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.. _search-syntax:
Search syntax
Searx allows you to modify the default categories, engines and search language
via the search query.
Prefix ``!``
to set Category/engine
Prefix: ``:``
to set language
Prefix: ``?``
to add engines and categories to the currently selected categories
Abbrevations of the engines and languages are also accepted. Engine/category
modifiers are chainable and inclusive (e.g. with :search:`!it !ddg !wp qwer
<?q=%21it%20%21ddg%20%21wp%20qwer>` search in IT category **and** duckduckgo
**and** wikipedia for ``qwer``).
See the :search:`/preferences page <preferences>` for the list of engines,
categories and languages.
Search in wikipedia for ``qwer``:
- :search:`!wp qwer <?q=%21wp%20qwer>` or
- :search:`!wikipedia qwer :search:<?q=%21wikipedia%20qwer>`
Image search:
- :search:`!images Cthulhu <?q=%21images%20Cthulhu>`
Custom language in wikipedia:
- :search:`:hu !wp hackerspace <?q=%3Ahu%20%21wp%20hackerspace>`