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Roberto Beltran cf9a7959aa update branding 2 years ago
site-python docs: building (PDF) books / build user book 2 years ago
templates [fix] indentation of filtron's rules (json) 2 years ago
brand.env update branding 2 years ago
fabfile.py Fix whitespaces 6 years ago
fetch_currencies.py print() is a function in Python 3 5 years ago
fetch_firefox_version.py [fix] ffox useragent: use Windows NT 10.0 and not Windows NT 10 2 years ago
fetch_languages.py searx/data/engines_languages.json: sort json file (no content change) 2 years ago
filtron.sh tooling box: added nginx + polished bash scripts and environment 2 years ago
google_search.py [enh] standalone_seax.py is a command line interface to searx with JSON output. 5 years ago
lib.sh [fix] old images need an initial 'apt update' 2 years ago
lxc-searx.env tooling box: added nginx + polished bash scripts and environment 2 years ago
lxc.sh archlinux: add package 'inetutils' to boilerplate 2 years ago
makefile.include apache: normalize installation (docs and script)s over all distros 2 years ago
makefile.lxc LXC: set LXC_ENV_FOLDER=lxc/$(shell hostname)/ 2 years ago
makefile.python LXC: add virtualenv to LXC_BASE_PACKAGES 2 years ago
makefile.sphinx [fix] buildprocess of the docs by adding sphinx-doc-prebuilds target 2 years ago
morty.sh utils/morty.sh option new-key: set new morty key 2 years ago
searx.sh [fix] add missing latexmk package to debian's BUILD_PACKAGES 2 years ago
standalone_searx.py Suggestions: use RawTextQuery to make the suggestions URLs. Update all themes accordingly. 3 years ago
update-translations.sh handle input carefully in shell scripts 5 years ago