Publish the contents of the clipboard, a file or several, in its entirety or partially, in a pastebin
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GPL License Fish Shell Version Oh My Fish Framework


A plugin for Oh My Fish

A wrapper function for pastebinit, allowing it to publish multiple files in sequece while also choosing which lines of those to send. By not specifying a target file, or passing content through a pipe, the contents of the clipboard are uploaded instead. This function is fully compatible with termux as well.

Example usage



-l/--lines [0-7,8,9]
For each file, set the line range to be published

-a/--author [author]
Set author name. Default is $USER

-b/--pastebin [url]]
Set pastebin url. Default is distro specific with fallback to pastebin.

Print content to stdout too

-f/--format [format]
Choose a highlighting format (check pastebin's website for complete list, example: python). Default is "text".

Display these instructions

Use filename for input

List supported pastebins

-j/--jabberid [id]
Set Jabber ID

-m/--permatag [permatag]
Set permatag

-t/--title [title]
For each file, set a title

-P/--private [0/1]
Make paste(s) private

-u/--username [username]
Set a username

-p/--password [password]
Set a password

Print pastebinit version


omf repositories add 
omf install publish


If you don't have these dependencies already installed, you'll be prompted to do so upon installaling publish:

pastebinit feedback contains_opts [xclip/termux-api]

To properly install termux-api, see its installation instructions.