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.. _installation basic:
Step by step installation
.. contents:: Contents
:depth: 2
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Step by step installation with virtualenv. For Ubuntu, be sure to have enable
universe repository.
.. _install packages:
Install packages
.. kernel-include:: $DOCS_BUILD/includes/searx.rst
:start-after: START distro-packages
:end-before: END distro-packages
.. hint::
This installs also the packages needed by :ref:`searx uwsgi`
.. _create searx user:
Create user
.. kernel-include:: $DOCS_BUILD/includes/searx.rst
:start-after: START create user
:end-before: END create user
.. _searx-src:
install searx & dependencies
Start a interactive shell from new created user and clone searx:
.. kernel-include:: $DOCS_BUILD/includes/searx.rst
:start-after: START clone searx
:end-before: END clone searx
In the same shell create *virtualenv*:
.. kernel-include:: $DOCS_BUILD/includes/searx.rst
:start-after: START create virtualenv
:end-before: END create virtualenv
To install searx's dependencies, exit the searx *bash* session you opened above
and restart a new. Before install, first check if your *virualenv* was sourced
from the login (*~/.profile*):
.. kernel-include:: $DOCS_BUILD/includes/searx.rst
:start-after: START manage.sh update_packages
:end-before: END manage.sh update_packages
.. tip::
Open a second terminal for the configuration tasks and left the ``(searx)$``
terminal open for the tasks below.
Create a copy of the :origin:`searx/settings.yml` configuration file in system's
*/etc* folder. Configure like shown below -- replace ``searx@\$(uname -n)`` with
a name of your choice -- *and/or* edit ``/etc/searx/settings.yml`` if necessary.
.. kernel-include:: $DOCS_BUILD/includes/searx.rst
:start-after: START searx config
:end-before: END searx config
To check your searx setup, optional enable debugging and start the *webapp*.
Searx looks at the exported environment ``$SEARX_SETTINGS_PATH`` for a
configuration file.
.. kernel-include:: $DOCS_BUILD/includes/searx.rst
:start-after: START check searx installation
:end-before: END check searx installation
If everything works fine, hit ``[CTRL-C]`` to stop the *webapp* and disable the
debug option in ``settings.yml``. You can now exit searx user bash (enter exit
command twice). At this point searx is not demonized; uwsgi allows this.