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.. _morty: https://github.com/asciimoo/morty
.. _morty's README: https://github.com/asciimoo/morty
.. _Go: https://golang.org/
.. _morty.sh:
.. sidebar:: further reading
- :ref:`architecture`
- :ref:`installation` (:ref:`nginx <installation nginx>` & :ref:`apache
<installation apache>`)
- :ref:`searx morty`
To simplify installation and maintenance of a morty_ instance you can use the
script :origin:`utils/morty.sh`. In most cases you will install morty_ simply by
running the command:
.. code:: bash
sudo -H ./utils/morty.sh install all
The script adds a ``${SERVICE_USER}`` (default:``morty``) and installs morty_
into this user account:
#. Create a separated user account (``morty``).
#. Download and install Go_ binary in user's $HOME (``~morty``).
#. Install morty_ with the package management from Go_ (``go get -v -u
#. Setup a systemd service unit :origin:`[ref]
.. hint::
To add morty to your searx instance read chapter :ref:`searx morty`.
Create user
.. kernel-include:: $DOCS_BUILD/includes/morty.rst
:start-after: START create user
:end-before: END create user
Install go
.. kernel-include:: $DOCS_BUILD/includes/morty.rst
:start-after: START install go
:end-before: END install go
Install morty
Install morty software and systemd unit:
.. kernel-include:: $DOCS_BUILD/includes/morty.rst
:start-after: START install morty
:end-before: END install morty
.. kernel-include:: $DOCS_BUILD/includes/morty.rst
:start-after: START install systemd unit
:end-before: END install systemd unit
.. _morty.sh overview:
The ``--help`` output of the script is largely self-explanatory
(:ref:`toolboxing common`):
.. program-output:: ../utils/morty.sh --help