A GTK3 camera application that knows how to deal with the media request api
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A GTK3 camera application that knows how to deal with the media request api


$ meson build
$ cd build
$ ninja
$ sudo ninja install


See the mailing list and issue tracker on https://sr.ht/~martijnbraam/Megapixels/


Megapixels checks multiple locations for it's configuration file and uses the first one it finds. As first step it will get the first compatible name in the device tree, in the case of a PinePhone this might be "pine64,pinephone-1.2". Then that dtname will be used as the filename in the search path in this order:

  • $XDG_CONFIG_DIR/megapixels/config/$dtname.ini
  • ~/.config/megapixels/config/$dtname.ini
  • /etc/megapixels/config/$dtname.ini
  • /usr/share/megapixels/config/$dtname.ini

The files in /usr/share/megapixels should be the config files distributed in this repository. The other locations allow the user or distribution to override config.

Config file format

Configuration files are INI format files.


This provides global info, currently only the csi key exists, telling megapixels which device in the media-ctl tree is the interface to the kernel. This should provide the /dev/video* node.

[rear] and [front]

These are the sections describing the sensors.

  • driver=ov5640 the name of the media node that provides the sensor and it's /dev/v4l-subdev* node.
  • width=640 and height=480 the resolution to use for the sensor
  • rate=15 the refresh rate in fps to use for the sensor
  • fmt=BGGR8 sets the pixel and bus formats used when capturing from the sensor, only BGGR8 is fully supported
  • rotate=90 the rotation angle to make the sensor match the screen