes sure that the last git tag matches searx/
"git describe" is used to create a meaningful version.
Example : 0.15.0-90-49c5bcb4-dirty (dirty means that the docker image was made with uncommited changes).

Use "docker inspect -f {{.Config.Labels.version}} searx" to get the version of an existing image.

.dockerignore based on .gitignore

.travis.yml: include docker stage
2019-07-13 15:49:59 +02:00