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# convenience makefile to boostrap & run buildout
# use `make options=-v` to run buildout with extra options
version = 2.7
python = bin/python
options =
all: .installed.cfg
.installed.cfg: bin/buildout buildout.cfg setup.py
bin/buildout $(options)
bin/buildout: $(python) buildout.cfg bootstrap.py
$(python) bootstrap.py
@touch $@
virtualenv -p python$(version) --no-site-packages .
@touch $@
tests: .installed.cfg
robot: .installed.cfg
flake8: .installed.cfg
@bin/flake8 setup.py
@bin/flake8 ./searx/
coverage: .installed.cfg
@bin/coverage run bin/test
@bin/coverage report
@bin/coverage html
production: bin/buildout production.cfg setup.py
bin/buildout -c production.cfg $(options)
@echo "* Please modify `readlink --canonicalize-missing ./searx/settings.py`"
@echo "* Hint 1: on production, disable debug mode and change secret_key"
@echo "* Hint 2: searx will be executed at server startup by crontab"
@echo "* Hint 3: to run immediatley, execute 'bin/supervisord'"
minimal: bin/buildout minimal.cfg setup.py
bin/buildout -c minimal.cfg $(options)
@lessc -x searx/static/default/less/style.less > searx/static/default/css/style.css
@pybabel compile -d searx/translations
@rm -rf .installed.cfg .mr.developer.cfg bin parts develop-eggs \
searx.egg-info lib include .coverage coverage searx/static/default/css/*.css
.PHONY: all tests robot flake8 coverage production minimal styles locales clean