A GTK3 camera application that knows how to deal with the media request api
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#pragma once
#include "camera_config.h"
typedef struct _MPZBarImage MPZBarImage;
typedef struct {
int bounds_x[4];
int bounds_y[4];
char *data;
const char *type;
} MPZBarCode;
typedef struct {
MPZBarCode codes[8];
uint8_t size;
} MPZBarScanResult;
void mp_zbar_pipeline_start();
void mp_zbar_pipeline_stop();
void mp_zbar_pipeline_process_image(MPZBarImage *image);
MPZBarImage *mp_zbar_image_new(uint8_t *data,
MPPixelFormat pixel_format,
int width,
int height,
int rotation,
bool mirrored);
MPZBarImage *mp_zbar_image_ref(MPZBarImage *image);
void mp_zbar_image_unref(MPZBarImage *image);