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# - module for hero and enemy classes
# Copyright (C) 2017-2020 Nguyễn Gia Phong
# This file is part of Brutal Maze.
# Brutal Maze is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as
# published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the
# License, or (at your option) any later version.
# Brutal Maze is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU Affero General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
# along with Brutal Maze. If not, see <>.
__doc__ = 'Brutal Maze module for hero and enemy classes'
from collections import deque
from math import atan2, gcd, pi, sin
from random import choice, randrange, shuffle
from sys import modules
from .misc import fill_aapolygon, play, randsign, regpoly, sign
from .weapons import Bullet
class Hero:
"""Object representing the hero.
surface (pygame.Surface): the display to draw on
x, y (int): coordinates of the center of the hero (in pixels)
angle (float): angle of the direction the hero pointing (in radians)
color (tuple of pygame.Color): colors of the hero on different HPs
R (int): circumradius of the regular triangle representing the hero
next_heal (float): minimum wound in ATTACK_SPEED allowing healing again
next_beat (float): time until next heart beat (in ms)
next_strike (float): time until the hero can do the next attack (in ms)
highness (float): likelihood that the hero shoots toward other angles
slashing (bool): flag indicating if the hero's doing close-range attack
firing (bool): flag indicating if the hero is doing long-range attack
dead (bool): flag indicating if the hero is dead
spin_speed (float): speed of spinning (in frames per slash)
spin_queue (float): frames left to finish spinning
wound (float): amount of wound
wounds (deque of float): wounds in time of an attack (ATTACK_SPEED)
def __init__(self, surface, fps, maze_size):
self.surface = surface
w, h = maze_size
self.x, self.y = w >> 1, h >> 1
self.angle, self.color = -pi * 3 / 4, TANGO['Aluminium']
self.R = (w * h / sin(pi*2/3) / 624) ** 0.5
self.next_heal = -1.0
self.next_beat = self.next_strike = 0.0
self.highness = 0.0
self.slashing = self.firing = self.dead = False
self.spin_speed = fps / HERO_HP
self.spin_queue = self.wound = 0.0
self.wounds = deque([0.0])
def update(self, fps):
"""Update the hero."""
if self.dead:
self.spin_queue = 0.0
old_speed = self.spin_speed
self.spin_speed = fps / (HERO_HP-self.wound**0.5)
self.spin_queue *= self.spin_speed / old_speed
if len(self.wounds) > fps * ATTACK_SPEED / 1000: self.wounds.popleft()
if sum(self.wounds) < self.next_heal: self.next_heal = -1.0
self.wound += self.wounds[-1]
if self.next_heal < 0:
self.wound -= HEAL_SPEED / self.spin_speed / HERO_HP
if self.wound < 0: self.wound = 0.0
if self.next_beat <= 0:
self.next_beat = MIN_BEAT*(2 - self.wound/HERO_HP)
self.next_beat -= 1000 / fps
self.next_strike -= 1000 / fps
full_spin = pi * 2 / self.sides
if self.slashing and self.next_strike <= 0:
self.next_strike = ATTACK_SPEED
self.spin_queue = randsign() * self.spin_speed
self.angle -= sign(self.spin_queue) * full_spin
if round(self.spin_queue) != 0:
self.angle += sign(self.spin_queue) * full_spin / self.spin_speed
self.spin_queue -= sign(self.spin_queue)
self.spin_queue = 0.0
def sides(self):
"""Number of sides the hero has. While the hero is generally
a trigon, Agent Orange may turn him into a square.
return 3 if self.next_heal < 0 else 4
def update_angle(self, angle):
"""Turn to the given angle if the hero is not busy slashing."""
if round(self.spin_queue) != 0: return
delta = (angle - self.angle + pi) % (pi * 2) - pi
unit = pi * 2 / self.sides / self.spin_speed
if abs(delta) < unit:
self.angle, self.spin_queue = angle, 0.0
self.spin_queue = delta / unit
def shots(self):
"""List of Bullet the hero has just shot."""
if not self.firing or self.slashing or self.next_strike > 0: return []
self.next_strike = ATTACK_SPEED
if not randrange(int(self.highness + 1)):
return [Bullet(self.surface, self.x, self.y,
self.angle, 'Aluminium')]
self.highness -= 1.0
n = self.sides
corners = {randrange(n) for _ in range(n)}
angles = (self.angle + pi*2*corner/n for corner in corners)
return [Bullet(self.surface, self.x, self.y, angle, 'Aluminium')
for angle in angles]
def get_color(self):
"""Return current color of the hero."""
