Minimalist first-person shooter
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Minimalist peer-to-peer first-person shooter



  • Written in pure Python and thus be portable
  • Easy to read codebase as well as easy on resources
  • Generative visuals
  • Functional when possible
  • P2P communication based on calculated trust
  • Modularized for the ease of bot scripting


Since axuy's screenshots would look like some kinky abstract art, I instead document the development progress as short clips on Youtube, listed in reverse chronological order. If software freedom is concerned, one may view them using MPV with youtube-dl support.


The game is still work-in-progress. Preview releases are available on PyPI and can be installed for Python 3.6+ via

pip install axuy

Unless one is on either Windows or macOS, perse would have to additionally install GLFW version 3.3 (or higher).

Axuy can then be launch from the command-line using

axuy --port=42069 &
axuy --seeder=:42069

There is also aisample in tools as an automated example with similar command-line interface.

For hacking, after having dependenies installed, one may also invoke axuy from the project's root directory by

python -m axuy --port=42069 &
python -m axuy --seeder=:42069