Select commands, files, or processes using percol's fuzzy selection.
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GPL License Fish Shell Version Oh My Fish Framework


A tool to fuzzy search commands, files, or processes based on percol, the simplistic interactive filtering tool.

Additional options


Search for a command in your history and set it as the current command line


Search current processes, and terminate those selected.


Search for a file and print its full path.


Combined with -f/--file, open selected file with the default application for it's format.


Search for examples of command line usage. It also has two suboptions:

  • -u/--update: Update the command list from where to draw examples from
  • -e/--editor: Modify, or create, a page with usage examples of a given command.


omf repositories add 
omf install fuzzy


If any of the following dependencies isn't installed, upon installing fuzzy you'll be prompted to install them.

percol tldr curl mlocate file sensible-utils xdg-open feedback contains_opts

Keybinding configuration

By default, this script binds Alt+H, Alt+T, Alt+O and Alt+C to the additional fish options, passing the current command line as an argument.

bind \eh 'fuzzy --history (commandline)'
bind \et 'fuzzy --terminate (commandline); commandline ""'
bind \eo 'fuzzy --file --open (commandline); commandline ""'
bind \ec 'fuzzy --commands'

Alt+C has a double function: At first, it passes the content of the current command line to percol --comands. After selecting an option from percol --comands, it jumps between spaces to be filled in with arguments.

To change these keybindings, see man bind, and modify the file $HOME/.local/share/omf/pkg/percol_utils/