return self.color[int(self.wound)]
def draw(self):
"""Draw the hero."""
trigon = regpoly(self.sides, self.R, self.angle, self.x, self.y)
fill_aapolygon(self.surface, trigon, self.get_color())
def resize(self, maze_size):
"""Resize the hero."""
w, h = maze_size
self.x, self.y = w >> 1, h >> 1
self.R = (w * h / sin(pi*2/3) / 624) ** 0.5
class Enemy:
"""Object representing an enemy.
maze (Maze): the maze
x, y (int): coordinates of the center of the enemy (in grids)
angle (float): angle of the direction the enemy pointing (in radians)
color (str): enemy's color name
alive (bool): flag indicating if the enemy is alive
awake (bool): flag indicating if the enemy is active
next_strike (float): time until the enemy's next action (in ms)
move_speed (float): speed of movement (in frames per grid)
offsetx, offsety (integer): steps moved from the center of the grid
spin_speed (float): speed of spinning (in frames per slash)
spin_queue (float): frames left to finish spinning
wound (float): amount of wound
def __init__(self, maze, x, y, color):
self.maze = maze
self.x, self.y = x, y
self.angle, self.color = pi / 4, color
self.alive, self.awake = True, False
self.next_strike = 0.0
self.move_speed = self.maze.fps / ENEMY_SPEED
self.offsetx = self.offsety = 0
self.spin_speed = self.maze.fps / ENEMY_HP
self.spin_queue = self.wound = 0.0
def pos(self):
"""Coordinates (in pixels) of the center of the enemy."""
x, y = self.maze.get_pos(self.x, self.y)
step = self.maze.distance * ENEMY_SPEED / self.maze.fps
return x + self.offsetx*step, y + self.offsety*step
def distance(self):
"""Distance from the center of the enemy
to the center of the maze.
return self.maze.get_distance(*self.pos)
def place(self, x=0, y=0):
"""Move the enemy by (x, y) (in grids)."""
self.x += x
self.y += y
if self.awake:[self.x][self.y] = ENEMY
def spawn_volume(self):
"""Volumn of spawning sound effect."""
return 1 - self.distance / self.maze.get_distance(0, 0) / 2
def wake(self):
"""Wake the enemy up if it can see the hero.
Return None if the enemy is already awake, True if the function
has just woken it, False otherwise.
if self.awake: return None
srcx, destx = self.x, MIDDLE
if abs(destx - srcx) != 1: srcx += sign(destx - srcx) or 1
srcy, desty = self.y, MIDDLE
if abs(desty - srcy) != 1: srcy += sign(desty - srcy) or 1
m, n = destx - srcx, desty - srcy
lcm = abs(m * n // gcd(m, n))
w, u = lcm // m, lcm // n
for i in range(lcm):
if[srcx+i//w][srcy+i//u] == WALL: return False
self.awake = True[self.x][self.y] = ENEMY
play(SFX_SPAWN, self.x, self.y)
return True
def fire(self):
"""Return True if the enemy has just fired, False otherwise."""
if self.maze.hero.dead: return False
x, y = self.pos
if (self.maze.get_distance(x, y) > FIRANGE*self.maze.distance
or self.next_strike > 0
or (self.x, self.y) in AROUND_HERO or self.offsetx or self.offsety
or randrange((self.maze.hero.slashing+self.maze.isfast()+1) * 3)):
return False
self.next_strike = ATTACK_SPEED
Bullet(self.maze.surface, x, y, self.get_angle() + pi, self.color))
return True
def move(self, speed=ENEMY_SPEED):
"""Return True if it has just moved, False otherwise."""
if self.offsetx:
self.offsetx -= sign(self.offsetx)
return True
if self.offsety:
self.offsety -= sign(self.offsety)
return True
if self.next_strike > 0: return False
self.move_speed = self.maze.fps / speed
directions = [(sign(MIDDLE - self.x), 0), (0, sign(MIDDLE - self.y))]
if self.maze.hero.dead: directions = choice(ADJACENTS),
for x, y in directions:
if (x or y) and[self.x + x][self.y + y] == EMPTY:
self.offsetx = round(x * (1 - self.move_speed))
self.offsety = round(y * (1 - self.move_speed))[self.x][self.y] = EMPTY, y)
return True
return False
def get_slash(self):
"""Return the enemy's close-range damage."""
wound = (self.maze.slashd - self.distance) / self.maze.hero.R
return wound if wound > 0 else 0.0
def slash(self):
"""Return the enemy's close-range damage per frame."""
wound = self.get_slash() / self.spin_speed
if self.spin_queue and wound: self.maze.hit_hero(wound, self.color)
return wound
def get_angle(self):
"""Return the angle of the vector whose initial point is
the center of the screen and terminal point is the center of
the enemy.
x, y = self.pos
return atan2(y - self.maze.y, x - self.maze.x)
def get_color(self):
"""Return current color of the enemy."""
return TANGO[self.color][int(self.wound)]
def isunnoticeable(self, x=None, y=None):
"""Return whether the enemy can be noticed.
