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  Xavier Fernandez c15f8672ec
Merge pull request #8972 from drpoggi/patch-1 14 hours ago
  Pradyun Gedam ea74bd3d90
Merge pull request #9014 from McSinyx/docs-news-rst 1 day ago
  Pradyun Gedam cffc3a618e
Merge pull request #9051 from pradyunsg/fix-ci-issues 1 day ago
  Pradyun Gedam abb3d0fae3
Move build_env tests to functional 1 day ago
  Pradyun Gedam bd3d5f8f29
Set the CI variable on Azure Pipelines 1 day ago
  Pradyun Gedam 66bb8a88c4
Add a small delay between re-runs 1 day ago
  Pradyun Gedam 9faf431fbb
Breakup conditional for readability 1 day ago
  Nguyễn Gia Phong 279e735969 Update docs for less common news extension 1 week ago
  Pradyun Gedam 08c99b6e00
Merge pull request #9008 from pradyunsg/better-tabs 1 week ago
  Pradyun Gedam 4e26bf22f5
Merge pull request #8971 from McSinyx/ci39 1 week ago
  Pradyun Gedam fb03b6aede
Switch to sphinx-inline-tabs for tabs 1 week ago
  Pradyun Gedam f81cfff061
Merge pull request #8990 from pradyunsg/release/20.2.4 1 week ago
  Nguyễn Gia Phong c69644257e
Pin vendoring to ~=0.3.3 in test suite 1 week ago
  Pradyun Gedam 47bea8aa27
Delete news fragments from pip 20.2.4 1 week ago
  Pradyun Gedam d0051aafb0
Merge branch 'master' into release/20.2.4 1 week ago
  Pradyun Gedam c73f06f447
Bump for development 1 week ago
  Pradyun Gedam 57dd580f58
Bump for release 1 week ago
  Pradyun Gedam 6a8956d7a8
Merge pull request #8932 from uranusjr/new-resolver-lazy-sequence 1 week ago
  Pradyun Gedam 4aec7e81c9
Merge pull request #8758 from uranusjr/new-resolver-requires-python-when-no-deps 1 month ago
  Pradyun Gedam 0a637fa89a
Merge pull request #8942 from brainwane/docs-8661 2 weeks ago
  Pradyun Gedam c8533f0f60
Merge pull request #8933 from brainwane/put-key-links-on-front-page 4 weeks ago
  Pradyun Gedam 74f48cf8fc
Merge pull request #8927 from hugovk/document-python-support-policy 4 weeks ago
  Pradyun Gedam ff5a9b5f6f
Merge pull request #8926 from uranusjr/dont-crash-on-check 4 weeks ago
  Pradyun Gedam ae4d27179f
Merge pull request #8924 from uranusjr/new-resolver-try-user-requested-combinations-first 4 weeks ago
  Pradyun Gedam 314de5a3b4
Merge pull request #8912 from uranusjr/cache-found-candidates 4 weeks ago
  Pradyun Gedam e7e62d8f75
Merge pull request #8873 from hugovk/docs-3-months-deprecation 1 month ago
  Pradyun Gedam e832878f3f
Merge pull request #8839 from uranusjr/new-resolver-hash-intersect 1 month ago
  Pradyun Gedam 7170313602
Merge pull request #8807 from pypa/add-ux-docs 1 month ago
  Xavier Fernandez f9a1761e94
Merge pull request #8795 from McSinyx/user-guide-fmt 1 month ago
  Pradyun Gedam df554a9337
Merge pull request #8780 from eamanu/fix-8009 1 month ago
  Pradyun Gedam 6407f7ed85
Merge pull request #7859 from pradyunsg/docs/deep-dive-cli 1 month ago
  Pradyun Gedam 3fe826c699
Merge pull request #8932 from uranusjr/new-resolver-lazy-sequence 1 week ago
  Tzu-ping Chung b921db84bd Improve sorting logic 3 weeks ago
  Tzu-ping Chung 761433cee8 Eliminate len() usage in tests 3 weeks ago
  Tzu-ping Chung 17d0086ea2 Do this all over again 3 weeks ago
  Tzu-ping Chung d22775819b Test for candidate ordering 3 weeks ago
  Tzu-ping Chung 6e3d56897b Always return the installed version 3 weeks ago
  Tzu-ping Chung 270e183718 News 3 weeks ago
  Tzu-ping Chung 01c9b6cf25 Cache results and remove unused implementation 3 weeks ago
  Tzu-ping Chung a270ca5616 Mypy is wrong 3 weeks ago
  Tzu-ping Chung 8326148149 Implement "lazy sequence" to avoid Internet 4 weeks ago
  Nguyễn Gia Phong cf6ecab627 Bump mypy to 0.790 for Python 3.9 compat 2 weeks ago
  Nguyễn Gia Phong da7569a440 Document and start testing Python 3.9 support 2 weeks ago
  Pradyun Gedam 063f2ae74e
Merge pull request #8974 from NoahGorny/fix-new-resolver-upgrades-when-not-needed-to 2 weeks ago
  Pradyun Gedam 95dbf34d6e
Merge pull request #8919 from FFY00/fix-devendored-pip 2 weeks ago
  Noah Gorny 7e02958a1e Add news fragment for 8963 2 weeks ago
  Noah Gorny 960dca9949 resolvelib: factory: Get installed distributions correctly 2 weeks ago
  David Poggi e48234e669
Fix docs for trusted-host in config file 2 weeks ago
  Pradyun Gedam 739f342a51
Merge pull request #8843 from McSinyx/no-save-resolve-artifacts 2 weeks ago
  Nguyễn Gia Phong b28e2c4928 New resolver: Avoid polluting dest dir 1 month ago