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  Pradyun Gedam 3af9093a73
Merge pull request #9274 from sbidoul/pip-wheel-must-keep-clone-sbi 6 hours ago
  Stéphane Bidoul 9361faa03e
Add newfragments 3 weeks ago
  Paul Moore 7b7469b845
Merge pull request #9460 from pfmoore/vendor_21_0 1 day ago
  Paul Moore a79758c13f Add leading zero in certifi version 1 day ago
  Paul Moore 7deba59c33 Upgrade msgpack and requests 1 day ago
  Paul Moore d5b461d28f Vendoring changes for 21.0 1 day ago
  Stéphane Bidoul aa089883a8
Merge pull request #9438 from sbidoul/legacy-cache-cleanup 4 days ago
  Xavier Fernandez 363132659b
Merge pull request #9367 from hugovk/rm-2-default_time_format 4 days ago
  Pradyun Gedam c1251a85f7
Merge pull request #9432 from uranusjr/new-resolver-dedup-on-backtracking 6 days ago
  Stéphane Bidoul 750b8a32fe
Remove support for legacy cache entries 1 week ago
  Pradyun Gedam 9b83654de8
Merge pull request #9331 from sbidoul/7969-revert-sbi 1 week ago
  Stéphane Bidoul e157cf56b2
Merge pull request #9418 from sbidoul/freeze-does-not-need-wheel-cache 1 week ago
  Stéphane Bidoul 5629e09a57
Merge pull request #9423 from sbidoul/8368-no-deadline 1 week ago
  Xavier Fernandez b33e791742
Merge pull request #9375 from jdufresne/dict-set-comprehension 1 week ago
  Xavier Fernandez 14830ae837
Merge pull request #9372 from jdufresne/devnull 1 week ago
  Tzu-ping Chung 79cbe6b93f Avoid downloading candidates of a same version 1 week ago
  Pradyun Gedam c7419b2aac
Merge pull request #9320 from uranusjr/wheel-check-valid 1 week ago
  Stéphane Bidoul b43062d428
Remove deprecation deadline for 8368 2 weeks ago
  Pradyun Gedam 47493d8227
Merge pull request #9410 from jdufresne/get-similar-commands 2 weeks ago
  Pradyun Gedam f01d60c3e3
Merge pull request #9388 from hugovk/the-future-is-now 2 weeks ago
  Stéphane Bidoul e76eadc9d6
Pass freeze() kwargs directly 2 weeks ago
  Stéphane Bidoul 93a51f1de3
The freeze operation does not need a wheel_cache 2 weeks ago
  Stéphane Bidoul 05a127da20
Merge pull request #9414 from jdufresne/consume 2 weeks ago
  Jon Dufresne 004b2cf9a8 Remove unused utility function consume() 2 weeks ago
  Jon Dufresne 014ccec8ca Make get_similar_command() return None for no value 2 weeks ago
  Stéphane Bidoul 062f0e54d9
Merge pull request #9401 from jdufresne/ne 2 weeks ago
  Stéphane Bidoul 35604e5a4c
Merge pull request #9403 from jdufresne/get-revision 2 weeks ago
  Stéphane Bidoul df6ac53382
Merge pull request #9406 from sbidoul/simplify-check_binary_allowed-sbi 2 weeks ago
  Stéphane Bidoul a61cb200b5
Merge pull request #9408 from jdufresne/setup-no-remote 2 weeks ago
  Jon Dufresne ca053fbe88 Handle ._get_svn_url_rev() returning None in .get_remote_url() 2 weeks ago
  Stéphane Bidoul 06f1eff024
Simplify check_binary_allowed 2 weeks ago
  Jon Dufresne c513c5e890 Harmonize return type of VersionControl.get_revision in subclasses 2 weeks ago
  Jon Dufresne a49f1732e9 Remove unnecessary __ne__ definitions 2 weeks ago
  Pradyun Gedam 7369ac2ee8
Merge pull request #9396 from jdufresne/expanduser 2 weeks ago
  Jon Dufresne 5150129f6b Replace compat.expanduser() with os.path.expanduser() 2 weeks ago
  Pradyun Gedam af5b7fe1f9
Merge pull request #9390 from jdufresne/noqa 2 weeks ago
  Pradyun Gedam 914b7c2165
Merge pull request #9389 from jdufresne/copy-tree-kwargs 2 weeks ago
  Pradyun Gedam 193267b417
Merge pull request #9392 from jdufresne/version-cand 2 weeks ago
  Jon Dufresne 133e146a88 Remove unused type VersionCandidate 2 weeks ago
  Jon Dufresne b78f71216f Remove unnecessary "noqa" comments 2 weeks ago
  Jon Dufresne 4bfe1037ee Remove unused class CopytreeKwargs 2 weeks ago
  Pradyun Gedam 7edb8ebfee
Merge pull request #9387 from hugovk/test-feature-branch 2 weeks ago
  Hugo van Kemenade cc00f8ac71 Allow testing of feature branches 3 weeks ago
  Hugo van Kemenade 1cabd3a609 The future is now 2 weeks ago
  Pradyun Gedam 67c03c3e81
Merge pull request #9382 from jdufresne/colorama-import 2 weeks ago
  Pradyun Gedam adca454611
Merge pull request #9385 from jdufresne/named-temp-file 2 weeks ago
  Pradyun Gedam bad26fb5fe
Merge pull request #9379 from jdufresne/pypy-locations 2 weeks ago
  Jon Dufresne 089bbcb939 Remove unnecessary type override NamedTemporaryFileResult 2 weeks ago
  Jon Dufresne 9109e1ccde Remove outdated mypy workaround for colorama import 3 weeks ago
  Jon Dufresne bd0c1f5d4c Remove outdated PyPy workaround for site_packages location 3 weeks ago