Only search within column x and row y if these coordinates
are provided.
if x is not None and self.x != x: return True
if y is not None and self.y != y: return True
return not self.awake or self.wound >= ENEMY_HP
def draw(self):
"""Draw the enemy."""
if self.isunnoticeable(): return
radius = self.maze.distance / SQRT2
square = regpoly(4, radius, self.angle, *self.pos)
fill_aapolygon(self.maze.surface, square, self.get_color())
def update(self):
"""Update the enemy."""
if self.awake:
self.spin_speed, tmp = self.maze.fps / ENEMY_HP, self.spin_speed
self.spin_queue *= self.spin_speed / tmp
self.next_strike -= 1000 / self.maze.fps
if not self.spin_queue and not and not self.move():
self.spin_queue = randsign() * self.spin_speed
if not self.maze.hero.dead:
play(SFX_SLASH_HERO, self.x, self.y, self.get_slash())
if round(self.spin_queue) != 0:
self.angle += sign(self.spin_queue) * pi / 2 / self.spin_speed
self.spin_queue -= sign(self.spin_queue)
self.angle, self.spin_queue = pi / 4, 0.0
def hit(self, wound):
"""Handle the enemy when it's attacked."""
self.wound += wound
def retired(self):
"""Provide compatibility with LockOn object."""
return self._retired
except AttributeError:
return self.wound >= ENEMY_HP
def retired(self, value):
self._retired = value
def die(self):
"""Handle the enemy's death."""[self.x][self.y] = EMPTY if self.wake else WALL
self.alive = False
class Chameleon(Enemy):
"""Object representing an enemy of Chameleon.
Additional attributes:
visible (float): time until the Chameleon is visible (in ms)
def __init__(self, maze, x, y):
super().__init__(maze, x, y, 'Chameleon')
self.visible = 0.0
def wake(self):
"""Wake the Chameleon up if it can see the hero."""
if super().wake() is True:
self.visible = 1000 / ENEMY_SPEED
def isunnoticeable(self, x=None, y=None):
"""Return whether the enemy can be noticed.
Only search within column x and row y if these coordinates
are provided.
return (super().isunnoticeable(x, y)
or self.visible <= 0 and not self.spin_queue
and self.maze.next_move <= 0)
def update(self):
"""Update the Chameleon."""
if self.awake: self.visible -= 1000 / self.maze.fps
def hit(self, wound):
"""Handle the Chameleon when it's attacked."""
self.visible = 1000.0 / ENEMY_SPEED
class Plum(Enemy):
"""Object representing an enemy of Plum."""
def __init__(self, maze, x, y):
super().__init__(maze, x, y, 'Plum')
def clone(self, other):
"""Turn the other enemy into a clone of this Plum and return
True if that enemy is also a Plum, otherwise return False.
if other.color != 'Plum': return False
other.x, other.y, other.angle = self.x, self.y, self.angle
other.awake, other.next_strike = True, self.next_strike
other.offsetx, other.offsety = self.offsetx, self.offsety
other.spin_queue, other.wound = self.spin_queue, self.wound
return True
class ScarletRed(Enemy):
"""Object representing an enemy of Scarlet Red."""
def __init__(self, maze, x, y):
super().__init__(maze, x, y, 'ScarletRed')
def fire(self):
"""Scarlet Red doesn't shoot."""
return False
def move(self):
return super().move(self, ENEMY_SPEED * SQRT2)
def slash(self):
"""Handle the Scarlet Red's close-range attack."""
self.wound -= super().slash()
if self.wound < 0: self.wound = 0.0
def new_enemy(maze, x, y):
"""Return an enemy of a random type in the grid (x, y)."""
color = choice(ENEMIES)
return getattr(modules[__name__], color)(maze, x, y)
except AttributeError:
return Enemy(maze, x, y, color)