Minimalist thrilling shoot 'em up game
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Brutal Maze

Brutal Maze is a thrilling shoot 'em up game with minimalist art style.

.. image::

The game features a trigon trapped in an infinite maze. As our hero tries
to escape, the maze's border turns into aggressive squares trying to stop per.
Your job is to help the trigon fight against those evil squares and find
a way out (if there is any). Be aware that the more get killed,
the more will show up and our hero will get weaker when wounded.

Brutal Maze has a few notable features:

* Being highly portable.
* Auto-generated and infinite maze. [0]_
* No binary data for drawing.
* Enemies with special abilities: stun, poison, camo, etc.
* Somewhat a realistic physic and logic system.
* Resizable game window in-game.
* Easily customizable via INI file format.
* Recordable in JSON (some kind of silent screencast).
* Remote control through TCP/IP socket (can be used in AI researching).