Curses Omni Media Player
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comp - Curses Omni Media Player

**comp** is a `mpv <>`_ front-end using curses. It has basic
media player functions and can to extract playlists from multiple sources such
as media sites supported by `youtube-dl <>`_,
local and direct URL to video/audio and its own JSON playlist format.

.. image::


**comp** requires Python 3.5+ with ``curses`` module (only available on
Unix-like OSes such as GNU/Linux and the BSDs) and ``libmpv`` (available as
``libmpv1`` in Debian/Ubuntu, openSUSE; and as ``mpv`` in Arch Linux, Gentoo,
macOS Homebrew repository). It also depends on ``python-mpv`` and
``youtube-dl`` but the setup program will automatically install them if they
are missing.

As ``setuptools`` will `install in an egg and cause breakage
<>`_, using ``pip`` (Python 3 version)
is a must. After `installing it <>`_,
run ``pip3 install comp`` (you might want to add ``--user`` flag to use the
`User Scheme <>`_).

For developers, clone the `Github repo <>`_ then
simply run the ``comp`` executable to test the program. If you insist on
installing it, still use ``pip3``: ``pip3 install .``. Note that **comp** is
distibuted in a ``wheel`` created via ``./ bdist_wheel``.

Command line options


usage: comp [-h] [-v] [-e {json,mpv,youtube-dl}] [-c CONFIG] [--vid VID]

Curses Omni Media Player

positional arguments:
playlist path or URL to the playlist

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-v, --version show program's version number and exit
-e {json,mpv,youtube-dl}, --extractor {json,mpv,youtube-dl}
playlist extractor, default is youtube-dl
-c CONFIG, --config CONFIG
path to the configuration file
--vid VID initial video channel. auto selects the default, no
disables video
--vo DRIVER specify the video output backend to be used. See
VIDEO OUTPUT DRIVERS in mpv(1) for details and
descriptions of available drivers
video format/quality to be passed to youtube-dl


Open a JSON playlist::

comp -e json test/playlist.json

Open a Youtube playlist with video height lower than 720::

comp -f '[height<720]'

Keyboard control

Bindings inherited from mpv

For convenience purpose, I try to mimic **mpv** default keybindings, but many
are slightly different from **mpv** exact behaviour (mainly because of the lack
of keys which are unsupported by ``curses``). So I will list all of them here
for you to `compare <>`_:

Left and Right
Seek backward/forward 5 seconds. Shifted arrow does a 1 second seek.

Up and Down
Seek backward/forward 1 minute.

``[`` and ``]``
Decrease/increase current playback speed by 10%.

``{`` and ``}``
Halve/double current playback speed.

Reset playback speed to normal.

``<`` and ``>``
Go backward/forward in the playlist.

Start playing.

Space / ``p``
Pause (pressing again unpauses).

Step forward. Pressing once will pause, every consecutive press will play
one frame and then go into pause mode again.

Step backward. Pressing once will pause, every consecutive press will play
one frame in reverse and then go into pause mode again.

Stop playing and quit.

``/`` / ``9`` and ``*`` / ``0``
Decrease/increase volume.

Mute sound.

Cycle through the available video tracks.

Cycle through the available audio tracks.

Toggle fullscreen.

Toggle stay-on-top.

``w`` and ``e``
Decrease/increase pan-and-scan range.

``o`` / ``P``
Show progression bar, elapsed time and total duration on the OSD.

Toggle OSD states between normal and playback time/duration.

Toggle subtitle visibility.

``j`` and ``J``
Cycle through the available subtitles.

``x`` and ``z``
Adjust subtitle delay by +/- 0.1 seconds.

Set/clear A-B loop points.

Toggle infinite looping.

Ctrl-``+`` and Ctrl-``-``
Adjust audio delay (A/V sync) by +/- 0.1 seconds.

Switch between applying no style overrides to SSA/ASS subtitles, and
overriding them almost completely with the normal subtitle style.

Toggle subtitle VSFilter aspect compatibility mode.

``r`` and ``t``
Move subtitles up/down.

Take a screenshot.

Take a screenshot, without subtitles.

Take a screenshot each frame.

Page Up and Page Down
Seek to the beginning of the previous/next chapter.

Activate/deactivate deinterlacer.

Cycle aspect ratio override.

``1`` and ``2``
Adjust contrast.

``3`` and ``4``
Adjust brightness.

``5`` and ``6``
Adjust gamma.

``7`` and ``8``
Adjust saturation.

Resize video window to half its original size.

Resize video window to its original size.

Resize video window to double its original size.

Cycle through editions.

Movements and selections

The following keybindings are Emacs-like since most characters are taken by

Ctrl-``p`` and Ctrl-``n``
Move a single line up/down.

Alt-``v`` and Ctrl-``v``
Move a single page up/down.

Home / Ctrl-``<`` and End / Ctrl-``>``
Move to the beginning/end of the playlist.

Deselect/reselect the current entry and move down a line.

Playlist manipulation

Open playlist.

Insert playlist.

Ctrl-``f`` and Alt-``f``
Search forward/backward for a pattern.

Cycle through playing modes.

Delete the current entry.

Save the current playlist under JSON format.

Redraw the screen content.

Execute a **mpv** command.

Configuration files

If not specified by the ``--config``, (user-specific) configuration file is
``~/.config/comp/settings.ini``. Default configurations
are listed below::

# Initial playing mode, which can be one of these 8 modes: play-current,
# play-all, play-selected, repeat-current, repeat-all, repeat-selected,
# shuffle-all and shuffle-selected.
play-mode = play-current

# Options to be parsed to mpv. See OPTIONS section on mpv(1) man pages for
# its complete list of available options.
# For example:
#vo = xv
#ontop = yes
#border = no
#force-window = yes
#autofit = 500x280
#geometry = -15-50

# Video format/quality to be passed to youtube-dl. See FORMAT SELECTION in
# youtube-dl(1) man page for more details and descriptions.
format = bestvideo+bestaudio


Media durations are not extracted from online playlists as
``youtube-dl.YoutubeDL`` option ``extract_flat`` is set to ``'in_playlist'``.
This is rather a feature to save up bandwidth than a bug because a track's
duration is updated when it's played.